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The Top 4 Ways CBD Supply Chains Can Benefit from Blockchain

Have you noticed the word “blockchain” popping up all over the place the last several years? Read on to learn what blockchain means for the CBD industry.

CBD Health Benefits

CBD Health Benefits: Separating Fact from Fiction

While many claims about CBD are largely unproven, some CBD health benefits can be safely assumed. Learn how to separate fact from user hype about CBD benefits.

CBD and Drug Tests

Will CBD Cause a Positive Drug Test?

Will you easily pass a marijuana drug test if you use CBD oil? Let’s unpack the reasons you should probably not have to worry about this.

Make Your Own CBD Bath Bombs

CBD Beauty Secret—Bath Bombs!

Could CBD bath bombs actually work as part of your beauty regimen? We think so! Learn how to make your own fragrant CBD beauty treats for the bath.

CBD Nausea Management

CBD Nausea Management—Know the Facts

Many doctors are recommending CBD, with a little THC, to address nausea and vomiting in many conditions. Learn how THC, CBD, nausea, and vomiting are linked.

The Best Chocolate CBD Vegan Recipes Ever!

The Best Chocolate CBD Vegan Recipes Ever!

Boost the power of your vegan snacks with chocolate and CBD tincture or oil. Here are some of the best chocolate-based CBD vegan recipes you’ve ever tasted!

CBD and Exercise | CBD Health Benefits

Can CBD and Cannabis Help with Exercising?

Numerous studies suggest that CBD not only helps athletes in keeping up their health regimen, it also helps older adults in exercising more. Here’s why.

CBD Uses

CBD Oil Vs. CBD Capsules—Which Is the Best?

Awareness of CBD uses is increasing everywhere in the U.S. Here’s a look at the different CBD forms and products, as well as considerations when you buy.

CBD, Alkaline Diet, and Your Health

CBD and The Alkaline Diet Hype—Facts You Should Know

Just eating alkalizing foods may not be the panacea as it is touted to be. Yet, together, CBD, an alkaline diet, & other healthy habits can be a life changer.

CBD sleep benefits

Does CBD Oil Make You sleepy?

Taking CBD, sleep patterns and quality can be improved, and CBD is considered safe too. Take a look at the evidence that supports CBD’s sleep benefits.

CBD skin care and beauty products

The Lowdown on CBD Skin Care

Replace your skin care collection with CBD beauty products, made with organic hemp-derived CBD. Find out how CBD makes a difference to your skin’s health.

Is CBD a Mood Stabilizer?

CBD Mood Stabilizers—is It a Thing?

Evidence suggests that when taking CBD, mood can be affected. Read on for the latest on what CBD can and cannot do for mood disorders and mood swings.

CBD, Gut Health, and Digestion

CBD, Gut Health, and Digestion—Is There a Link?

CBD is being explored as not only an exciting treatment option for IBDs but also a preventative agent. Read about how CBD modulates gut health and digestion.

CBD, Sleep, and Bath Bombs

CBD, Sleep, and Bath Bombs—Can They Go Together?

CBD baths pack a punch of health benefits, including improved sleep quality and duration. Learn more about CBD bathing products and what they can do for you.

CBD coffee health benefits

CBD Coffee and Why It’s Good for You

Few things are more enjoyable than a cup of good CBD coffee. Read on for more about CBD coffee health benefits and recipes to create that CBD drink to die for.

CBD for Dogs with Itchy Skin

CBD Oil for Dogs with Itchy Skin—Does it Work?

With CBD oil, dogs' itchy skin could soon be a thing of the past. Learn how to administer CBD correctly and in the right dosage to soothe your dog.

CBD and allergic reactions

Can You Be Allergic to CBD?

There's no traceable evidence that CBD causes allergic reactions at all. In fact, preliminary evidence points to CBD having exactly the opposite effect.

CBD anxiety relief

CBD, Anxiety Relief, and Your Next Flight

If your palms get sweaty simply when imagining yourself boarding an airplane, the good news is that with CBD, anxiety relief may be just around the corner.

CBD Age Limit

Is CBD Safe for All Ages?

When taking CBD, age limits are not a consideration for now. But whether a legal CBD age restriction will be introduced at some point remains to be seen.

Are CBD Cosmetics Legal? Does FDA Approve?

Are CBD Cosmetics Legal? Should You Care?

CBD cosmetics are touted to be celebrity favorites, but consumers are still plagued by questions such as: "Are CBD cosmetics legal?” Get the answers here.

Is CBD Oil Legal?

Are All CBD Oils Legal in the USA?

Removal of hemp from DEA's list of prohibited substances will change the future of the CBD industry. Here’s what the CBD oil law says about possession & use.

Can CBD Oil Treat Dog Seizures?

CBD Oil for Dogs—What You Need to Know

CBD oil for dogs and other pets is on the rise in popularity across the U.S. Pet owners' positive testimony to its efficacy could very well have merit.

CBD oil Las Vegas

Is CBD Oil Legal in Nevada? All You Need to Know

Recreational marijuana is legal in Nevada under certain guidelines. For CBD oil, Las Vegas tourists will be able to legally purchase the widely popular product.
Marijuana and pregnancy

Troubling Results from Studies on Marijuana and Pregnancy

Mothers who are researching marijuana and pregnancy should be aware of the risks of using, based on recent studies. Here we look closely at THC and pregnancy.
is CBD oil legal in wyoming

Is CBD Oil Legal in Wyoming? What You Should Know

The answer to the question "is CBD oil legal in Wyoming" is yes, if there is no THC in the CBD oil. When THC is present, a registration card is necessary.