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Why CBD Oil May Be the Perfect Option for the Elderly

Seniors have shown a growing interest in CBD oil in recent times. Learn about how CBD can help the elderly and discover tips for adding it to the daily routine.

Why You Should Buy CBD Oil Capsules

New to CBD Oil Capsules? Here are the Pros and Cons

Cannabidiol (CBD) is the go-to natural remedy for thousands of Americans. Here we unpack the pros and cons of taking CBD oil in the form of CBD capsules.

CBD and Alcohol Withdrawal Symptoms

Can CBD Help You Stop Drinking Alcohol? Here Are the Facts

The process of quitting alcohol addiction is a complex one requiring multiple interventions. Take a look at what research says about CBD for alcoholism recovery.

Diffusion and CBD Oil

Diffusing CBD Oil: This is What You Need to Know

A lesser-known way to ingest CBD, which gives very good results and has great value, is via diffusion. Read on for our research to find out what works and why.

CBD and Other Ways to Beat High Cholesterol Naturally

5 Science-Backed Natural Ways to Beat High Cholesterol

The trend to self-medicate for lifestyle diseases is a growing one. Here are some of the best natural remedies to combat high cholesterol, supported by science.

Basic Facts about CBD Tinctures and Their Uses

What You Need to Know About CBD Tinctures

CBD has recently become the shiny new ingredient of a multitude of products. Discover the facts about one of the oldest ways to administer herbs—in a tincture.

Cannabidiol and Stress Relief

Can Cannabidiol Help You Become Stress Free?

The daily demands of life often give rise to stress, and tension. Read about how CBD can be an excellent companion to the relaxation practices that address stress.

CBD for Women's Health

This is Why Women Love CBD Products

Women's physiology is more complex than the men’s. That’s why women's health needs to be treated differently. Explore the ways CBD can support women of all ages.

CBD and Immunity

The Coronavirus Outbreak, CBD, and How to Boost the Immune System

The Coronavirus outbreak that originated in China is all over the news. Take a look at the facts as disseminated by global health organizations WHO and the CDC.
Is CBD Oil in Gummies a Fad or Not?

CBD Gummy Bears for Anxiety and More

CBD gummies are a popular way to take CBD, which is known to confer many health benefits. Discover why CBD gummy bears could be a good way to ingest your dose.

CBD, FDA Approval, and Medical Research

The FDA vs. CBD—A War Against the Innocent?

FDA’s statements of late on CBD have all the hallmarks of a witch hunt with distorted facts, and alarmist & demonizing statements. Read more about what’s going on.

Can CBD Affect Blood Clotting?

CBD and Blood Thinners: What You Should Know

If you’re wondering whether CBD is really safe and effective—especially for people who take blood-thinning medicine—read on.
What Is the Real Difference Between CBD Oil and CBD Capsules?

CBD Oil vs. CBD Capsules—Which One Has the Most Health Benefits?

Perhaps you're wondering which to take: CBD oil or CBD capsules? The different characteristics of these two could influence your choice when shopping.

CBD Oil—It's Here to Stay

CBD is Everywhere! This is Why It's Popular

Your most frequent questions—what's the deal with CBD's popularity? Why is it rising? And does CBD live up to its alleged properties in real life?—answered here. Read on.

CBD for Improving Focus, Concentration, and Attention Span

How to Increase Your Productivity Like a Boss

Increasing your concentration and focus could turn your life around. Read on for tips to increase productivity, improve your mood, and beat stress at the office.

Ring In the New Year with Cannabidiol!

11 Ways CBD Can Support Your New Year Resolutions

If you’ve made New Year’s resolutions in the past and ditched them before February, we suggest you add CBD to your list of "Things That Will Help Me STICK to My Goals!"

The FDA-Approved Toxins in Your Treats;

Carcinogens in Your Cookies and Other FDA-Approved Toxins

These are some of the proven carcinogenic food additives the FDA allows—while whipping up a storm about largely unproven and distorted CBD safety issues.

CBD Cooking Made Super Easy

Six Ways to Improve Cooking with CBD—Your Best Guide!

If you’re up for taking CBD to your kitchen we have for you effective tips for cooking with CBD and incredibly easy ways to add CBD to your foods and drinks.
CBD and Workouts—A Winning Combo!

This is Why You Should Take CBD for Exercising

NFL players take it, gym buddies take it, your jogging neighbor takes it! Here's the lowdown on why CBD could become an addition to your exercise & supplement regimen.

Tasty and Beautifying CBD Gift Ideas!

Best CBD Gifts and Why They Are Great Gift Ideas

Become a trend-setting gift giver this holiday season with thoughtful and unique CBD gift ideas.

Hemp Seeds and Hemp Oil for Healthy Living

The Best Benefits of Eating Hemp

Hemp's utility is hugely versatile and multi-purposed. Check out the wondrous benefits of ingesting hemp foods in the form of hemp seeds and hemp seed oil.
How to Beat Period Pain with CBD

The Top 8 Ways Cannabidiol May Stop Period Pain

Can CBD's anti-inflammatory, relaxant and analgesic effects help beat painful periods? Many women say yes. Read on for 8 ways CBD may help regulate menstrual cramps.

Our Superior CBD Skin Care Regimen!

The Best Tips for Winter Skin Care: How to Get Rid of Dryness

We’ve put together a skin care regimen that could very well end all winter dryness! Read on for the best tips to take care of “Winter Skin.”
cbd alzheimer's

CBD & Alzheimer's: Is CBD a Better and Safer Option?

Although the conventional treatments for dementia-related illness can alleviate the symptoms, using CBD oil for Alzheimer's disease may be a better treatment option. Find out the facts here.
CBD Surgery

CBD Surgery Facts You Should Not Ignore

With CBD, hospital stays can surely be more positive, but is it safe to take CBD before surgery to help you through the ordeal? Get the whole picture here.