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Here's Why So Many Senior Citizens Opt For CBD

Here's Why So Many Senior Citizens Opt For CBD - SOL✿CBD

Undeniably, interest in CBD oil for seniors has been growing rapidly. At the same time, this group has a lot of unanswered questions about CBD oil. In the following article, we’ll answer all these questions and explore CBD oil research for the elderly.

Whether you are considering CBD oil for yourself or for a loved one, this article will help remove the uncertainty. By the end of this article, you’ll have far more confidence when buying CBD oil and other CBD products.

Seniors have been showing a growing interest in CBD oil.

Table of Contents

1. Are Seniors Using CBD Oil More Than Ever?
    1.1 Finding Symptomatic Relief with CBD
2. CBD and the Elderly
    2.1 Alleviating Anxiety
    2.2 Lowering Cravings
    2.3 Enhancing Brain Performance
    2.4 Improving Mood
    2.5 Anti-Inflammatory Effects
    2.6 Reducing Insomnia
    2.7 Helping with Chronic Pain
3. CBD Delivery Methods
4. Medications and CBD
    4.1 Dosing and Timing of CBD for Seniors
5. Final Considerations for Seniors Using CBD Oil




1. Are Seniors Using CBD Oil More Than Ever?


When we talk about seniors, we are referring to adults who are 65 years old and over. That said, the topics discussed here will apply to younger groups as well. Seniors have become more interested in CBD year over year in recent times.

This is crazy:

The use of cannabinoids by seniors increased from 0.4% in 2006–07 to 2.9% in 2015–16. Factors leading to this increased use include the legalization of cannabis for medical and/or recreational purposes in many states as well as growing interest in the ways CBD may help manage long-term health conditions and symptoms. Seniors as a group experience the highest percentage of long-term health conditions and resulting symptoms from these states. [1]

CBD may help manage long-term health conditions and symptoms.

Researchers have speculated on what is driving this interest in CBD in the elderly. They found that women, ethnic minorities, seniors with mental health problems, and older adults with diabetes increased the use of cannabinoids substantially. [1] (Click to tweet)

Symptomatic relief is a topic that is constantly discussed when it comes to older people. In the following section, we’ll explore the types of symptoms that may be remedied through the use of CBD oil

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1.1 Finding Symptomatic Relief with CBD


Researchers have noted that seniors benefit from cannabinoid treatment in regard to multiple symptoms. There does not seem to be one primary symptom that is driving the increase in CBD popularity. For those who have tried CBD, you understand that it can provide many different types of relief. 

That said, the most commonly listed symptoms include pain, sleeping troubles, anxiety, and others. While there is a lack of controlled trials to assess these effects, we do have a small body of research to help us find answers. [2]

The reasons older adults are using CBD oil.

Additionally, there are hundreds of anecdotal stories that can be found online to get an idea of what people are actually experiencing. As we continue to explore the reasons older adults are using CBD oil, we’ll discuss numerous specific symptoms.


2. CBD and the Elderly


A recently published study assessed the use of CBD in a senior palliative population. They found that nearly a quarter of patients reported using CBD, and these seniors reported symptomatic relief. (Click to tweet)

The symptoms that were considered to be mostly improved by CBD included the following: [3]

  • Pain symptoms
  • Appetite levels
  • Sleeping troubles (i.e., insomnia)

Here’s the deal:

Yet another study explored the impacts of CBD, noting a series of important effects. They found that CBD appears to possess the following properties: [3] 

  • Antipsychotic effects
  • Anti-depressant effects
  • Anti-inflammatory effects
  • Anxiety-reducing properties
  • Anti-craving impacts
  • Pro-cognitive properties 

The effects of CBD.

To put these impacts into perspective, we’ll explore particular symptoms in more detail. We’ll present some customer reviews that help you gain a well-rounded understanding of how CBD may help you


2.1 Alleviating Anxiety


Furthermore, there is scientific evidence to support the use of CBD for certain situations. One study, completed in 2009, explored the effects of CBD compared to placebo treatments. They found that CBD use was associated with reduced autonomic arousal and a diminished anxiety state. Another study assessed the impact of CBD on the production of anxiety in response to anxious stimuli. [4] 

Combined, these studies provide some preliminary support behind the relief seniors experience after consuming CBD oil. Here’s an example of a customer who commented on the relief they attained.

“I love having the capsules. If I feel any type of anxiety I take a capsule and the next thing you know I am so calm. Especially during this time of the virus!! Great product to have on hand.” —Lorraine M.

The relief seniors experience after consuming CBD oil.

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2.2 Lowering Cravings


While we have discussed CBD and its help alleviating anxiety, these benefits can lead to other surprising results. For example, CBD has helped individuals lower the cravings they experience on a daily basis. The anti-craving properties of CBD may help the elderly maintain healthy behaviors. (Click to tweet)

Whether we are talking about avoiding junk food, alcohol, or other unhealthy substances, there are many benefits to reduced craving sensations. Future research will help illuminate how potent and effective the anti-craving properties of CBD are.

