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What Percentage Of CBD Is In SOL CBD?

18% but that's not important...

This is:

We've noticed quite a few questions about percentage of CBD in our product.

People in our industry are showing off their CBD percentages in attempt to make their product look more appealing. 

BUT here's what you must understand:

Percentages of CBD are important only in the formulation process so that you know how much CBD is going into each bottle. This can come in oil form or isolate form (this is where all other important compounds are stripped and what remains is just CBD).

We'll explain why isolates are not as effective as full spectrum CBD in a moment.

Otherwise, percentage is irrelevant.

What you as a customer need to pay attention to is the actual profile of the oil.

In other words: It's quality over quantity!

For example, a 10% CBD oil that has been CO2 extracted and processed without heat so it maintains a full cannabinoid and terpene profile (like ours) is better than a 50% oil cheaply extracted with butane and heated excessively so it has no more terpenes left. 

Also, a lot of competitor products are made with isolate, which is 99%. Very high %, but it is an isolate so it's missing the rest of the "whole plant" compounds and therefore, likely to be limited in effects.

Cannabinoids and Terpenes work together in a process called the "entourage effect". In simple terms, the entourage effect is the synergy between the compounds to work more powerfully and effectively in the body. 

Most companies that talk about percentages are being deceptive or are just clueless.

Now you understand that the use of percentages is likely a marketing gimmick.  

Always look for how much CBD is contained per bottle and per serving. If someone is pushing percentage, it's a clear sign to avoid that product.

Here's what really counts:

SOL CBD oil is CO2 extracted and carefully processed to maintain all the key medicinal components of the hemp plant. Organic, non-GMO and no heating. Same rules apply to our other ingredients in our products. 

Bottom Line:

We deliver the highest quality ingredients, manufactured with utmost care to bring you an oil that synergistically delivers what your body needs.

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