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Launch Special - Pure CBD Tincture - Cinnamint Flavor

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Enjoy the delicious flavor and benefits of naturally extracted cinnamon and mint combined with our full spectrum CO2 extracted CBD from organically grown hemp. Bring your body back to health with this premium 500mg CBD tincture.

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CBD has many studies that show possibility in helping:
• Boost Immune Function*

• Protect The Body*

• Reduce Inflammation*

• Improve Quality Of Sleep*

• Optimize Brain Health*

• Lower Anxiety*

Tinctures have been used for 1000’s of years due to their effectiveness and simplicity. Our CO2 extracted hemp-derived CBD contains a full spectrum of phytonutrients, enzymes & vitamins.

What you will hold in your hands is pure hemp extract combined with MCT oil (Medium Chain Triglycerides), Cinnamon and Mint essential oils. It is easily digested and assimilated by your body, plus it tastes great!Why MCT oil?

Medium Chain Triglycerides are fats that are naturally found in coconut oil and are the easiest of fat chains for humans to utilize. Not only MCT adds additional health benefits, but it also improves the bio availability of CBD.

Organically Grown in the United States.

Cold Processed Oil Using CO2 Extraction.

Absolutely No Solvents Or Harmful Chemicals.

Legal in All US States.

No Prescription Required

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Our 60 Day Money-Back Guarantee!

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Launch Special - Pure CBD Tincture - Cinnamint Flavor

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