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Is CBD Oil Legal in Oklahoma?

Is CBD Oil Legal in Oklahoma? - SOL✿CBD

Regarding CBD oil, Oklahoma law has just become a lot more relaxed. Passed in June this year, State Question 788 allows for the lawful production, dispensing, prescription, and use of medical marijuana in Oklahoma. The bill will be law by the end of July, but regulatory details are still in development and will likely change over time.

The laws are more permissive, but you will be expected to have a state-issued license or state certification if you don't want to be prosecuted.

This comes as good news for many people who desperately need the compound to deal with severe health issues. At least in one case, it is credited for having beaten cancer—if you can believe wife and mother Rhonda Gossett, who used to suffer from stage four breast cancer. Read on for her heartwarming story.

Is CBD Oil Legal in Oklahoma?

But first, let's break down exactly what the fresh law says regarding medical marijuana use in Oklahoma. Unfortunately, asking  “Is CBD oil legal in Oklahoma?” will not get you a reliable one-word response as laws go.

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Medicinal Marijuana and CBD Oil Oklahoma Law—11 Core Questions

The following are the most common queries regarding this new law. Please note that since this law is literally not even out of the oven yet it's so fresh, some of the specifics below are subject to change. [1]

  • Can anybody apply, even if they are not Oklahoman?
  • Nope. Only state residents who can prove residency with a valid driver's license, utility bill, or another accepted method can apply.

  • Which health conditions will qualify me for a Medicinal Marijuana Card?
  • Surprisingly, any condition; Oklahoma law is superbly liberal in this regard. You get to decide how you want to use cannabis for medical purposes. For this, you will still need to obtain a recommendation from a certified doctor and a license from the state health department.

  • What is the cutoff age for license applications?
  • You need to be over the age of 18 to qualify, but younger Oklahomans could qualify too. They will need the written approval from two Oklahoma board-certified physicians and their legal guardian or parent, however.

  • For how long is this license valid and how much does it cost?
  • A patient's license will be valid for two years and costs $100. This is unless you're on Medicaid, Medicare, or SoonerCare, in which case you will be paying only $20.

  • Where can I apply for the Medical Marijuana Card?
  • The Oklahoma Department of Health is now required to set up a regulatory office to receive applications from patients, cannabis cultivators, dispensaries, and packagers. This office is required to be up and running by the end of August this year. They also need to put up a website with relevant application forms and methods of payment by the end of July.

  • When I have the license, how much marijuana will I be allowed to carry with me?
  • The law allows possession of no more than three ounces of marijuana, 72 ounces of edible marijuana, and one ounce of “concentrated marijuana” on your person at any given time. “Concentrated marijuana” is defined as any isolated cannabis compound, including CBD. At home, the license will allow for up to eight ounces of marijuana in your possession.

  • How can I take the marijuana? Am I allowed to smoke it?
  • Tricky question. SQ788 was drawn up with allowance for this method of ingestion, but the Oklahoma State Medical Association criticized the Health Department's leniency. So, a last-minute amendment to the bill was passed, which excludes "all smokable forms of cannabis to ensure marijuana is administered in forms that are easily measured in doses, such as edibles and oils." Following an immediate outcry from lobbyists and other state constituents, the department received a slap on the wrist from the attorney general for overstepping its authority. So, this regulatory detail needs clarification. [2][3]

  • Can I grow my cannabis at home if I have the Medicinal Marijuana Card?
  • Yes. Six mature plants and six seedling plants are the maximum allowed.

    Can I grow my cannabis at home if I have the Medicinal Marijuana Card?

  • I live in another state and I have a valid medicinal marijuana license. Can I buy from a dispenser in Oklahoma?
  • Yes, you will be able to purchase from a dispenser in Oklahoma, but you will need to obtain a temporary, 30-day renewable license for $100. (This is probably only necessary when you are visiting Oklahoma, as you can obtain good oil online. Read here how important it is to choose a quality oil.)

  • I am ill, and I want to use marijuana for this, but I don't have a license. What will happen to me if I get caught for possession?
  • If you have no more than 1.5 ounces of cannabis in your possession and can state a medical condition, this will constitute a misdemeanor offense. You can expect to get a fine that is not allowed to exceed $400.

  • If I am the caregiver of a medical marijuana license holder, will I need a license too?
  • Yes. The license will give you the same rights as your patient. To obtain this, you will need a copy of their license and its status as well as proof that they are homebound and that you are their designated caregiver. You will also need to prove that you are a state resident and are older than 18 years of age.

    So, hopefully, you now have a satisfactory answer to the question: "Is CBD oil legal in Oklahoma?"

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    Next, a heartwarming reason to at least consider using CBD oil, which is credited with many applications, including cancer.

    Rhonda’s Story

    Rhonda Gossett, from Edmond, was diagnosed with stage two breast cancer in 2010. Later tests showed that cancer had metastasized, so the diagnosis was changed to stage four cancer. The disease had spread to her bones and brain, and it was predicted that she had only one year to live.

    The attractive mother of a young boy underwent chemotherapy and radiation, which put her cancer in remission. However, soon after, cancer returned. Doctors advised against chemotherapy because the disease had spread to her brain. She had to rely on radiation and drug trials for treatment.

    In 2014, Rhonda Gossett started using CBD oil to treat cancer symptoms.

    Photo Credit:

    Darren Gossett, Rhonda’s husband, told News 9 during an interview: “At that point, we were basically told ‘We don't know what else to do.’”

    Fortunately, Rhonda’s bleak prognosis was about to change.

    In 2014, she decided to start using CBD oil to treat symptoms. It helped her regain her appetite, and the pain and nausea left.

    After two years, she was pronounced cancer-free, and all the associated symptoms had disappeared. She still takes CBD oil every day. It is not clear whether Rhonda continued with the drug trials and radiation when she started on the oil. [4]

    Research so far shows that CBD oil is efficacious to treat pain and alleviate symptoms associated with radiation and chemotherapy, such as nausea and vomiting. There is also evidence that it kills cancer cells, but the research is preliminary and laboratory-based. While these results are very promising, a lot more clinical proof is needed before CBD oil can be declared a cancer killer with certainty. [5]

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    However, regarding CBD oil, Oklahoma law now allows Rhonda to use it legally and opens the possibility for many more encouraging stories like hers. Never take CBD oil or any other natural supplement without consulting with your physician first, especially if you are very ill and/or on chronic medication. And then, make sure that you take an excellent-quality oil to ensure good results.



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