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25 Marijuana Facts and Myths

25 Marijuana Facts and Myths - SOL✿CBD

There are a lot of rumors swirling around marijuana facts. These rumors have led it to be labeled as one of the most misunderstood plants in the world. This is despite there being a long history of use, and robust scientific study. Because there is so much misconception about what weed might do to your mind and body, plus all the misleading information about cannabis’ effect on society at large, it’s time to dispel the rumors for good!

1.  Eating Raw Marijuana Makes You High

Although this is probably pretty shocking, cannabis is only bioavailable when it’s inhaled or dissolved through fats. In both cases, it must be brought to a high temperature first to release the effects. If you simply swallowed a raw bud, or chewed on some fresh leaves, it would be extremely difficult to get high.

2.  Cannabis is Addictive

In terms of how we normally classify addiction, weed is not addictive. For example, a dependency on marijuana is not the same as a cocaine addiction, according to the research. An addiction to weed is similar to any other mental addiction, such as to a hobby or to eating chocolate; but it is not a physiological addiction.

3.  George Washington was a Marijuana Advocate

Despite how much everyone wishes it were true, George Washington did not grow weed on his homestead. He did however grow hemp, which has a myriad of different uses, just not a mind altering one.

4.  Weed is just as Bad as Cigarettes

The research has proven that smoking marijuana is less harmful than smoking cigarettes. Not only because of the different chemical components of each substance, but also because cigarette smokers typically smoke in much greater quantities, thereby increasing the risk.

5.  Giggling and Increased Appetite are a Real

Laugh all you want, but it’s scientifically proven. Weed increases the sensation of taste and smell, making food taste much better than usual. It also has been found to increase confusion, while at the same time increasing perception, which is thought to be a winning hysterical combination.

6.  Weed Smokers are all Potheads

Based on the numbers, nearly 30 million adult Americans reported using marijuana last year, but are they all pot heads? Only about a fifth report using on a daily basis, but it is unlikely that all will become mentally dependent on weed, therefore it is highly unlikely that even the daily users qualify under the pothead label. Also, what about the patients using medical marijuana on a daily basis, are they considered potheads as well?

7.  It is Possible to Overdose by Cannabis

It is physically impossible to die from ingestion or inhalation of cannabis. Although science has found an upper limit that might technically cause an overdose, the amount is 40,000 times a regular “hit”. And it has to be done all at once. This is literally physically impossible.

8.  Legalization Will Help Criminals

If people have only legal avenues to find marijuana, they will never need to turn to criminals, cartels and gangs to source their products. The estimates are that if weed becomes legal in the United States, the drug cartels will lose billions of dollars instantly, up to 50% of their income.

9.  You can Fool a Drug Test

The only true way to fool a drug test is to stop smoking and wait. Don’t be fooled by any concoctions found in head shops that claim to only give clean results, because if you are a frequent smoker, and are trying to cheat a drug test, no amount of detoxing will work. All you need is time!

10.  Weed Stays in Your System for a Long Time

While many people claim that if you smoke weed once it will stay in your system for months, it doesn’t work exactly like that. Basically, the more frequently you smoke weed, the longer it will stay. If you smoke it once, it will disappear from your system without a trace within only a few days.

11.  The Gateway Drug

A basic but true fact, according to the Institute of Medicine, is that there is absolutely no evidence linking the use of weed to other illicit drugs. Period.

12.  Cannabis is Legal in the Netherlands

One of the longest standing cannabis myths is that it is completely legal to consume marijuana in Holland. While many people still travel to Amsterdam to this day to partake in the large cannabis cafe culture there, it actually isn’t legal at all. The government has just chosen to focus its attention of the real issues facing society, rather than complicate matters persecuting weed smokers.

13.  Weed Sterilizes People

From all the research done into the sperm count of heavy pot smokers, the only truth is that smoking weed can temporarily leave you with variations. If you quit smoking weed, all the studies indicate that sperm count goes back to normal.

14.  Cannabis is linked to Violent Crimes

Criminals drink more alcohol, smoke more cigarettes, gamble more, and yes, they smoke more weed. Is it because cannabis leads people to violence or criminal activity? No, it is the opposite effect, it is because criminals are attracted to riskier behavior and therefore partake in these activities.

15.  Weed Increases Creative Juices

As mentioned earlier, marijuana has been found to increase perception, however according to the studies there is only an enhanced illusion of creativity and not actually any more creativity than usual.

16.  Medical Marijuana Works for Anxiety

For some it might work, however if consuming a strain high in THC, it could actually cause more anxiety. Thankfully more balanced strains, or cannabinoid extracts like CBD, will have a calming effect and will actually counter the potential anxiousness triggered by THC-heavy strains.

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17.  Medical Marijuana’s Benefits are up for Debate

There is more than enough robust scientific evidence now that proves entirely how beneficial weed is for a slew of medical issues. This includes pain relief, Parkinson’s, seizures, cancer treatment, gastrointestinal issues, anxiety, depression, etc.

18.  Legalized Weed is Bad for the Economy

When Colorado first legalized weed, the sale of marijuana contributed over $150 million dollars to the state's economy in one year alone. It created 16,000 jobs, did not increase the underage use of drugs, and did not see any spike in crime rates. If Colorado can stand as an example, legalization seems to be a great option for the economy.

19.  The First Time you Smoke, You Might Not get High

This rumor is likely true, but only for some people. This is because the first time you smoke weed, you might not have the right technique down and aren’t inhaling correctly.

20.  Edibles and Smoking have the Same Effect

Edibles are typically much more concentrated than smoke, and therefore are typically much more potent. They also take a longer time to set in, so many people eat far too much and have an extremely intense experience. It is also metabolized differently; many people report more of a body high than the mental high associated with inhalation.

21.  Weed Makes You Lazy

For a list of all the “lazy” people smoking weed, please refer to the eleven former US presidents who smoked weed, or the CEOs like Steve Jobs, or the slew of talented artists, musicians, writers and actors who have all admitted smoking weed.

22.  International Weed Smoking Day, 4/20, is Based on a Famous Historical Event

Nope. Nobody is sure where the idea came from, simple as that.

23.  Two Words: Man Boobs

Thanks to news networks like CNN, many men around the country became terrified that their smoking habit might lead to the appearance of man boobs. Rest assured, this has been thoroughly debunked; weed smoking doesn’t loosen muscles, or increase fat in the pectoral area.

24.  Drug Prevention Programs, like D.A.R.E, Work

Unfortunately, programs like D.A.R.E often only serve as a good advertisement for teenagers about the possibilities drugs could hold. It promotes the idea that drugs are cool, and might even increase the use of teenage drug use. There isn’t a lot of data to back up the effectiveness of their programs.

25.  Cannabis will Kill your Brain Cells

Finally, after years of debate, the myth that cannabis kills your brain cells has been debunked. The most recent studies have now concluded that this is simply not true.


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