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The 8 Health Benefits of CBD That Will Blow Your Mind

The 8 Health Benefits of CBD That Will Blow Your Mind

The number of health benefits associated with CBD therapy is expanding at a rapid pace. More and more studies are being approved to investigate new avenues for CBD medical applications. On top of this, many areas have already been explored and show remarkable results. CBD (Cannabidiol) oil is now clinically proven in many areas as an effective, all natural alternative to many common prescriptions. In many cases CBD oil outshines traditional medications because it provides the same level of relief, but without any of the nasty side effects that can come with mainstream treatments. Because there are constant discoveries being made by researchers on CBD oil’s medical applications, let us review the most exciting possibilities.

1.  Anti-Inflammation

Inflammation is the primary cause of many people’s chronic pain. Even before CBD was understood, it was often self-prescribed to help alleviate people’s personal daily struggles with pain. Pain relief and anti-inflammatory properties are some of the most popular health benefits of CBD therapy. After ingestion, CBD is able to inhibit neuronal communication through the pain pathways, thereby reducing the experience of pain for the user. It has been shown to reduce chronic inflammation in rodents without causing dependency and the serious side effects often associated with other opioid pain medications.

2.  Anti-Anxiety

In one study after another, CBD is proving itself as a safe and side-effect-free treatment for anxiety and chronic stress. In a commonly cited study, people were given CBD and then required to publicly speak. Before and after speaking, they all reported significantly lower anxiety than the control groups. On top of this, all physical signs of stress, like higher blood pressure, temperature and heart rate, were reduced as well. Cannabidiol interacts with the endocannabinoid system, which among many other things, is responsible for mood and the nervous system.

3.  Neuroprotective

Cannabidiol is showing exciting progress in the search for stroke and serious brain injury treatments. It seems to hold significant promise through preliminary studies by reducing brain cell degeneration and death, which are common effects post stroke, and post traumatic brain injury.

4.  Epilepsy and Seizures

Perhaps one of the benefits that first propelled CBD oil into the spotlight, was its ability to dramatically reduce, or even eliminate severe epileptic seizures in small children who were previously considered untreatable with the standard medications. Anecdotal cases were shown on national news, cases of parents watching their children suffer through dozens or even hundreds of seizures a day, only to see the number dwindle to a handful after CBD oil therapy. These cases have since been backed up with significant scientific data, and are now pointing to one of the most promising areas of study for CBD. After a small, but pivotal, study in Brazil, which looked into CBD as an additive therapy for intractable seizures, Brazil has gone on to approve CBD as a recommended treatment for epilepsy.

5.  Targets Tumor Growth

There are many supplements and miracle foods out there that claim to prevent cancer, but few of them have robust scientific evidence backing up their claims. Cannabidiol on the other had has been found, in association with cannabis, to reduce tumor growth both in lab studies and in mice. In one government funded study from 1974, scientists discovered that cannabis prevented metastasis and increased death of abnormal cells. It has since been found to target a few cancers in particular, including prostate, breast and leukemia. This isn’t to say that more cancers are not affected by cannabinoids like CBD, but the research into others is only just getting started. Newer research is showing that on top of these previously discovered anti-cancer effects, cannabis may also have pro-apoptotic abilities, which can help prevent the migration of cancer throughout the body.

6.  Reduces Diabetes

In lab studies on rats, CBD was proven to drastically reduce the appearance of diabetes in non-obese diabetic rats. In fact, it reduced the appearance of diabetes by over 50%. Cannabis has been also shown to positively affect glucose, insulin and insulin resistance levels in adults. In one study comparing sugar levels and insulin resistance between current marijuana users and past users, current users had much lower fasting insulin rates than past users. This is a key indicator for diabetes onset.

7.  Anti-Psychotic

In a strange symbiotic relationship within the cannabis plant itself, CBD provides a natural counter to the sometimes-psychotic tendencies of THC. Both these cannabinoids exist within the plant, but depending on which one is emphasized, that cannabinoid will seriously change the end result. Too much THC has been found to trigger psychotic tendencies in some people, while CBD has exactly the opposite effect and can help reduce the duration of THC’s effect. The calming, and anti-psychotic effect of CBD has now been applied to other areas of mental illness, including as a potential alternative for schizophrenic patients. It is offering hope to many patients who suffer through periods of psychosis, and are averse to the difficult side effects of traditional antipsychotic medications.

8.  Reduces Nausea and Vomiting

In conjunction with CBD’s ability to target cancer cell growth, it is also extremely beneficial as a supplement to modern chemotherapy treatments. Many patients consider chemotherapy and radiation to be nearly as bad as the cancer itself, because the treatments cause lethargy, extreme nausea, vomiting, intense pain, and loss of appetite. If CBD therapy is done in conjunction, it can help alleviate many of these difficult side effects, in particular, patients have been very successful in maintaining appetite, and therefore weight and strength. They are also able to reduce nausea, and keep food down. Finally, it helps reduce the pain and body wide inflammation associated with these harsh therapies.


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