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The Science of Miron Glass and Its Benefits for Healing Oils

The Science of Miron Glass and Its Benefits for Healing Oils - SOL✿CBD

When it comes to providing the highest-grade cannabidiol (CBD) to our customers, we pride ourselves in taking as much care after harvest as before it. We know that the final steps to CBD oil processing play just as much of a role in the development of the benefits, flavor, and quality as those in the farming stages. Packaging sensitive compounds, like CBD oil, is a process too many companies rush through in their quest to make money and pump out product.


We know that falling prey to preservation shortcuts could either allow pathogens inside, which may deteriorate or totally ruin the end product over time. Curing CBD oil in a dark, airtight container allows the herb to develop some profound and unique characteristics.

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For this reason, we have decided to switch to using to Miron glass for our entire product line, with the aim to take advantage of this uncommon glass’ superior preservation properties. The special properties of Miron glass, as evidenced below, may prove to have equal benefits for CBD oil storage. Miron glass could activate and naturally energize compounds, like CBD oil, through ultraviolet radiation.

We feel that our customers will appreciate the switch to Miron glass, considering the many ways through which it has been shown to prevent degradation. Our products now have an entirely new lifespan because of our one important decision to change the packaging.

What is Miron Glass?

Miron glass is a relatively novel glassware and has demonstrated outstanding capabilities of preserving substances contained in it for extended periods. Rosewater, for example,  was kept fresh in Miron glasses for over three years without the use of artificial preservation techniques. Easily perishable foods have also been maintained for surprising periods when stored in Miron glass. We believe these properties will hold true for the storage of CBD oil as well. [1]

Miron Glass Benefits

Compared with blue, green, amber, or clear glass, Miron glass provides a host of benefits to compounds stored inside, including:

  • Protection against decomposition
  • Preservation of the natural bio-energy of organic compounds
  • Protection from the visible-light spectrum
  • Boost the potency of the stored compound
  • Protection against changes to the molecular structure of the compound

In addition, Miron glass is 100% recyclable.

How Does Miron Glass Work?

Miron glass allows only violet, ultraviolet, and infrared rays to pass through. It works as a natural light filter, blocking the complete spectral range of visible light except, of course, violet. This unique property filters out the damaging range of light, usually responsible for negatively affecting the lifespan and quality of glass stored goods.

MIRON GLASS : How Does Miron Glass Work

Miron glass allows only the beneficial light spectrum to penetrate. The valuable ultraviolet, violet and infrared spectrum improve the quality of substances stored in the bottle. It’s believed to enhance the durability and potency of premium products, like CBD oil, without the addition of any preservatives.

Miron glass relies on a little-known theory called biophotonics, promoted largely by a German biophysicist named Fritz-Albert Popp.  Biophotons are photons produced by all biological systems. According to Popp, biophotons, “provide a new powerful tool for assessing the quality of food (like freshness and shelf life), microbial infections, environmental influences and for substantiating medical diagnosis and therapy." [2]

Despite its nearly 80 years of history, the theory is in its infancy, but, biophotons are thought to be essential to intercellular communication and the promotion and balance of energy. It's also believed to be associated with the vibration frequency of ultraviolet light and the cells in our bodies. By switching our CBD products to miron glass, we hope to take advantage of the ideas put forward in this theory. [3]

How Does Miron Glass Differ?

MIRON GLASS : How Does Miron Glass Differ

Miron glass history is relatively short. First produced in 1995, it required nearly 50 years of experimentation to perfect. Initially, miron glass was developed to protect a medicine's natural energy or the energy it absorbed through exposure to the sun. Since then, it has been adopted throughout the health and wellness industry, particularly for storage of sensitive oils that are susceptible to deterioration when exposed to sunlight. [4]

Miron glass is different from other typical glass bottles in that it offers the unique possibility of maintaining the value of cannabidiol over an extended period. Other glass types allow all or most of the visible light to pass through. This makes them less capable of protecting the sensitive properties of the compounds, like cannabinoids and terpenes.

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Scientific Exploration of Miron Glass

Several tests have been carried out to prove the conserving properties of this type of glass. One of the leading companies producing Miron glass has partnered with beekeepers to explore the benefits of honey storage. Through this ongoing research, beekeepers have determined that Miron glass does much more for food preservation than other airtight containers.

For example, in one honey storage test, its flavor not only was preserved over time, it vastly improved. The various compounds in honey resisted decomposition, and the Miron glass protected the flavor, color, beneficial enzymes, and molecular structure of the substance when compared with other types of glass. [5]

A similar test involved storing cherry tomatoes, one in a Miron glass jar and one in a clear glass jar. Researchers kept both jars at room temperature in open sunlight for seven months. The tomato in the clear glass jar decomposed beyond recognition, showing signs of mold, dryness, and rot. The tomato stored in the miron glass jar showed no signs of discoloration or drying.[6]

The Dutch company, MIRON Violet glass AG, performed another test on the preservation properties, storing chives for three months. Researchers placed fresh chives into three different glasses: Miron, brown glass, and clear glass. After exposure to sunlight throughout the test, the researchers then measured the chives by their visible color and aroma.

The fresh green color of the original herb was significantly impacted in the brown and clear containers; the chives were reported to be sun bleached yellow and brown. The chives stored in the miron glass were still vibrantly green, maintaining their original color. On top of this, in a blind aroma test, the Miron glass chives significantly outperformed the other types.[7]

The Benefit of Miron Glass

Based on the results of the latest set of experiments, miron glass is unsurpassed when it comes to preserving the life of CBD oil. The dark violet glass will help to maintain the life force of CBD, including its possible health benefits, potency, and taste just like it did with tomatoes and chives.

These exceptional preservation properties make Miron glass the ultimate container for maintaining the freshness levels and the preservation of the dynamic energy of all of CBD oils components. We take pride in the quality of our CBD oil, even right down to the packaging.

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Miron glass is an excellent all-natural, high-vibrational frequency container that preserves, but enhance the quality of contents. Packaging CBD oil in miron glass allows us to maintain the potency and naturalness of all ingredients to ensure that we provide the best products to you, our customers.










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