The anti-craving properties of CBD may help seniors maintain healthy behaviors.

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2.3 Enhancing Brain Performance


Older adults often experience difficulties around mental alertness and overall energy levels. Combined with issues around pain and sleep, it is not uncommon to hear complaints of reduced memory capacity. While research has not specifically explored the effects of CBD on our mental health, consumers once again provide informative personal stories. 

Jim B. attained some incredible results by using our 3600mg CBD. We hope many others experience the same benefits in their lives. Read what he has to say below. 

“My memory has increased, [I] feel like I am more mentally alert and energetic. My knee joint pain is 99% gone.” —Jim B.

The effects of CBD on our mental health.

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2.4 Improving Mood


A 2019 systematic review of the use of CBD in psychiatric disorders found some interesting results. After reviewing all the evidence, these researchers determined that further study is needed to prove efficacy and safety for the use of CBD in people suffering from psychiatric illnesses. That said, they saw CBD as a promising therapeutic agent. [3] 

There are numerous diseases and illnesses that impact the cognitive functioning of aging adults. One example of the pro-cognitive effects of CBD was quite clearly demonstrated by Jim B.’s comment above. Many seniors report enhanced brain performance, including improved alertness.

Many aging adults experience a lack of social interaction and physical activity. This can lead to negative moods and emotions. The question of whether the antidepressant effects of CBD can help counter these negative experiences in seniors is an area that needs further research. 

CBD is a promising therapeutic agent.

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2.5 Anti-Inflammatory Effects


The anti-inflammatory effects of CBD have also already been seen in the customer comments presented earlier. There are many common disorders and diseases in the elderly that involve inflammation.

In the following customer review, we’ll see the impact of these anti-inflammatory properties for one individual. Later, we’ll discover why topical CBD products are a great option for local skin and joint concerns. 

“I deal with inflammation in joints & muscles due to back & neck surgeries many years ago. I’ve been able to stop taking so many over the counter anti-inflammatory drugs & instead take 1–2 CBD caps per day to fight inflammation. I’m so grateful to take care of my body in a more healthy way. Thank you SOL CBD😁.”—Sue T.

The anti-inflammatory effects of CBD.

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2.6 Reducing Insomnia


Another major concern for many aging adults is the difficulty in getting a proper night’s sleep. Whether stress, medications, or health problems are the cause for this sleep deprivation, getting help is essential to maintaining good health. 

Maureen C. is another satisfied customer who has an experience that clearly demonstrates the vast improvement possible from CBD oil. She discussed how our Advanced Sleep Formula with CBD has helped her in the review below.

“I have been using your CBD oil for quite some time now. It has helped my overall arthritis pain and anxiety. But this new formula for sleep is unlike anything else. I nearly sleep through the night (although at my age there are several trips to the bathroom each night).

This allows me to go right BACK to sleep! So now I take my regular formula in the morning, and this formula at night before bed. You will really 'sleep like a baby'.” —Maureen C. 

CBD helps in reducing insomnia and getting a proper night’s sleep.

WATCH: Advanced Sleep Formula with CBD


2.7 Helping with Chronic Pain


One of the most common, yet overlooked symptoms that causes suffering in seniors is chronic pain. Finding adequate pain-reducing options that do not lead to worse outcomes can be a tricky affair. Many adults have turned to CBD oil in pursuit of pain relief(Click to tweet)

Nancy B. is one of our customers who wrote a review talking about her use of our 250mg CBD Infused Herbal Balm. Give it a read for yourself below.

“I use this product every day. I live with a lot of pain. This product helps. I buy it in bunches. I really am thankful for it.”—Nancy B.

Many adults have turned to CBD oil in pursuit of pain relief.

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Now we have a solid understanding of why seniors benefit so greatly from taking CBD. For those new to CBD, you may be wondering why we have primarily focused on CBD oil. In the upcoming section, we’ll explore the various delivery methods, including why CBD oil is optimal.


3. CBD Delivery Methods


There are more ways than ever to consume CBD today. When it comes to seniors, there are certain forms that are simply better than others. We’ll discover which ones in this section. 

Participants reported using CBD in the following delivery forms: [3] 

Consumers report using CBD in these delivery forms.

Why are CBD topicals a good option?

Topical applications involve using CBD creams and lotions. These versions are fantastic for local and specific relief. Those who suffer from skin, muscle, or bone issues may find the specific application of topical CBD to help meet their needs. 

Topicals are an easy way to target specific regions for symptomatic relief. The anti-inflammatory and pain-relieving properties of CBD make it an excellent choice for powerful creams and lotions. Whether you suffer from hand, knee, or back pain, topicals allow you to apply CBD directly to your problem area. (Click to tweet)

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Why is CBD vaping a bad idea?

