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About Larry Ostrovsky

Larry Ostrovsky is a passionate natural health advocate, coach, author, journalist, and entrepreneur.

A lifelong learner Larry has spent the last 15 years dedicated to understanding nutrition and wellness. He has authored books and publishes regular wellness information on many blogs.

Even though he hasn't attained any official accreditations his openness to seek high truth has enabled him to sift through much of the noise and confusion of what it means to achieve wellness.

His entrepreneurial skills have enabled him to help thought leaders in the wellness industry launch their brands and share their wisdom.

As a lifelong cannabis advocate, he passionately shares his research in hopes more people will discover the truth of what this plant is capable of doing for their health.

Q & A

What is your philosophy on wellness?

I believe that wellness is a combination of many things.

First, you have your biology which is unique to you and no one else. That means what worked for one person or guru may not work for you. Because of this fact, you must find what works for YOU.

There are many roads to this discovery... Ayurveda, Chinese Medicine, Functional Medicine...etc. The key is to understand you at a deep level, the environmental impact of where you live, and you're mental/emotional state.

Science has discovered epigenetics and with that discovery put us in control of our destiny. For a long time, we believed genetics pre-determined our condition. No longer is this believed to be the case. Your mind and emotions play a very important role in triggering genetic mutation. 

We must clear our emotional trauma or it will create disease.

We must get past our addictions to behavior and remove programming that doesn't serve us. Only then can we act in a way that serves our highest good and of course utilizing the right medicines that have been in front of us all along.

What started you on this path?

I've always been a lifelong learner and have a deep curiosity about many things. One of those things happens to be wellbeing. That curiosity has led me to many thought leaders and much learning and refinement of what I held true. It's always a work in progress as I continue to learn.

Why is Cannabis and CBD important to you?

Rarely do I come across something that is so deeply impactful to the health of the human body. This plant has compounds that seem to be tailor-made for us. Its history is turbulent of late but it has been a known medicine for 1000's of years and my mission is to be a steward of it as well as educate people on it.

Find more about Larry here: https://www.linkedin.com/in/larryoz/

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