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The CBD Oil Effects on Pets That Will Surprise You

The CBD Oil Effects on Pets That Will Surprise You

            As acceptance of cannabinoid therapy spreads, it is starting to have far reaching effects. Some people are seeking alternative treatment for ailments not-responsive to more common pharmaceuticals, there are also many people who are rejecting pharmaceuticals altogether based on their adverse side effects. For many people, their quest for a safer, natural alternative leads them towards cannabinoids such as medical marijuana and cannabidiol (CBD) oil. These alternatives can benefit a wide spectrum of society, but CBD oil in particular is increasingly being used to benefit our beloved furry friends who may also be seeking an all-natural therapy.

            Like many common over the counter medications used by pet owners to treat their pets (Aspirin and Benadryl are some examples), CBD oil is extremely applicable for use with animals. Because CBD oil contains only minimal levels of THC, it will not make your pet high. This is a very important distinction between CBD products and medical marijuana, because high doses of THC when ingested by an animal can lead to severe and dangerous side effects, and in some cases even death. Veterinarians warn pet owners to never allow their pets to ingest cannabis containing high levels of THC because it can lead to some painful outcomes for both the animal and pet owner. On the other hand, progressive veterinarians have begun exploring possible medical applications for CBD oil and pet treatment. It’s extremely safe, often much cheaper than typical animal medications, and can provide a viable option where all others have failed.


            Even information available for CBD oil dosages in humans is difficult to source, but that's exponentially true when it comes to dosages for pets. The most important fact to keep in mind, besides seeking professional guidance, is to start off slowly and small. Starting small, and gradually increasing the dose while closely watching for a change in symptoms or attitude of your pet will save you both wasting unnecessary product and also ensuring your pet gets the perfect dosage. Another vital consideration is the size of your pet, because a toy poodle definitely cannot effectively process as much CBD oil as a great dane.

According to available sources, begin by calculated dose off of weight. Begin with the minimum and increase slowly day by day until symptoms improve. These doses are based on a strength of 0.33mg CBD.

5lbs - 0.7mg
20lbs - 2.7mg
50lbs - 6.8mg
100lbs - 13.6mg

 An important aside is that it is very important to keep a close eye on your pet throughout the process. If your pet’s symptoms deteriorate in anyway, halt all medication and seek professional assistance.

What Pet Medical Conditions can CBD Oil Treat?

Because CBD oil is such a new alternative in the veterinary field, many veterinarians may often still consider CBD treatment as quite radical. Despite the fact that the qualitative evidence thus far strongly suggests the safety of CBD oil for pets, it is always recommended to seek professional guidance before commencement.

Decrease Seizures

            Just like in their human companions, CBD oil can be extremely effective in limiting the severity and frequency of seizures in dogs. Certain dog breeds are susceptible to genetically triggered seizures, which when treated with CBD oil seem to provide immediate and long term relief for both the dog and pet owner. When tested in lab studies on rats with epilepsy, it was found to have the positive results in terms of seizure reduction and symptom relief, over and above the results of two traditional pharmaceuticals (Phenytoin and Ethosuximide).

Calm Aggression or Anxiety

            Many pet owners are being prescribed CBD oil by their (progressive) veterinarians for aggressive or especially anxious dogs. It can also work for dogs with specific anxieties, such as crowds, and loud noises. There are many accounts of how, even after just thirty minutes from time of dosage, pet owners see immediate results. In one account, a dog owner found that their dog was much calmer prior to their walk, instead of their normal hyperactivity. Instead of pulling, lunging and fighting the leash, the dog was much more relaxed and their calm demeanor seemed to stay throughout day. Over the course of two week of daily treatment their dog also became noticeably less agitated around men, which had normally been a difficult trigger for aggressive response.

Reduce Inflammation

            Often, as a dog reaches old age it becomes increasingly evident that they begin to suffer chronic pain and inflammation. Their movements become restricted and they become more depressed. Because CBD oil so effectively targets chronic inflammation, it can provide relief for dogs (and cats) as they mature into old age. Many pet owners have used CBD oil as a last attempt to alleviate the suffering of their loved one, in lieu of euthanasia, and these pet owners are able to extend their pet's life for weeks if not months. Cannabidiol treatment is able to provide immediate pain relief, while slowly decreasing painful inflammation throughout the animal's body over time.


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