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About Oksana Ostrovsky


Oksana Ostrovsky is a self-published author, journalist, entrepreneur, relationship and life coach.

Born in western Ukraine with 3 autoimmune conditions, Oksana had a difficult start. Her family was told that they aren’t curable and something that she would have to live with for the rest of her life.

Thankfully natural medicine was very much a part of her family’s life and many “outside the box” remedies were used to treat 2 of her conditions successfully.

Later in life with an open mind she successfully found natural means to cure the third.

This experience allows her to have an intimate understanding of the human body and the ability of nature to help do its job of healing itself.

Today she helps run SOL*CBD and educates people on the power of cannabis and other alternative medicines to support the body and mind.

Q & A

What is your philosophy on wellness?

Wellness is a combination of all aspects of life. It is more than just nutrition and exercise, but a dynamic balance of will, motivation, purpose, happiness, thoughts, and beliefs.

Anything that you put in your body, whether it's food or thoughts and the daily choices will either increase your wellness or take it away.

Wellness for me is a lifestyle that supports not only a healthy body and mind, but also a positive attitude toward self, others, and the society in general. 

What started you on this path?

The first 2 years of my life I spent mostly in the hospitals. Actually, hospital visits were quite regular until I was about 13. At that point, I was so tired of the constant discomfort triggered by inflammation, digestive issues and bacterial infections. 

Even though our first choice was natural medicine, I was missing critical pieces to my healing. I decided to learn as much as I could about all the health challenges I was dealing with. After I moved to the United States, I tried all other possible natural options that weren't available in Ukraine, and finally cleared the rest of health issues. At last, I brought my body back to health and can truly enjoy this incredible gift we call life.

Why are Cannabis and CBD important to you?

During the pursuit of healing my own body, I learned quite a bit about the power of hemp plant in general. My passion for this powerfully healing plant intensified after I lost my Mom to cancer in 2014. Sadly her body was too weak and destroyed by 2 strong rounds of chemotherapy before we added CBD and THC to the treatment protocol.

A year later we started SOL*CBD and we have been witnessing thousands of people bring their bodies back to health.

Find more about Oksana here: https://www.linkedin.com/in/oksanaostrovsky/

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