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CBD: The Secret Healing Compound in Medical Marijuana

CBD: The Secret Healing Compound in Medical Marijuana - SOL✿CBD

Come meet CBD, the lesser known hero inside medical marijuana. This post from explains why it's a superstar, even if it doesn't give you a buzz or high.

CBD is an abbreviation for Cannabidiol, and it is a very potent phytochemical found inside the female cannabis plants. It is one of over 60 healing compounds found in the marijuana plant. This chemical, like THC, is also a cannabinoid that attaches to receptors on your body’s cells. They work to create a more enhanced endocannabinoid system. Because CBD and THC are so prevalent in marijuana plants, they are also studied very frequently.

CBD hasn’t received much attention over the years by the medical industry, or anyone for that matter, due to marijuana becoming so popular for the psychedelic journey it takes you on. Needless to say, THC in marijuana stole the show.

Due to the need to grow marijuana that was considered very strong medicinally, there has been greater focus on THC, and less on CBD. Over time, CBD was completely overlooked and left out of the picture, so many people lost out on the opportunity to experience its medical benefits. But now CBD is making a comeback with researchers taking a greater, special interest in it as an effective form of treatment.

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How CBD works

One unique difference between THC and CBD is that CBD does not bind to the CB1 and CB2 cannabinoid receptors on your cells like THC does. Another way of saying it is the CBD molecule does not align, and therefore, it has a different effect on your body’s cells.

CBD is a tricky chemical when it comes to the way it functions. We still have a long way to go in understanding the way marijuana impacts the human system, and learning more about how CBD works isn’t quite a piece of cake to explain. CBD can be quite challenging to understand at first, due to it having varying influences over different parts of the body in one go. This makes it difficult to provide a detailed understanding of the process it undergoes.

One thing that makes CBD effective is its ability to cut off certain fatty-acids that would otherwise destroy the cannabinoid anandamide in your body. Since the anandamide will remain intact, the CBD can now enhance the amount of chemicals in your body. Various feelings, emotions and experiences such as pain, appetite, pleasure, and sleep are controlled by anandamide.

CBD is considered a negative modulator for THC, which basically means it cancels out a portion of the psychedelic effects of THC. CBD actually obstructs some of the brain’s CB1 receptors, so THC is prevented from having its usual impact. CBD reduces your appetite while THC does the exact opposite of this.

You do not get high off of CBD
CBD is a close relative to THC, and these two substances make up only two of over 85 various cannabinoids within the marijuana plant. THC has a different effect than CBD on your body because CBD is not psychoactive. So, you will not experience altered perceptions from CBD, as you would from THC.  Those seeking a state of euphoria will not find it with the consumption of CBD. This doesn’t mean it has no impact on your body. Just don’t expect the same type of high you would get from activated THC.

No need for a doctor’s approval
As long as you get your CBD from manufactured hemp plants through the internet, you can access it anywhere. There is no reason to visit a doctor for this form of medicine. However, things are quite different with medical marijuana plants, because you are required to live in a state where this is legal, and you must obtain a prescription.

There are different degrees of CBD
Every marijuana plant contains unique amounts of both THC and CBD. All plants vary in this regard. It all depends on the purpose, and how they are grown. For example, if someone grows marijuana for recreational purposes, it will tend to have more THC and CBD. You will find that manufactured hemp plants have very small amounts of THC. Lastly, medical marijuana will usually have a much higher rate of CBD.

Pediatric medicine
There are many young children throughout the United States suffering from seizures. Who could have predicted that CBD would help bring relief to this widespread problem? Several studies show the results of one to 18-year-old children, struggling with seizures and gaining no improvement from most current medications, responding to CBD treatments. The FDA continues to take an in-depth look at the correlation between CBD and seizures.

The benefits of CBD are quickly spreading, as more parents rant and rave about how it has helped their children. This has opened many parents’ eyes to this substance being an effective method of treatment, with little-to-no side effects.

