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SOL✿CBD Help Center



What is the recommended dosage?

What's the right dose for me?

How much CBD should I use per drop?

How many drops are considered half of the dropper?

Can you take a whole dropper at once?

Looks like my dropper is not too tight and is spilling the oil. Would it affect the quality / shelf life of the product / ingredients?


What is the shipping cost? Do you offer free shipping?

Where do you ship the products from?

How long does the shipping take?

What are the shipping methods you use?

Do you have expedited shipping options?

Can you ship internationally?

Is there a manufacturing or other non-shipping related lead time on some products before they can ship?

Recommended Use/ Health Indications

Can CBD benefit me if I have Inflammatory Bowel Disease (IBS)?

What are the CBD Oil Benefits to Childhood Epilepsy?

Can CBD help treat or prevent Parkinson's disease?

Do the products cause an increase in appetite?

Which product is best for cancer?

What are some diseases that CBD can help cure? I have a condition and was wondering if it will help me?

Side Effects/ Adverse Reactions

Is it normal to feel dizzy when you first start taking?

What should I do if the product is causing heartburn? It has cinnamon in it.

I'm not feeling anything after taking CBD

Is it normal to feel tired after starting the products?

Drug Interactions

Are there drug interactions I should know about?

Can your products be mixed with oil and used externally?