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Why CBD Oil Is Being Used in Makeup Products

Why CBD Oil Is Being Used in Makeup Products - SOL✿CBD

The biggest names in the beauty industry seem to be talking about cannabidiol (CBD) oil for cosmetics. Elle, Allure, Nylon, and People Style magazines have all recently published pieces and product reviews on CBD oil products. This non-psychoactive cannabinoid is already showing up in mascaras, facial cleansers, and body balms. [1][2][3][4]

Unlike many passing trends in the makeup industry (Think ‘glitter lips’, for instance!), there is likely some serious merit to adding CBD oil to makeup. This is, at least, according to the recent research into CBD as a topical treatment.

There is likely some serious merit to adding CBD oil to makeup.

What’s the Big Deal With CBD Oil Products?

Cannabidiol is a healing compound found in the Cannabis Sativa family of plants and is similar in many ways to its famous cousin, THC. It’s also a cannabinoid and, just like THC, and it is known to have medicinal properties, as many cultures over thousands of years have discovered. Yet, there is one very important difference between CBD and THC - CBD is entirely non-psychoactive.

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This means that no matter how much CBD you consume, it’s never going to get you high or stoned. When consumed orally, most people report feelings of relaxation, sleepiness or, in higher doses, some mental stimulation. Topical applications like creams, balms and other CBD oil products, contain too little of the compound to trigger an altered state of mind.

Another reason for CBD’s recent rise in popularity is because producers can easily and legally source CBD from CBD-rich industrial hemp crops, instead of marijuana. Marijuana remains illegal at the federal level in the United States, despite the increased legislation for its use sweeping the nation on a state-by-state basis. Hemp-derived CBD oil products are legal across the country, provided it’s grown, produced or imported under specific regulatory guidelines.

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The Research Behind CBD Oil in Makeup

There are three main reasons why cosmetic industry leaders are jumping on the CBD oil bandwagon. Firstly, CBD oil is a proven anti-inflammatory compound. Secondly, there is early research suggesting it may be beneficial in the treatment of acne, and thirdly, further research shows potential for use in treating skin irritation, redness, and disease. Let’s really dig into the research behind each of these claims.

The research behind CBD oil in makeup shows three main reasons.

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CBD Oil for Acne

To no one's surprise, the overproduction of oils, also called lipids, in the skin causes acne. The other root causes of acne include skin cell proliferation and a build-up of unwanted bacteria. The more oils are produced, the higher the risk of buildup in your pores, and eventually, an increased risk of infection of these pores. Target any of these causes and, theoretically at least, you’ll get rid of the signs and symptoms of acne.[5]

A group of scientists working from the University of Debrecen in Hungary recently uncovered some intriguing findings about CBD oil products for the treatment of acne. The findings are in the very early, laboratory stages of discovery, yet they demonstrate pretty fascinating results.

According to this study, CBD has a “trinity of cellular anti-acne actions.” These include reducing lipid, or oil production triggered by pro-acne compounds; targeting cell proliferation, and finally, universal action against inflammation.[6]

These results are preliminary, but the beauty industry has jumped on the suggestion that CBD oil products may one day prove an acne-fighting agent. It's likely that more research will explore this potential in the very near future.

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CBD Oil for Inflammation

Tamas Biro and peers, contributors to acne research, have uncovered that “most, if not all, skin functions are controlled to a certain extent by the local skin endocannabinoid system.”

Considering the obvious influence CBD has on the endocannabinoid system, could CBD oil products also control skin inflammation? Biro states, in an interview for Elle on the subject, “It appears that the endocannabinoid system controls skin inflammation - so if an inflammatory or irritation challenge assaults the skin, the endocannabinoid system fights against it.” [7]

The team’s conclusions are only the tip of the iceberg when it comes to CBD oil for inflammation, which is a hot topic in CBD circles, and there is a tremendous amount of early study supporting CBD’s positive benefits against inflammation. For instance, a 2016 animal study showed that topical CBD oil reduced inflammation and pain-related behaviors in lab rats. [8]

In a 2011 review, Topical preparations for pain relief: efficacy and patient adherence, the authors concluded that certain cannabinoids, when used topically, had pain-relieving effects "in animal models of inflammatory and neuropathic pain (formalin, carrageenan hyperalgesia, and partial nerve injury), especially for the control of breakthrough pain.” [9]

CBD Oil for Skin Irritation

The anecdotal evidence seems to demonstrate that CBD oil products reduce redness, itchiness, and irritation.

The anecdotal evidence from those already using CBD-rich skin care products seems to clearly demonstrate that CBD oil products reduce redness, itchiness, and irritation. This is supported by early-stage research into CBD oil for skin irritations and diseases such as psoriasis, and, tentatively, eczema.

The research is also quite sparse on the subject, yet this early evidence seems positive. For example, a recent publication explored how the endocannabinoid system seems responsible for maintaining healthy skin, including its immunity, normal cell proliferation and more. [10]

Many skin issues, like psoriasis, eczema, and dermatitis, are now thought to stem from an imbalance within the endocannabinoid system, leading to cell proliferation, inflammation, and more. This could represent a novel new avenue of study for CBD, a known endocannabinoid modulator. Especially given the success consumers are already reporting from using CBD oil products for skin issues, there seems to be enough basis to warrant more research.

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Where Does that Leave CBD Oil in Makeup?

The cosmetics industry is already placing bets on CBD oil in makeup. The early scientific data is compelling, as it supports the notion that CBD oil in products like balms, salves etc could help inflammation, acne and skin irritations. Any final conclusions, however, will have to wait for more robust clinical studies.

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