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CBD Dosage - How Much CBD Oil is Right for You?

CBD Dosage - How Much CBD Oil is Right for You? - SOL✿CBD

The quest for the appropriate cannabidiol (CBD) dosage is a complicated problem confronting many people who are interested in using CBD oil for the first time as an alternative medicine. Partially this is due to its relative newness as an alternative; and partially because the research is being published at a breakneck pace. It’s also likely that since cannabis as medicine is considered a new concept, it's not accepted by some within mainstream medical fields. For most people, without access to a medical professional confident and experienced in CBD therapy, they rely on word of mouth, internet forms and their own best guess to determine the correct dosage for their specific case. This is obviously not the best method to determine dose, but for many this remains their only option.

Unlike other medicines, where any experimentation could lead to serious health concerns, it is relatively safe to experiment with CBD oil. It lacks any major side effects, and there is no chance of overdose. In fact, the few reported side effects have only been evidenced in laboratory trials, and at extremely high doses (higher than would be normally prescribed). However, even with the low risk associated with CBD oil as an alternative medicine, most people would feel more comfortable with a little bit of guidance as to how much to dose and how to dose for specific health benefits.

This outline is meant to provide a rough guide through the confusing world of CBD dosage suggestions. It will provide a general outline for how to properly determine your own perfect dose, using three basic rules to guide your own process. It will also give some suggestions for dosage for specific health issues, based on what others have found effective, and what has been used during clinical trials. The most important takeaway from this very rough guide is that everybody will react differently, depending on a myriad of factors like body type, metabolism, lifestyle and illness. These suggestions are meant to be just that, suggestions.

3 Important Tips for CBD Doses

No matter what you are planning to treat using CBD oil, there are three basic rules which should guide your initial experimentation. Start slow, be patient and increase with a slow and steady pace. In order to track the results, it is also suggested to keep notes on a daily basis of dose amount, time of dosage and record of symptoms - noting any changes experienced.

1. Start Small

When you begin your CBD therapy journey, it’s always in your best interest to start with the minimal suggested dosage (even less if you are a small-built person or react strongly to other medications). When you begin with a small amount, and gradually increase over the course of a few days/weeks, the ability to determine the perfect dosage is much easier than trying a higher dose and decreasing over time. This also ensures that you do not waste any CBD oil in the process of experimentation.

2. Be Patient

While CBD can have nearly instantaneous effects for some people and with some health issues, for others the effects may be slower to appear. So before assuming that the dose you are at is not working, or that CBD doesn’t work at all, try sticking to the same dose for up to three days. If you notice no change after a few days, only then try increasing the dose.

3. Slow and Steady

Although the process can be a bit daunting in the beginning, finding the perfect dose of CBD oil is important for effective long-term treatment. Gradually increasing to determine proper dosage can take a week or two depending on each individual case, but it’s important to stick with the steady pace to ensure the perfect dosage is achieved.

Suggested Dosage for 6 Common Ailments


Suggested method: sublingually

Suggested dosage for sleep disorders is 40-60 mg daily. Typically, this would also mean taking prior to sleeping. Despite being an effective treatment for insomnia, cannabidiol is safe to use daily without causing additional drowsiness, as it has been shown to increase alertness when taken with the lights on (or during the day).

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Chronic Pain

Suggested method: sublingually

Suggested dose for chronic pain is approximately 2.5mg to 20 mg daily. Patience may be required for the full benefit to take effect as the results are reported to be cumulative. Some people have also reported cannabidiol’s ability to treat acute episodes as well.

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Suggested method is sublingually

Suggested adult dosage for severe epilepsy is approximately 200 - 300 mg daily. Sources suggest only continuing treatment for 4.5 months. For treatment of children, start with 6 mg daily and increase up to a suggested max of 24 mg daily, divided into smaller doses. It is suggested to always consult with a medical professional especially when treating children.

Multiple Sclerosis

Suggested method: oral spray or bioavailable oil capsule

Suggested dosage for MS treatment is a wide range, anywhere from 2.5 mg to 120 mg daily depending on how far the disease has progressed. Larger doses are divided up into a maximum of eight smaller treatments a day.


Suggested method: sublingually

Suggested dosage for glaucoma treatment is only 20-40 mg once a day. It is suggested not to increase dosage past 40 mg as higher doses have been reported to increase eye pressure.

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Suggested method: oral spray

Suggested adult dosage for anxiety is only 4-6 mg taken up to 4 times daily. People have reported that the effects are cumulative, and gradually create a sense of ease that takes the edge off their daily anxiety.

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