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Where to Buy CBD Oil in Massachusetts | The Guide

Where to Buy CBD Oil in Massachusetts | The Guide - SOL✿CBD

Despite the fact that it’s been two years since recreational marijuana was legalized in Massachusetts, there are almost no legal dispensaries around. It is legal to cultivate, consume and possess marijuana in Massachusetts. However, if you’re not cultivating it, you’re left with a pretty pertinent question: where do I buy it?

When it comes to buying CBD oil in Massachusetts, it’s a little bit less complicated. Thanks to the new Hemp Farm Bill, any product derived from legal industrial hemp will be available across the USA. That means that if you still can’t find a reputable seller in and around Massachusetts, you’re still within your rights to purchase hemp-derived CBD oil online.

Hopefully, we can help to take some of the guesswork out of buying CBD oil in Massachusetts. With very few dispensaries around, it can be difficult to find somewhere, let alone somewhere you trust.

We can help to take some of the guesswork out of buying CBD oil in Massachusetts.

A Quick Overview Of The Law

Interestingly, it was legal for dispensaries to open as of July 1st, 2018 [1]. However, nobody was licensed at the time, so no dispensaries were opened. Anomalies like this can leave the public wondering whether it actually is legal or not. So in case, you need to brush up on what’s going on around Massachusetts with respect to cannabis, here’s the rundown:

  • Using cannabis in public is a big no-no, whether you’re vaping, smoking or consuming edibles
  • You’re allowed up to 1 oz on your person and 10 oz in your home
  • You can legally cultivate up to 6 plants or 12 if you are a couple
  • It’s still illegal to drive under the influence of marijuana

If you want more details about your legal rights about using cannabis in Massachusetts, you can have a look here on the government website.

Dispensaries In Massachusetts

Dispensaries In Massachusetts

As we briefly mentioned, there wasn’t a single dispensary in Massachusetts until 20 November 2018. It doesn’t look like Massachusetts is going to catch up to Colorado’s booming cannabis industry anytime soon. But that doesn’t mean you can’t legally get your hands on CBD oil and other cannabis products. There are now a handful of places across the state that you can legally purchase cannabis. Here’s a list of dispensaries around Massachusetts, organized by locality.


  • Patriot Care Boston
  • U.S. Marijuana Dispensaries
  • Mayflower Medicinals


  • Patriot Care Lowell


  • Sira Naturals Cambridge


  • Theory Wellness: Medical Marijuana Dispensary
  • Alternative Compassion Services: Medical Marijuana


  • Cultivate


  • Revolutionary Clinics
  • Sira Naturals Somerville

Great Barrington

  • Theory Wellness: Medical Marijuana Dispensary


  • Patriot Care Greenfield


  • Alternative Therapies Group


  • NETA Brookline


  • In Good Health Inc.

Fall River

  • Med & Rec Marijuana Delivery
  • Northeast Alternatives: Marijuana Dispensary


  • Sira Naturals Needham


  • INSA Easthampton


  • Curaleaf MA Hanover


  • BASK


  • Curaleaf MA Oxford


  • Triple M Plymouth

It’s likely that this list will continue to shift and morph until the cannabis industry becomes more established in Massachusetts. All of these businesses sell cannabis and cannabis products that are legal to purchase, and should meet state industry standards. You should have no problem finding CBD oil in any of these stores. You might even be lucky enough to find it in health food stores.

Finding the best quality CBD oil is another story - but we can help you with that too.

How To Find The Best Quality CBD Oil

How To Find The Best Quality CBD Oil

As the industry continues to grow in the USA, the likelihood that you end up with a dud product also increases, unfortunately. As long as there is a lucrative industry, everybody wants a piece of it. And that’s how we get contaminated, sub-standard products.

Thankfully, hemp-derived CBD is readily available and 100% legal in all US states. That means you can also purchase CBD oil online, opening up a much wider range of products than what might be available in Massachusetts dispensaries.

Using our advice, you can be well on your way to choosing a CBD oil that doesn’t take shortcuts and compromise on quality.

1. Choose Organic

One of the biggest issues with cannabis products across the USA is the prevalence of industrial and agricultural contaminants. Not everyone out there is growing hemp in a sustainable way, and some of the chemicals used in the growing process end up in the final product, and finally in your body.

The best advice we can give is to choose something organic. This ensures that there are no industrial or agricultural contaminants polluting the final product. This way, you can be confident that what ends up in your body is natural and healthy.

It’s also worth noting here that this plant has the quality of phytoremediation [2]. This means it has the ability to decontaminate soil that is polluted with heavy metals. The plants do this by means of absorbing pollutants.

While this is a good thing, it also means that if the soil that hemp plants are grown in is polluted, and the same plants are used to extract cannabinoids for consumption, these end up in the product!

This is why choosing organic when it comes to CBD oil is extremely important. If it is not organically grown, it is likely to contain contaminants from both polluted soil and chemical fertilizers/pesticides.

2. Research The Company Who Makes It

If the company is not completely transparent about where their cannabis is grown, then you don’t need to buy it. There should be no need to conceal information if the product is grown sustainably and chemical free. Always ask where and how the plants are grown, and which extraction method is used.

3. Look At Third-Party Lab Testing

Some companies provide the results of third-party laboratory testing. Looking at third-party lab results gives you the opportunity to see, first hand, which contaminants might be present in your product. It also shows the concentration of CBD and other cannabinoids and terpenoids - so you will know the whole chemical profile of your product, too.

Buying CBD Oil In Massachusetts Gets Easier And Easier

The more the cannabis industry grows in the state, the easier it’s getting to buy CBD oil in Massachusetts. The small number of dispensaries doesn’t make things easy, but buying online certainly does! So long as it’s hemp-derived, it’s legal to have it shipped across the country. Enjoy shopping for CBD oil in Massachusetts!



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Organically Farmed

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Sourced from 100% organic hemp farms in the US to give you a clean pure CBD.

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We test all our products to make sure that they are high quality & free from contaminants.