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Using CBD for Depression the Right Way [2022 Update]

Using CBD for Depression the Right Way [2022 Update] - SOL✿CBD

Depression is one of the most common mental illnesses. It affects 7.1% of Americans annually–around 17.3 million people every year. [5] 

How are individuals supposed to manage their symptoms of a mental health condition that is so widespread? Is cannabidiol (CBD) a viable option for controlling depression? Fortunately, research surrounding CBD for depression is promising. (Click to tweet)

Table of Contents:

1. CBD for Depression: What the Research Says
2. How to Use CBD for Depression
    2.1 Finding A Reliable Company
    2.2 Finding The Right Product
3. CBD For Depression: Why Nano Capsules Are Ideal
4. Conclusion


1. CBD for Depression: What the Research Says 

Using CBD for depression may provide fast-acting relief for those with moderate to severe depression, according to a study published in Neuropharmacology:

Marijuana has long been valued in many cultures for its mood-altering effects. Neuroscientists have identified several ways CBD influences neurochemical processes, especially by affecting the production of neurotransmitters serotonin and glutamate. Because the same brain systems are known to be related to depression, it has been suggested that CBD has the potential to impact depression through these pathways.

Using CBD for depression may provide fast-acting relief for those with moderate to severe depression.

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In a study led by Raquel Linge of the Universidad de Cantabria, neuroscientists examined the action of CBD in the brains of 40 mice to determine whether the chemical was effective at reducing depression and the neural pathways by which it operates. In addition, researchers performed surgery on some of the mice to remove a region of the brain called the olfactory bulb.

Removing this part of the brain causes hyperactivity, memory impairment, and decreased interest in being rewarded with sugar, which can be effectively treated using compounds that act as antidepressants in humans. Because of this, the “olfactory bulbectomy mouse model of depression” (OBX) is widely used to perform research related to the biological causes of depression and potential treatments.

Mice with the OBX surgery showed significantly reduced symptoms of hyperactivity 30 minutes after CBD was administered compared to mice that were administered a placebo. Continued daily administration of CBD was revealed to completely reverse the effects of OBX surgery on the mice’s loss of interest in sugar after one week. Examination of chemical activity within the mice’s brains indicated that CBD caused increased release of serotonin and glutamate.

Glutamate release was affected dramatically in all mice who received CBD immediately after the first dose and after weeks of repeated administration. However, the impact on serotonin was more subtle after the first dose. Furthermore, it persisted overtime only in mice who had OBX surgery, suggesting that this change may have occurred only in response to the depression-like conditions in the mice’s brains.

Because OBX has proven to be an accurate model for human depression in numerous previous studies, these findings suggest that CBD may one day serve as the basis for a new treatment for depression. Moreover, it may be especially promising because it acts rapidly to reduce symptoms and lead to sustained recovery over time. 

These findings stop short of directly supporting the effectiveness of CBD, delivered either through the use of Cannabis sativa L. or as an isolated compound, as a treatment for depression in humans. However, they are likely to add weight to the argument that Cannabis sativa L. and its chemical components have strong potential as sources of future breakthroughs in the treatment of mental as well as physical illness. [1]

CBD possesses many valuable benefits, including supporting mental health.

Here’s something even more interesting:

Multiple newer studies have surfaced over the recent years, as CBD is rapidly becoming more popular across the U.S. One, in particular, revealed that cannabidiol administered to animal models minimized the effects of depression, anxiety, and stress. They concluded that CBD has the potential to be a treatment for anxiety, depression, schizophrenia, and other psychotic disorders. [2] 

Another recent study observed “real-world evidence” from a Canadian medical cannabis clinic. Their conclusion states that their research revealed that CBD-rich treatment had a beneficial impact on individuals with self-reported anxiety, pain, and depression symptoms. [3] 

Further research is necessary, and as time goes on, we will undoubtedly see more studies conducted around CBD for depression and other mental health disorders. 

CBD may be able to improve your mood while decreasing anxiety.

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2. How to Use CBD for Depression

If you want to find success using CBD for depression, you’ll have to know what to look for when shopping online. You can find CBD oil across the United States online and in-store. However, it is not all created equally. 

Two of the most critical factors that will be at play are the brand you are buying from and the product you choose. Let’s discuss. 

2.1 Finding A Reliable Company

Finding a reliable company is critical if you want to control your depression with CBD. Unfortunately, some brands simply do not have as high standards as others, offering consumers substandard, ineffective, and sometimes even unsafe products. 

When shopping for the right company, you’ll want to go with something well-established. The brands that have simply popped up out of nowhere won't have nearly as much of a reputation as a brand that's been around for 5+ years. A brand’s reputation will say a lot, and you must get a feel for its reputation before buying. 

Another critical factor is finding a company that offers exceptional customer service and a money-back guarantee. If a product is damaged, you have the right to reach out and speak to someone or get your money back. If a company doesn’t prioritize this, it may be better to go with a brand that’s known for better customer service.

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2.2 Finding The Right Product

You’ll also want to consider what product might be best for you. For example, do you prefer to take CBD capsules, or use CBD tinctures, or would you rather eat edibles like gummies

The market is vast and expanding quickly. CBD’s approval rating shows no signs of dropping, and researchers are paying closer attention to this cannabinoid that is seemingly full of impressive health benefits. Around 33% of adults in America have admitted to using CBD at least once or more. [4] (Click to tweet)

Some individuals prefer the versatility that tinctures offer, giving users the option to take less or more depending on how full the dropper is. Others would rather have a controlled, discreet, and easy way to ingest their dose of cannabidiol. 

CBD Capsules are a perfect choice for those who prefer the tasteless and more convenient option. The benefits of high-quality Nano CBD are packed into these little capsules, measured at precisely 25mg of CBD in each pill. 

This excellent review speaks for itself:

Answer to prayer – Pam C.

“I was desperate for help with depression after coming off an antidepressant I had taken for The LORD’s Mercy my cousin mentioned CBD. My prayer was answered!”

SOL Advanced Liposomal CBD Capsules are a perfect choice for those who prefer the tasteless and more convenient option.


3. CBD For Depression: Why CBD Capsules Are Ideal


So what’s all the hype about CBD capsules? They’re simple, convenient, discreet, and pre-measured in precise amounts. With accessibility in mind, CBD capsules make it easy for individuals to take them wherever they go and ingest them quickly. CBD capsules are ideal for work environments or if you’re out in public and feel the need to take a potent dose of CBD. (Click to tweet)


The primary difference between traditional CBD oil and Nano CBD oil is bioavailability. The Nano formula is more effective at delivering high doses of CBD directly to the cells. (Click to tweet)

As a result, Nano CBD capsules are highly effective and deliver a potent dose of cannabidiol to the body. So if you will be using CBD for depression, you will probably want a high-quality product. (Click to tweet)

4. Conclusion

If you plan to use CBD as an antidepressant to manage your depression, consider talking with your doctor first, especially if you are currently taking other medications. 

Choosing the right product or brand doesn’t have to be confusing or daunting. Simply go with a well-established and trusted company that has been around for a while. Pay close attention to reviews from verified buyers, and ensure products are created with safe, natural ingredients. . 



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