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How to Strengthen Your Immune System for Holistic Health

How to Strengthen Your Immune System for Holistic Health - SOL✿CBD

A fully functional immune system will protect the body from foreign intrusions. However, like the endocannabinoid system, the immune system is prone to imbalance and can become either overactive or underactive. Both situations trigger an increased risk of illness.

Strengthen Your Immune System: Fighting Infections

An unbalanced immune system is far more common than people realize. An underactive immune system puts us at risk for an increased number of infections, generally lasting much longer than under normal circumstances. An underactive immune system simply is too weak to fight off common infections.

On the other hand, the problems of an overactive immune system can be just as disastrous for long-term health. Depending on how an overactive immune system response presents itself, it could lead to a host of common diseases or severe allergies. When the immune system overreacts, it targets healthy cells or triggers a constant state of immune activity.

How to Strengthen your Immune System

Although many supplements advertise their ability to boost the immune system, it's far more critical to focus on balancing it. With so much false advertising, how do you improve immune system function? An immune system cannot always operate in a constant state of activity, which is typically what these supplements aim to do. Improving immune system function is about much more than popping a few supplements. Instead, its requires a holistic approach, strengthening the immune system from every angle.

1. Micronutrients

Strengthen Your Immune System: Micronutrients

Despite the growing number of products promoting immunity, the science is generally quite sparse. What the research does suggest is that certain micronutrients are vital to the proper functioning of the system as a whole.

Beyond potentially boosting the strength of the immune system, micronutrients also balance its functioning. Maintaining a healthy diet, chock full of vitamins and minerals, is extremely important for supporting immune system health. It can't function without all the building blocks.

Although this has yet to be assessed in humans, micronutrient deficiencies in animals have been linked to immunity issues. Some common micronutrients that so far have been linked to improved immune system function are folic acid, iron, selenium and zinc, plus vitamins A, B6, C and E.

2. CBD Supplement

Cannabidiol, or CBD, has a long history of use as a powerful immune system balancer. It is particularly beneficial to people suffering from an overactive immune system. Autoimmune disorders are responsible for many of the most common diseases, including rheumatoid arthritis, chronic inflammation, Type I Diabetes, and Inflammatory Bowel Disease.

CBD has a long history of use as a powerful immune system balancer.

The mechanism behind how CBD soothes an overactive immune system still is poorly understood. However, it seems to be linked to the activation of a recently discovered aspect of the immune system: the myeloid-derived suppressor cell, or MDSC. This cell is essential for regulating an immune response when it gets out of control. One CBD application for the immune system being eagerly pursued is post-organ transplant therapy. It’s thought that perhaps through CBD’s activation of the MDSC cell, it could help suppress rejection of the new organ.

3. Healthy Living

Every time you visit your family doctor for a checkup, he or she likely will ask a series of repetitive questions about your diet and exercise. How many servings of fruit and vegetables do you get a day? How many times a week do you do strenuous exercise? Healthy living, not surprisingly, has a huge role to play in the health of your immune system.

Your body is a temple, and without proper maintenance, it will start breaking down. By using a holistic approach, focusing on the health of both your mind and body, you can prevent immunodeficiencies instead of treating them.

For example, maintaining a well-balanced diet full of colorful fruits and vegetables is a good start. Plant-based whole foods contain the vital vitamins and minerals our bodies need to operate at the most fundamental level. Although it's easy to pop a multi-vitamin, there are many nuanced synergetic effects gained through the consumption of whole foods.

On top of diet, exercise is another powerful way to boost immunity. Participating in regular exercise improves the circulation of white blood cells, thus allowing them speedier detection of any invading pathogens. Plus, physical activity increases body temperature and, however brief that change in body temperature, that could prevent serious health conditions.

4. Improved Sleep

Strengthen Your Immune System: Improve Your Sleep

Have you ever noticed that when you feel tired and run-down, you also tend to get sick more often? Not only are you more prone to illness when you are exhausted, but you also are likely to be sick longer. Although the research still is in its initial stages, the circadian rhythm of sleep seems critically linked to a healthy immune system. Without enough sleep, the immune system does not function properly. When test subjects are kept awake for extended periods, researchers have noted a drop in the level of particular substances linked to immune system function, while these levels seem to spike during a proper sleep cycle.

Another great benefit of CBD supplements is stress and anxiety management. For people who have difficulty sleeping at night due to high stress, read more about how CBD can help sooth serious anxiety disorders.

The best way to support immune health is focusing on immune system balance. Instead of targeting a particular symptom, immune system balance is a holistic approach to health. Diet, exercise, healthy choices, and proper sleep all help maintain optimal health. If your body is healthy, so too is your immune system.

For added benefit, start incorporating more micronutrients into your diet, such as zinc, iron and folic acid. Source high-quality CBD oil as an additional supportive therapy. Not only does CBD have therapeutic benefits for many other health issues, but it is also one of the only natural ways to balance an overactive immune response.

Realistically, incorporating small healthy changes to your lifestyle can lead to a dramatically strengthened immune system. While it's impossible to avoid every cold and flu coming around this winter, small changes can help you kick the flu much quicker than your friends. A robust immune system helps reduce the length of the flu, and limits to the severity of the symptoms.


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