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How to Use CBD Tincture in Everyday Life

How to Use CBD Tincture in Everyday Life

Very quickly, let’s dispel the first assumption you might have had after reading the title of this article - this is not an article suggesting you become a stoner. In fact, this article isn’t about marijuana at all, it’s instead about something called cannabidiol (CBD), which is another powerful compound found within the cannabis plant. It can be harvested from any cannabis sativa strain, however some strains contain higher CBD than others, and most importantly CBD is legal within most countries, including the United States, when it is derived from industrial hemp.

There are upwards of 80 different cannabinoids found within cannabis, the most popular and well known are THC and increasingly CBD. Both these cannabinoids have been shown through scientific study to have significant health benefits through an interaction with the endocannabinoid system. This system is an integral part of the human body, regulating many processes including mood, appetite, pain perception, and memory.

While receptors can be found from head to toe, there are two areas where these receptors are found in higher concentrations. First, there are endocannabinoid receptors within the brain, these are called CB-1 receptors, and secondly, there are some scattered around within the digestive tract, nervous system and immune system, these are CB-2 receptors. Cannabinoids like THC and CBD are able to interact with this system and activate the receptors because they mimic cannabinoids that are naturally produced by the human body.

The main reason why this article isn’t suggesting to go full stoner, is because there is a huge difference between the effects of THC and those of CBD. We all know the euphoric and perception-altering effects of THC, but these effects are not in any way associated with CBD use. These psychoactive effects also make it pretty difficult to consume marijuana (medically or recreationally) on a daily basis and maintain a regular lifestyle. Cannabidiol, and really every cannabinoid besides THC, is non-psychoactive. This means, that when you use CBD, even on a daily basis, you are still able to function normally, feel entirely normal, and have no unwanted effects like anxiety. Cannabidiol’s mild experience should be no indicator of its medicinal potential however, as the research is quickly demonstrating CBD has some potentially powerful benefits.

Everyday Benefits

While many people turn to CBD oil as an alternative therapy for treatment of very specific health issues, CBD tincture can also be a great method to boost general health and well-being. This is because it is safe to use (even in high doses) and has many generalized health benefits that are ideal for maintaining perfect health, just like other daily supplements.

Reduces Pain: The endocannabinoid system is responsible for managing pain perception, which is why CBD tincture taken on a daily basis, can help reduce the experience of chronic pain. So much so that it has allowed many people to avoid prescription opioids, and continue living a normal life. Its capabilities to reduce pain are so intense that in some studies it has proven effective even after a patient has developed an opioid tolerance. Other research has shown it can also be used in conjunction with opioids to reduce tolerance development, reduce addiction, and prolong the pain killing effects of an opioid dose.

Reduces Inflammation: In conjunction with its ability to reduce pain, CBD tincture also targets inflammation. It is able to do so because it interacts with the CB-2 receptors present at the source of the inflammation as well as throughout the rest of the body, mitigating their inflammatory response. Many studies are actively pursuing CBD as a novel anti-inflammatory medicine, for issues such as rheumatoid arthritis, multiple sclerosis, and autoimmune disorders.

Relieves Anxiety: A quick review of the research shows that CBD is able to reduce daily anxiety if taken on a regular basis. Many people report it taking the edge off, and allowing them to function more normally, and with less stress. One significant study demonstrated that in two groups of people tested for stress levels before and after a public speech, stress and anxiety was drastically reduced in the group given CBD oil before the event. Not only was it able to reduce their self-reported stress levels, but it also reduced their physiological stress indicators like blood pressure and heart rate.

Lowers Risk for Diabetes: A new wave of CBD research has come out showing promising results for its ability to reduce the risk of adult onset diabetes. The preliminary studies have shown that in obese mice, the risk of diabetes was reduced by 56% when treated with CBD. This also helped regulate their blood sugar and reduce the size of their waist line. Considering diabetes is a gateway for many more serious issues like heart disease, any reduction in risk is extremely beneficial.

How to Use Daily

While strict guidelines do not exist (yet) for CBD tincture, people have been diligently performing self-experiments in conjunction with solid scientific ones giving us a rough idea of proper dosage for general health. However, it’s important to note that everyone is different and therefore doses will affect everybody differently. Take things slow, and always start at the minimum suggested dose.

Suggested Dose for General Health: 2.5-15 mg daily, taken orally

Suggested Dose for Chronic Pain and Inflammation: 2.5-20 mg daily, taken orally







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