While we are promoting CBD as a natural method of therapy, it is important to mention a caution. There is little trustworthy information available that gives long-term insight into how marijuana and CBD affect a growing child over a duration of time. Parents will have to consider whether or not to subject their child to any potential unknown dangers of marijuana.

Can CBD be legal?

If only CBD was legal, but that’s just not true at this point. You would think with its many health benefits, and the fact that it really isn’t an addictive drug, this would be completely legal. But, it is still a cannabinoid and, therefore, subject to the same marijuana laws. So for CBD to be legal, the entire cannabis plant needs to be viewed differently.

There is still an ongoing fight to make marijuana legal in some states while in others it is already legal. The interesting fact is,  it is entirely legal to import hemp into this country that was grown outside of the United States. Both hemp plants, and medical marijuana plants, have the ability to produce CBD. Its legality would make it a simple task to get your hands on CBD treatment, without worrying about it being unlawful.

Benefits of CBD

Good for the mind

CBD can help alleviate certain cognitive problems, not limited to fighting off insanity. It also assists with serious anxiety and depression. This harmless substance that can improve your sense of well-being which, alone, is reason enough to appreciate CBD’s usefulness.

CBD is therapeutic
CBD can help heal your body because when combined with THC it has a therapeutic effect. Science has repeatedly proven that CBD:

  • is anti-inflammatory
  • brings ease to vomiting
  • is an antioxidant that eliminates nasty free radicals that are the source of certain neurodegenerative diseases
  • relieves nausea
  • has a positive effect on food cravings, among other benefits

Researchers have found that both THC and CBD restrict the way neurons in your brain release and absorb other chemicals. CBD also:

  • enhances the efficiency of other known anti-epileptic drugs; and
  • lessens cell damage and extends cellular health.

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For quite some time, there have been many studies on marijuana’s effect on psychosis and schizophrenia. CBD is useful because it can lower the psychoactive aspects of THC, which can prove to be beneficial for schizophrenic patients.

Since THC influences the same parts of the brain that are affected by schizophrenia, CBD comes in handy as a companion compound. CBD creates an opposite, balancing, reaction on the parts of the brain affected by THC. This is why you may see some refer to it as an anti-psychotic.

With growers and manufacturers increasing the potency of THC, some may have more feelings of anxiety when smoking. Since CBD reduces psychoactivity, you are less likely to feel so anxious, when more of this soothing substance is in your cannabis. CBD is the chemical that allows you to feel more calm and at peace.

When someone has more anandamide in their body, they are less likely to experience a lot of anxiety.

Stops cancer in its tracks
Cancer is a vicious disease, and it is empowering to know that CBD has the ability to lessen the chances of cancer cells continuously populating. According to the National Cancer Institute, CBD can be a safeguard from the ill-effects of different forms of cancer including colon, breast and lung cancer.

CBD-rich marijuana strains
Here are some excellent strains of marijuana that have high CBD levels to improve your vaping, edible, and smoking experience:

  • Amnesia Haze Autoflower
  • Blueberry
  • Cheese
  • Chocolope
  • Gold Leaf

Consider the fact that high CBD flower does not always mean you are getting something with no THC. If you have no interest in a psychoactive experience, keep in mind that many strains are high in CBD, but still have psychoactive cannabinoids, and this fact may not be advertised.

Forms of CBD

There is more than one way to get CBD in your system without having to smoke it. You can actually find extracted CBD in the form of:

  • Capsules
  • CBD hemp oil
  • CBD oil

You can even extract it yourself the same way you would with THC. For more info on CBD check out Dutch Headshop.

Regardless of the little attention this chemical receives, it has significant health benefits, and only needs the right information revealed to bring light to its potential. It truly is a drug that could relieve many people from unnecessary suffering, and a variety of ailments.

It is time to deal with the legal restrictions around marijuana and give more people the chance to benefit from cannabis consumption. Even with very few people paying attention to this drug, it still continues to make a great impact in the medical industry. The good news is that through various social media outlets many conversations are educating people about cannabis. The more people discuss it openly, the greater the chance we have to experience worldwide legalization.

Source: CBD (Cannabidiol) In Medical Marijuana

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