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2016-02-20 8:21pm PST

antiepileptic drugs

Case Studies

Golden Milk UPGRADED - A Powerful New Twist On An Ancient Healing Elixir

A 5000 year old healing system called Ayurveda delivered to us a healing elixir worth its weight in gold and we're about to show you how to make it even more powerful. It's called Golden Milk because of its golden color that comes from an a very powerful healing spice. Can you guess what that spice is? (hint: It's called "the... Keep Reading >

A Deep Dive Into The CBD Oil Cancer Treatment Phenomenon

Scientists discover a novel mechanism of action of CBD against lung cancer cells. This post from IFL Scienc... Keep Reading >

cbd and seizures

cbd benefits

Getting Smart With CBD: What CBD Does for The Body

There is more to CBD, or cannabidiol, than initially meets the eye. On the surface it might look like just any other herbal supplement or tincture on the market, touting itself as the next big thing in healthcare. Usually with similar trends, the fad passes as extensive research is performed on the new and exciting substance,... Keep Reading >

Do CBD Benefits Extend to Fibromyalgia?

A study on CBD benefits assessed the efficacy, tolerability and safety of cannabinoids for fibromyalgia sym... Keep Reading >

marijuana strains

pediatric epilepsy

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