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Is CBD Oil Legal in Maine?

Is CBD Oil Legal in Maine? - SOL✿CBD

In November 2016, Maine joined eight other U.S. states by legalizing marijuana for recreational purposes. However, there is confusion surrounding this issue, and Mainers still ask: "Is CBD oil legal in Maine?".

The short answer is—yes. CBD oil is legal in Maine, with one big provision. In fact, it's pretty simple—so long as the oil is made from industrial hemp, it can be manufactured and sold anywhere across the USA. Read on for more on this.

First, let’s explore the state's current cannabis laws in a little more detail.

Is CBD oil legal in Maine?

Marijuana, CBD Oil, Maine, And the Law

Marijuana and Maine have a somewhat embattled, bipolar history together.

In 1999, Maine was one of the first states in the U.S. to legalize marijuana use for persons with debilitating and chronic medical conditions. It later became the fifth state to sell medical-grade marijuana to these patients from not-for-profit dispensaries.

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These laws and regulations have since been significantly amended numerous times, with the latest going into effect in December 2018. After almost a decade, Maine's medical marijuana engine is running smoothly. This gave cause for many to hope that pot legalization for recreational use will follow the same route. [1][2]

Unfortunately, it did not quite.

In November 2016, recreational use of marijuana was passed into law, and Mainers have been lighting joints without fear of prosecution ever since. The law stipulates that each person over the age of 21 years:

Marijuana, CBD Oil, Maine, And the Law

Challenges arose with regulations, especially regarding the commercial sale of marijuana, as implementation bills were vetoed twice by anti-weed state Governor Paul LePage.

Thankfully, Maine lawmakers overturned his most recent veto, and the state is gearing itself to launch a cannabis market over the next two years.[3]

Where does this leave CBD oil? Is CBD oil legal in Maine?

Well, as stated, if it's hemp derived, it's fine. Yet, let's dig into why.

Terminology and classification of cannabis have always been the biggest source of confusion for citizens of the USA. Many don't even know there is a distinction between hemp and marijuana.

There is, in fact, an important botanical difference between hemp and marijuana that the federal government only fully integrated into law recently. The main difference is the cannabinoid content—hemp contains more CBD and very little THC, while with marijuana it's the other way round.

For this reason, marijuana is still illegal according to national law. However, hemp use and regulated hemp farming were declared fully legal when Trump signed the 2018 Farm Bill on December 13, 2018. His signature rang in a new era for hemp farming, and definitely hemp-derived CBD oil everywhere in the U.S., as the industry is expected to boom. [4]

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Buying CBD Oil in Maine

There are cannabis dispensaries scattered around Maine, but, as mentioned, these are for registered medical marijuana state residents only. This can be expected to change, probably very soon, because Maine already has a sophisticated marijuana regulation in place to draw on.

Because of lenient cannabis laws, as well as the recent federal thumbs-up for hemp cultivation and possession, you can safely purchase hemp-CBD oil online.

To get the most out of your product, it’s always better to choose something organic. One of the beautiful things about CBD is how conducive it is to health in all aspects of life. Choosing a product that is holistic in its ingredient list, as well as sustainable in its production methods will help you to maintain good health.

Source: SOLCBD Liposomal

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The Future of Hemp in Maine

Since cannabis legalization in Maine in 2016, the number of hemp growing licenses has increased a lot. There was only a single licensed hemp farmer in 2016, 34 in 2017 and 82 new licenses have been awarded thus far in 2018. Regarding the sales of hemp CBD oil, Maine is soon expected to be a commercial haven too. [5]



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