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Case Studies

Golden Milk UPGRADED - A Powerful New Twist On An Ancient Healing Elixir

A 5000 year old healing system called Ayurveda delivered to us a healing elixir worth its weight in gold and we're about to show you how to make it even more powerful. It's called Golden Milk because of its golden color that comes from an a very powerful healing spice. Can you guess what that spice is? (hint: It's called "the... Keep Reading >

Initial Studies of CBD Oil for Seizures Positive

A note from the publisher: Since the publication of this article, the FDA has approved a CBD-based prescription drug for two special types of epilepsy. Preliminary results from the currently ongoing studies on CBD oil for seizures are promising: Researchers from the University of Alabama at Birmingham Cannabidiol Program wil... Keep Reading >

This Research Paved Way for CBD Medical Treatments

Watch the documentary that traces the story of the scientist whose research paved the way for recognizing the value of CBD medical uses: Israelis can fill a prescription for marijuana to ease pain and enhance appetite, because half a century ago, Hebrew University Prof. Raphael Mechoulam isolated and synthesized THC, the mai... Keep Reading >

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