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The Discovery of Marijuana’s Active Ingredient

The revealing of marijuana’s active ingredient led to the finding of a novel system. This article from The Jerusalem Post discusses the greatness of this scientific discovery. Amazingly enough, until the 1960s no one knew what was the active ingredient of cannabis. We spoke with Prof. Raphael Mechoulam, the man who... Keep Reading >

Cannabinoids Discovered in Human Breast Milk

Studies have already established the usefulness of cannabinoids as a health promoting nutrient. This post from NewsTarget sheds light on how cannabinoids, like those found in marijuana, occur naturally in human breast milk! While the medical marijuana  industry may have its engines fired,  government regulations are keeping ... Keep Reading >

Experts Discover How CBD Kills Lung Cancer Cells

Scientists discover a novel mechanism of action of CBD against lung cancer cells. This post from IFL Science discusses the studies that revealed how CBD kills cancer cells. In recent years, there has been a growing interest in the use of cannabinoids, such as THC and cannabidiol (CBD), as potential anticancer agents. They ha... Keep Reading >

Cannabis Criminalization: Why Ban Cancer Therapy?

If cannabis kills cancers, and is safer and more effective than chemotherapy, shouldn’t withholding it for healing be considered criminal? This post from niume.com questions the legitimacy of cannabis criminalization! Cannabis contains a compound that may kill brain cancers that chemotherapy and radiation can’t touch, so why... Keep Reading >

CBD Treats for Dogs: When Are They Useful?

What is cannabidiol, the primary agent in CBD treats for dogs? Are these medical edibles the same as a dog eating weed? No! CBD is not THC! This post from dogster.com lays out the facts. The cannabis genus of plants has a conflicted reputation, mostly because marijuana is classified as a Schedule 1 drug, meaning it “has no cu... Keep Reading >

The Balancing Act of CBD & Your Immune System

Research has shown overwhelmingly positive results from the targeted use of CBD to balance the immune system. This post from HelloMD discusses the wonderful link between cannabinoids and the immune system. For those familiar with cannabinoids, their fascinating interactions with the human body are probably old news. Their eff... Keep Reading >

Cannabinoids & The Amazing Effect on Alzheimer's

Recent research has found that cannabinoids can remove the plaque-forming Alzheimer’s proteins from brain cells. This post from ScienMag highlights the findings of the research. Salk Institute scientists have found preliminary evidence that tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) and other compounds found in marijuana can promote the cel... Keep Reading >

The Benefits of Cannabinoids That You Need to Know

Cannabis plant contains at least 85 types of cannabinoids, including CBD and THC. This post from WeedHorn delves into their effect on human body. The Endocannabinoid System: Endocanabinoids and their receptors are found throughout the body in the brain, organs, connective tissue, glands and immune cells. In each tissue, the ... Keep Reading >

Cannabis Terpenes: The Things You Need to Know

Have you ever wondered why buds of even the same strain can have different tastes and smells? The answer is hidden in cannabis terpenes. This post from HERB discusses the role of cannabis terpenes. So what do terpenes in cannabis do? The unfamiliar word “terpene” should be added to your cannabis vocabulary list – now. There... Keep Reading >

Is Hemp Oil OK for Pets? Too Soon to Tell

There’s a lot of confusion about marijuana vs. hemp and CBD oil vs. hemp oil for veterinary use. And lack of research is not helping. This post from Martha's Vineyard Times clears the air on the suitability of hemp oil for treating animals. I recently wrote about a dog who ingested marijuana, presenting the case in a fairly ... Keep Reading >

12 Facts About Using CBD Oil for Fibromyalgia

An increasing number of people are using CBD oil for fibromyalgia pain. But does it work? Is it legal? Where can you purchase it? This post from Fed Up with Fatigue clears the air on all you need to know about CBD oil and fibromyalgia. If you’ve spent much time in the fibromyalgia community lately, then you know there’s quit... Keep Reading >

CBD a Better and Safer Treatment Option for Alzheimers

Although the conventional treatments for Alzheimers can alleviate the symptoms, these drugs cannot delay the progression or reverse the disease. This post from The Marijuana Times sheds light on how CBD can not only relieve debilitating Alzheimer’s symptoms but effectively treat the disease. Alzheimer’s disease (AD) is a chro... Keep Reading >

How Useful Is CBD Oil for Pain Management?

Cannabis, well known since ancient times for its analgesic properties, makes CBD oil for pain management a viable option: Cannabis, well known since ancient times for its analgesic properties, makes CBD an interesting option for chronic pain management. Pain is the body’s way of signaling that it has been injured in some way... Keep Reading >

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