Vaping is not generally advised for the elderly. First of all, vaping presents additional stressors to your lung health, a factor that is especially important for aging adults. Second, we do not know the full effects that vaping has on the lungs, and seniors should take care to protect their lung health. 

Why are capsules so convenient?

Taking an oral form of CBD is highly recommended to avoid potential harms that come from vaping CBD. For seniors who have difficulty swallowing CBD oilcapsules may be an attractive alternative. Overall, the elderly should pick from the available oral CBD options to consume CBD safely. (Click to tweet)

For seniors who have difficulty swallowing CBD oil, capsules may be an attractive alternative.

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Why is CBD oil the best choice?

Overall, the most convenient and universally accepted option is CBD oil. No other option provides a better level of flexibility and effectiveness. You can take your CBD oil by itself or combine it with food. Furthermore, you can take CBD oil on the go, knowing your next dose is always within reach.

Moreover, CBD oil is an incredibly precise way to dose CBD. The eyedropper design used with our CBD oil makes it easy for all adults to know exactly how much they are taking. Most older adults can easily perform this dosing by themselves. 

For those unable to do so, we would direct them back to our conversation on CBD capsules


4. Medications and CBD


Many seniors have been searching for years to find ways to reduce distressing and impairing symptoms. The chronic use of over-the-counter medications has become a major concern for many adults. As a result, many have sought better alternatives. Look back at what Sue T. said on this very topic!

When it comes to prescription medications, you should have a conversation with your medical professional before making any changes to your regimen. Moreover, if you are taking prescription drugs, you should keep reading.

Have a conversation with your medical professional before adding CBD to your regimen.

This is important:

A critical consideration that is especially relevant for the elderly involves interactions with medications. The term used to describe this effect is “drug-drug interactions.” Unfortunately, different medications can be impacted by our consumption of other substances. This is why some medications ask you to avoid grapefruit juice, for example. 

Without diving into the details, drug-drug interactions are a result of the work of our liver. Inside our liver, we find many enzymes responsible for processing all the compounds that go through it. One problem arises when two drugs or substances interact with the same enzyme, leading to increased or decreased effects (of one or both substances). 

Seniors with multiple prescriptions should speak with their medical professional team before consuming CBD.

Of note, CBD has considerable overlap with the medication warfarin, impacting the metabolism of both substances. Since warfarin has a narrow therapeutic window—meaning a narrow window where it acts the way it should—and dangerous outcomes at extreme levels, this is a major concern. Any older adult taking medications that have a narrow therapeutic window should discuss CBD with their medical professional before considering use. [5] 

Broadly speaking, seniors with multiple prescriptions should speak with their medical professional team before consuming CBD. Your pharmacist can be the perfect person with whom you should spend some time talking about CBD. (Click to tweet)

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4.1 Dosing and Timing of CBD for Seniors


We already discovered why CBD oil is a fantastic option for easy dosing throughout the day. When it comes to picking the exact dosage and timing, you should consider your situation, including your concerns and goals. Overall, the best thing you can do is start low and gradually increase your dosage.

When it comes to CBD dosage and timing, consider your situation, concerns and goals.

Some seniors may want to start with a 5mg dose of CBD. After taking this dosage for several days to a week, you can increase the dosage slightly. Continue increasing the dosage by 5mg each week until you experience the desired relief. Depending on your specific situation, you may want to adjust these numbers as needed.

The time of day you consume CBD can also have a large impact on the outcomes. Generally speaking, the elderly should consume CBD before heading to bed. This can help to avoid the fatigue or sleepiness that may arise from taking CBD oil. Aging adults should exercise extra caution when moving and walking around after taking CBD. Preventing falls should always be a significant concern for seniors. 

But here’s the kicker:

The larger your dose, the more you should think about splitting up the dosage. You can split your daily dosage into 2–4 separate portions taken every six hours or so. As mentioned, start your CBD regimen by consuming your first dosage prior to bed. Once you develop familiarity with CBD, you can begin using small doses earlier in the day.

The elderly should consume CBD before heading to bed.

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5. Final Considerations for Seniors Using CBD Oil


Fantastic job making it through this guide on how CBD oil can help seniors. Together, we have learned all about CBD delivery methods and how CBD can help you. This knowledge can help give you the confidence to add CBD oil to your daily health routine. 

What’s the bottom line?

When it comes to CBD and seniors, symptomatic relief appears to be the primary target. CBD has been shown to help alleviate pain and anxiety and improve sleep quality(Click to tweet)

Furthermore, CBD has anti-inflammatory properties that can be beneficial for a variety of conditions. Finally, CBD has pro-cognitive effects that seniors may find more pronounced than younger populations. 



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