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We put together this book to help you understand this amazing compound. Enjoy and feel free to pass it around. You can click here or the image below to download it now.



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  • Sue Lyons: October 05, 2016

    I am delighted with how social media is permitting access to knowledge about medical marijuana on a much more level playing field.

  • John Nauss: August 28, 2016

    Can you explain why CBD has increased weight in several of my clients? Not a whole lot but definitely an increase in weight of 5 or 6 pounds after a two months usage. It seems that their weight has stabilised which suggests a weight regulator. In several cases, people report feeling stronger in their muscles, and a faster recuperation rate from exercise.

    Second question…taking it before smoking medical marijuana does not increase the High in several patients including myself. If anything it reduces it. What would cause that to happen?

  • John Nauss: August 28, 2016

    Compliments to the site!! Excellent. I have a question. CBD is considered non psychoactive…however it has some powerful psychoactive properties without the behaviour of the conventional definition or psychoactivity. Would it be accurate to say that it has a psychoactive nature but more aimed at the Vagus nerve and micro biome, which is fast becoming a major nerve plexus and considered in some circles as a “brain” or there are three brains. ( brain located in the head, the heart, and gut ). By the way this is in keeping with energetic studies in Vedic literature, I would say the definition of psychoactivity is in need of expansion. Gut challenges have long been known in the alternative health field as a source of psychoactive problems. In fact, in my work I consider the gut as the original brain and everything evolved from it. As a medical intuitive and sensitive i had a profound experience with Marijuana, which has so long been held captive and now released we are learning more and more about its almost magical properties. Healing is about magical and energetic properties and consciousness raising. Any substance that helps heal the body of any affliction and to help strengthen our psychology in a positive way certainly is worthy. It is very holistic, and I am talking about the plant, and of course its components would carry that intelligence. Thoughts?

  • Dominic Mancini: June 03, 2016

    I got your product in liquid form (two bottles) and I also bought a bottle of capsules and it turned out to be the best investment I ever made. I suffered with epilepsy since the age of twelve and I also suffered with insomnia for years and had to take drugs to sleep. I started noticing an improvement as soon as I stated taking the Cannabis Oil. It is expensive, but it turned out to be the best investment I ever made in my life. I cut down my epilepsy medication in half. I cut down my sleep medication. I used to take four. I now take two. This week I will try just one and eventually I know I will be free of this poison they call medication. I owe this miracle to an Angel called Erin from HealthNut News. I also had a tumor that grew at the tip of my tongue that was diagnosed as being benign. It was removed, but grew right back. I am happy to tell you that with Cannabis oil, it is shrinking.

  • William Gibbons: April 25, 2016

    I was born with a severe case of scoliosis. Intense pain is a daily part of life for me. I have tried all pharmaceuticals available to treat the constant pain and suffering caused by my scoliosis. I am interested in knowing about the anti-inflammatory and pain reducing qualities of your product. Has anyone with severe scoliosis ever tried your product? If so, what were their results? I have often felt that if only I could find a natural and really good anti-inflammatory drug, I would not need pain killers! One anti-inflammatory drug put me in the hospital with gastritis after taking it, Mobic, for 11 years, and then one morning, Mobic turned on me and almost killed me. This is the second time that Big Pharma put me in the hospital after taking their product for years! Has anyone ever grown a strain of the plant specifically for scoliosis and it’s pains?

  • Joseph Arsanis: April 24, 2016

    I have read a lot about medicinal benefits of CBD. It will be a blockbuster win win for patients & sellers. Problems will arise when pharmaceutical companies try to profit. They are the biggest crooks. Enough is never enough with them. There priorities are: make money and then care about patient. Counterfeiters will try & profit. It is and to know who is legit and who is not. All companies will say the same, just as that IDIOT OBAMA said, but did the opposite. So who are you? Words are one thing. Can you afford free samples? If samples are good will future sells contain same ingredients? I have just purchased CBD for someone with SCHIZOPHRENIA. 2 weeks so far and never noticed anything. I do have a small following of people that I help with supplements, herbs, tcm (traditional Chinese medicine). Conventional medicine SUCKS, they treat symptoms, while
    FUNCTIONAL MEDICINE treats the problem(s). Thank you and good luck. Contact me by email and perhaps I can get you into some businesses.

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