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Juicing Raw Cannabis: Everything You Need to Know

Juicing Raw Cannabis: Everything You Need to Know - SOL✿CBD

Move over wheatgrass. There is a new contender for top green juice. A contender which is providing a compelling nutrient-rich boost to many people's morning routine. If you haven't noticed, raw cannabis leaves are making waves with juice fanatics across the country, and its popularity is spreading far beyond the medical marijuana crowd.

What are the Basics of Juicing Raw Cannabis Leaves?

The term cannabis covers a wide variety of substances, from industrial hemp to medical grade marijuana, and everything in between. Across the industry, the word cannabis is used as an umbrella term for anything sourced from the Cannabis sativa L. species of plants. No matter what you choose to call the cannabis leaves in your juice, there are a few fundamental differences to discuss beforehand.

Juicing Raw Cannabis: The Basics

First, the term hemp is almost exclusively used to discuss the agricultural crop grown legally across the United States for its fibers, nutritional oils, and seeds. Hemp contains little to no THC and is considered to be non-psychoactive even when smoked. The word marijuana describes a THC-heavy strain of cannabis, which is known to trigger an associated high.

All types of cannabis, including hemp and medical grade marijuana, contain a plethora of beneficial cannabinoids and terpenes. Cannabis contains potentially hundreds of compounds with medicinal benefit, many of which are under intense investigation as an alternative all-natural therapy. At the moment, there are four main cannabinoids receiving the most attention.

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These helpful cannabinoids and terpenes are why cannabis leaves are finding their way into the juicer. Both marijuana and hemp leaves are juiceable, and neither will cause a high because THC activates through heat, and a juicer is by nature a cold extraction method. No matter how much cannabis leaf juice you drink, there is likely no chance of getting high.

CBD hemp oil seems to have some distinct advantages over medical marijuana, but whatever strain of cannabis you choose to juice, the big issue is sourcing raw and fresh leaves. Very few people know a certified hemp grower or have access to a dispensary that sells fresh raw leaves. Just like with any other leafy greens you want to juice, cannabis leaves have to be raw, and they have to be fresh.

Until raw cannabis leaves become more accessible across the country, there are a few products currently on the market that have sought to fill the void. Some companies sell freeze-dried powdered hemp juice. And, another easy way to incorporate the many benefits of cannabis leaves into your morning juice is to add a full spectrum CO2 extracted cannabidiol (CBD) oil. Not only will you still reap the health benefits of cannabis leaves, but it's far more easily accessible.

Juicing Raw Cannabis Leaves Takes Full Advantage of Inducing the Entourage Effect

Although juicing raw cannabis is a relatively new trend, the benefits of cannabinoids like cannabidiol (CBD) are now well documented. There are over 100 cannabinoids known to exist, each interacting uniquely with our endocannabinoid system.

Full spectrum CBD vs Isolate: The Entourage Effect

One of the benefits of juicing straight cannabis leaves is the fact that they contain an entire spectrum of cannabinoids. There is no comparison between a full-spectrum CBD extract versus isolate products.

While there is no doubt that many isolate products are currently on the market, they do not promote the added benefits of something called the Entourage effect CBD provides. Juicing raw leaves is one of the ways to take advantage of the synergy known to exist between the many cannabinoids and terpenes.

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In study after study, the research shows that when taken together these compounds are much more potent than when consumed separately. For example, THC and CBD both target chronic pain individually, but when taken together they have a remarkable synergistic effect. Terpenes also boost the health benefits of cannabinoids. Although still on the frontier of cannabis research, some studies have already demonstrated their cooperative effect.

Some terpenes facilitate passage of cannabinoids across the blood-brain barrier, meaning they serve to boost the medicinal properties. Another study proposes that two terpenes called linalool and limonene may have potential as an acne treatment when combined with CBD. Considering the number of compounds found in any given cannabis strain, the potential benefits of the Entourage effect so far seem limitless.

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The Benefits of Juicing Cannabis

As mentioned, it's not just medicinal marijuana patients juicing cannabis. The health advantages of cannabis juice go beyond simple, daily supplementation. It could also support the treatment of chronic illnesses. The raw cannabis juice may indeed have much higher absorbable cannabinoid content than other methods of ingestion, such as smoking or vaping. By avoiding heat extraction methods, the full spectrum of cannabinoids remains intact.

While there are many benefits of CBD oil backed by science, here are some of the potential benefits raw cannabis juice may deliver:

  • Mood stabilization
  • Improved digestion
  • Pain management
  • An increase in neural capacity
  • Reduced inflammation
  • Enhanced mediation of allergic reactions
  • Reduction in the frequency of occasional headaches

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Cannabis Juice Recipes

Juicing Cannabis Health Benefits and Recipes

Unless you plan on taking cannabis shots, which might sound familiar to those accustomed to a daily wheatgrass shot, the taste of cannabis leaves isn't always preferable. Cannabis juice is earthy, bitter and takes a bit of getting used to. If a cannabis shot isn't your cup of tea, here are a few great recipes which make cannabis much more easy to swallow.

Minty Greens

  • 1 handful cannabis leaves
  • 1 small handful mint leaves
  • 3 apples

Green Ginger Zinger

  • 3 oranges
  • 1 handful cannabis leaves
  • 1 inch-sized piece of ginger

Juicing cannabis leaves is just one of the newest ways to take advantage of the many medicinal compounds found in the Cannabis sativa L. species of plants. Raw, cold, extraction methods preserve a  synergistic effect of all the cannabinoids and terpenes known to exist.

Full spectrum cannabinoids can provide an extended range of health benefits. Even for those who cannot find a reputable source of fresh cannabis leaves, there are many full-spectrum CBD products on the market, like SOLCBD tinctures, which provide equal benefits.



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