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Is CBD Oil Legal in Indiana? What You Need to Know

Is CBD Oil Legal in Indiana? What You Need to Know

Is CBD oil legal in Indiana? Indiana has joined the growing ranks of states across the country which are making allowance for the cannabis compound called cannabidiol (CBD) to be used as an alternative to mainstream medicine. Thanks to a new bill, signed into effect on March 21st by Republican Gov. Eric Holcomb, CBD is now legal in Indiana. This new law expands upon a previous legislative provision which gave Hoosiers struggling with treatment-resistant epilepsy access to CBD oil.

Is CBD oil legal in Indiana? Indiana has joined the growing ranks of states across the country which are making allowance for CBD to be used as an alternative medicine.

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The Rough Road to Making CBD Legal in Indiana

In early March 2018, the legal status of CBD products in the state of Indiana seemed dead on arrival, despite widespread support from the Indiana House of Representatives and the Senate. House Bill 1214 passed with flying colors with a 93-0 margin. Its passage was followed up on in the Senate, showing support with a 3-1 margin. With so much broad support, why did the final bill to make CBD oil legal in Indiana hit a serious snag on March 8th? [1]

In a move fit for a movie script, House Bill 1214 was abruptly stopped in its tracks on March 8th and turned into a gun bill under a little-known legislative maneuver that took many by surprise.

Despite broad support, why did the final bill, to make CBD oil legal in Indiana, hit a serious snag on March 8th?

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If this seems like a rather shocking turn of events, for most people it was. Even strong proponents of the CBD oil bill were taken aback when it was turned unceremoniously into a vehicle for two gun-focused bills which had previously been shot down: House Bill 1424 and Senate Bill 33. House Representative Ed Delaney was quoted as saying, “This is an egregious example of using procedural devices to stop debate.” [2]

Thankfully, despite the turmoil in the legislative assembly, and the hijacking of House Bill 1214, the push to make CBD oil legal in Indiana was already well underway through a different method - Senate Bill 52. It landed on the desk of Gov. Eric Holcomb on March 15th and was passed into law by March 21st. As soon as it was signed, it allowed for the legal sale, use, and possession of CBD oil within the state of Indiana.

What You Need to Know About CBD Oil in Indiana

As of March 21st, there should be no more confusion for any state citizen. Nobody will need to ask. “Is CBD oil legal in Indiana?” Cannabidiol is legal, and it looks like it's going to stick. Indiana's access is much different than other states, in particular, Florida. In Florida, access to CBD oil can only be obtained through an overly complicated, state-regulated system. In Indiana, access is going to be relatively easy and, in reality, merely legalizes how CBD sales were already being conducted across the state. Until July 1, 2018 business can continue as usual for consumers and sellers, but the bill does affect labeling requirements for CBD products.

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The new law with new labeling requirements means that merchandisers have to submit new products to laboratory testing, as Indiana lawmakers want to ensure that all products are guaranteed to have low THC. This cannabinoid is the only psychoactive component in marijuana. According to a statement released by Gov. Eric Holcomb after the signing of the Bill, “Indiana lawmakers delivered a bill that ensures Hoosiers who benefit from CBD oil can access it. The bill provides much-needed clarity, with labeling requirements and a 0.3% THC limit on CBD products.”

New labeling requirements, which tie into the testing regulations, mean that the laboratory results need to be published through a QR code. The QR must appear on every single CBD product.

These requirements are two significant changes that came with making CBD oil legal in Indiana, but the bill also clarifies a few other rules concerning felonies for those seeking to sell THC-heavy marijuana products as CBD oil.

Why Are Hoosiers Elated with Getting CBD Legal in Indiana?

Why are Hoosiers elated with getting CBD legal in Indiana?

Even before lawmakers clarified the legal status of CBD in March, thousands of state residents were already on board with CBD as alternative medicine. According to Channel 13, WTHR, many state residents already rely on CBD products to treat a wide variety of health issues, including “pain, epileptic seizures, anxiety and other medical conditions.”

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Beyond the overwhelming political backing, many doctors have voiced their support for legal CBD as well. They are thrilled to finally have clarity on the legal status of this non-psychoactive cannabinoids compound. One doctor in particular, as interviewed by WFYI Indianapolis, is especially ecstatic with the news.

Originally interviewed by lawmakers to dispel some of the persistent myths about the cannabis compound, Dr. Matt Andry is a vocal proponent of CBD oil. Because some politicians have reservations about legalizing a compound so closely related to marijuana, Andry tried to dispel misconceptions, "I told (lawmakers) CBD is not a slippery slope to marijuana; it's an exit ramp." In his own practice, he reportedly has prescribed over 400 patients with CBD oil to treat a myriad of conditions. Andry details that more than 200 of them have been able to reduce or cease their reliance on opiates through CBD treatment. [4]

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With this new development, the thousands of Hoosiers across the state already relying on CBD can rest easy. There should be no more questions on, “Is CBD oil legal in Indiana?” or “Is CBD oil legal in Indiana for only some health issues?” As of March 21st, CBD oil is legal everywhere in the state, for all applications. There is no complicated prescription or registration required, and access to the all-natural compound will remain open and accessible.






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