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How to Dose CBD Oil for Cancer

How to Dose CBD Oil for Cancer

Given CBD oil’s recent popularity for treating a wide variety of diseases and illnesses, many people are asking about CBD oil dosages for cancer treatment. Admittedly, the available information leaves much to be desired. That’s why it's time to collect the most beneficial information on CBD oil dosages into one easy to understand resource.

What Does the Research Show?

The research into CBD oil and cancer treatment is incredibly compelling, but at the moment is only in the preclinical trial stage. The existing body of research, mainly conducted using animals, seems to strongly indicate that CBD oil could benefit cancer patients.

Some of the most compelling research shows that CBD works hand in hand with THC and radiation to produce a synergetic effect. Synergy means that when used together, these treatments become stronger than the sum of the individual parts. A 2014 study from Molecular Cancer Therapeutics found measurable reductions in tumor size over the course of treatment using a combination of THC, CBD, and radiation.

Other studies have demonstrated, either through in-vitro or in-vivo models, that CBD reduces tumor size, prevents the migration of tumor cells, and inhibits metastasis. The research on CBD for cancer, while in its infancy, is still substantial and proves at least the need for even more study. The current research also is supported by significant anecdotal evidence from patients and healthcare practitioners alike.

Why are There No Dosage Guidelines Online?

Perhaps you already have searched for “How to dose CBD oil for cancer.” If so, you’ve probably discovered the prevailing information is convoluted and extremely vague. The reason for this lack of solid information is due to many variables.

  • Legalities
  • It's difficult to find accurate dosage guidelines because companies selling CBD oil face restrictions on how they legally can advertise their products. Since CBD oil treatments have not yet been proven through rigorous FDA-approved testing, companies cannot claim that they are a cure or a treatment for anything.

  • No Universal Product Guidelines
  • The CBD oil market currently operates much like the Wild West. No governing body is holding companies to a set standard. At the moment, anyone and everyone can produce CBD oil products without any universally applicable regulations. This lack of control is why it is so important to source quality CBD oil. Pay careful attention to labeling, strength, origin and ingredients.

  • Lack of Clinical Research Studies
  • As already mentioned, the number one reason there is not a lot of dependable dosage information is because the current research hasn’t progressed far enough to sponsor large-scale clinical trials. The research is further along in other countries, particularly in Europe, though. The European Union even has approved CBD oil for medicinal purposes, sold under the brand name Sativex. However, research into whole plant medicine in the United States remains tightly controlled.

    Dosage Recommendations for Using CBD oil for Cancer

    No matter how you approach using CBD oil products, everyone should follow some basic guidelines. Distilled from patient testimony, small-scale study, and ongoing self-experimentation, these dosages should be considered only suggestions. Each patient and illness is different. There still needs to be rigorous, and large-scale clinical trials for more accurate dosage recommendations.

    1. Start with a Low Dose

    Cannabidiol oil is considered one of the safest available medicines, but it's still relatively new. By starting with a small dose, you not only protect yourself, but you also protect your wallet. Quality CBD oil products can become quite pricey, especially if used daily for chronic illness.  By starting with small amounts, you can better understand your body’s need and individual reaction.

    2. Slow and Steady

    The next step is being patient with the self-experimentation process. While CBD oil has shown great potential in treating cancer, it's by no means a miracle drug that will evaporate a tumor overnight. Studies have explored how CBD oil works within the body, and it seems to work through slow accumulation rather than as an acute treatment.

    In most cases, patients slowly will increase their daily dose over the course of a week or two to achieve the optimum dosage. Another recommendation is breaking up larger doses into smaller ones throughout the day. This method encourages full absorption with less waste in the digestive system.

    3. Speak with a Professional

    Finally, and perhaps most importantly, speak with a medical professional. Cannabidiol oil is increasingly accepted around the world for treatment of common illnesses. Many healthcare practitioners have seen the beneficial results firsthand and will be open to discussing about how best to use CBD oil in conjunction with traditional cancer treatments.

    If you already have approached your healthcare team, and they were unreceptive, another option is speak with staff members at a reputable medical dispensary. Keep in mind that not all dispensaries are created equal. So, it's also important to do your research beforehand.

    No two treatment plans are the same, including those involving CBD oil. In some cases, CBD oil has been shown to reduce the potency of hepatic drugs, or drugs that are processed by the liver. One of the reasons it is so important to speak with your doctor before beginning CBD oil therapy is because cancer treatments come in hundreds of different drug cocktails, customized for each individual.  If CBD oil reduces the efficacy of one of the cocktails, it could throw off the entire cancer treatment program.

    Many cancer patients already have discovered the CBD oil’s benefits, especially when used in conjunction with traditional cancer treatments. Not only does current research demonstrate how CBD oil might directly target cancer cells, there is also significant evidence that CBD oil may be helpful in reducing of some of the severe side effects of chemotherapy and radiation. When added to a complete cancer-fighting package, there seems to be great potential for the usefulness of CBD oil in cancer treatment.


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