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5 Things You Need To Know About the CBD Oil Effects

5 Things You Need To Know About the CBD Oil Effects

You’ve heard about cannabidiol (more commonly known as CBD) in the news, from your friends, on the internet. Maybe, if you are already using medical marijuana, you might have even seen some CBD products available at your dispensary. You’ve probably got a lot of questions about the effects of CBD oil. Therefore, we’ve put together some quick guidelines covering the most common questions asked about the effects of CBD oil.

What does it feel like?

    Because CBD is so often associated with medical marijuana, and can often come from the same plant, it is also often assumed to feel the same when consumed. However, CBD composes just one small part of the dozens of known cannabinoids found within the cannabis plant. A more well-known cannabinoid is THC. Cannabidiol oil is extracted from the cannabis plant, either from the hemp variety (meaning it is legal throughout the United States and many countries around the world) or from the marijuana variety (a more restricted substance depending on your location). Consuming CBD in any form is therefore entirely different than using medical marijuana. It is not taken for recreational enjoyment, and is instead taken as a medicine to treat a wide variety of medical issues ranging from SSRI disorders, cancer, seizures, pain and inflammation.

    So, what does it feel like when taken? Many people commonly report feeling calm, or relaxed. It’s possible that it’s more easily explained by what patients no longer feel, for instance many people feel relief from pain, or no longer feel nausea (a common side effect caused by chemotherapy). Other people report no longer feel depressed or anxious. The effects although medically powerful, are not intense nor overwhelming. Rather, the effects can more accurately be described as gentle and soothing.

    Why do people take it?

      For many people, traditional pharmaceuticals are too strong, have too many side effects or no longer provide the amount of relief needed. Cannabidiol offers an all-natural, safe alternative for the treatment of many health issues. It’s so safe that it can be used for seniors, children and pets (in most cases).

      Perhaps its most well-known quality, is CBD’s anti-tumor characteristics that have been found within animal studies. It seems to target the growth of cancer cells in laboratory settings, and is being intensely pursued throughout the scientific community because of exciting initial results. Cannabidiol has also been proven to be of great benefit to patients who are going through chemotherapy because of its ability to make it easier to eat, reduce nausea, and reduce pain.

      This leads us to the next common effect of cannabidiol, as a powerful anti-inflammatory associated with pain relief. Its pain-relieving capability has been shown for arthritis, MS, as well as central and peripheral neuropathic pain. Of course, there are more health benefits being explored - far too many to fit into one small article. In brief CBD offers an effective treatment anxiety and depression, for seizures, for treatment of substance abuse, and neuroprotective capabilities, plus many more. All of them are being pursued by intense scientific study and clinical trials.

      What are the side effects?

        The lack of side effects (or at least the extremely low risk of side effects) is why CBD is pursued by many patients looking for alternatives to the more commonplace and more dangerous pharmaceuticals. Although the vast majority of people report no major side effects besides feeling calm, there are a few minor ones worth mentioning. It’s worth underscoring that side effects are neither common nor strong.

        In very high doses of CBD oil, which are typically safe for most people, some individuals can experience inhibition of hepatic drug metabolism. Meaning that CBD oil may prevent the metabolization of certain drugs that are processed through the liver. In essence it is the same counteraction that occurs for some people when they eat pink grapefruit in conjunction with their daily medications.

        The other reported side effect was found during one small study in the treatment of Parkinson’s disease. Cannabidiol was given to Parkinson’s patients in extremely high doses, higher than recommended outside medical direction. These high doses triggered increased tremors in some patients. Under normal, lower doses it did not seem to have this effect and instead seemed to show reduced tremors.

        How long does it take to work?

          One of the many questions people have about CBD oil effects, is how long does it take to work? The answer: it depends. Depending on how CBD oil is consumed, it can take as little as a few minutes or a few hours. For some results, they are really only felt after a few days. Vaping CBD oil is the quickest way to feel the benefits, while letting it dissolve sublingually is the second quickest way and especially useful for treatment of anxiety.  Some people also use it topically for slow release over an extended period. Finally, it is easily consumed through drinking or eating it. The length of time it takes to be felt when consumed will entirely depend on your individual digestive system and what you’ve eaten before and after. Its recommended to take on an empty stomach for speedier results.

          Does it make me feel stoned?

            The question that many might want to know, but are hesitant to ask is whether or not CBD can make you feel stoned or otherwise different, like medical marijuana does. Thankfully, CBD oil does not make you feel stoned. The cannabinoid responsible for the stoned feeling is THC, and CBD is entirely separate. In fact CBD has been found through trials to have a counteractive effect to the potentially psychotic effects of THC. It’s also been found to be beneficial in the treatment of substance abuse.





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