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This Is How CBD Helps You Manage Your Stress

Stress is an inevitable part of life, but when it becomes a cause for health issues, you need to work on it. Read about how CBD can help with stress management.

Marijuana and pregnancy

Troubling Results from Studies on Marijuana and Pregnancy

Mothers who are researching marijuana and pregnancy should be aware of the risks of using, based on recent studies. Here we look closely at THC and pregnancy.
is CBD oil legal in wyoming

Is CBD Oil Legal in Wyoming? What You Should Know

The answer to the question "is CBD oil legal in Wyoming" is yes, if there is no THC in the CBD oil. When THC is present, a registration card is necessary.
pure cbd oil

Potential Benefits Of Using Pure CBD Oil

CBD isolate, or pure CBD oil, is isolated from all other cannabinoids that exist in the marijuana plant. Find out why some people choose to use pure CBD oil.

How does CBD work

How Does CBD Oil Work? Find Out Here!

The term "CBD oil" is becoming widely used, but it is important to first ask how does CBD oil work? Learning about CBD use is the first step in your CBD journey!
CBD oil West Virginia

Is It Legal to Buy CBD Oil in West Virginia?

Once one of the largest cultivators of hemp, West Virginians are looking to grow hemp and use CBD oil. West Virginia legislators cleared up hemp laws in 2002.
what is CBD good for

What Is CBD Good For? Here Are All CBD Facts You Need To Know

There is a lot of misinformation out there, but if you are wondering "What is CBD good for?", here, we take a look at the facts & studies to back them up.

CBD Oil for Flu

Feeling Achy? Try CBD Oil for Flu and Common Cold

As flu season is upon us, many are wondering about using CBD oil for flu symptoms. Learn more about the potential benefits, dosage and side effects here.
is CBD legal in delaware

Is CBD Legal in Delaware?

The state of Delaware has a medical marijuana program active for those with qualifying conditions. This program leaves many asking, is CBD legal in Delaware?
CBD oil Mississippi

CBD Oil in Mississippi: Is It Legal?

In Mississippi, CBD oil is legal under certain medical circumstances. In the 2020 election, citizens will vote to legalize the use of medical marijuana.

CBD oil washington state

New Washington State Law for CBD Products

Though marijuana is legal in Washington state, when it comes to CBD oil, Washington state has rules and requirements which include testing on CBD products.
natural remedies for inflammation

Foods That Fight Inflammation: 5 Powerful Natural Remedies

A diet consisting of foods that fight inflammation, along with other natural remedies, may be just what your body needs to soothe inflammation.
Cannabis Legalization Canada

Don’t Cross The U.S./Canada Border With CBD

Though cannabis is legal in Canada, it is important that residents of the US and Canada know not to cross the border with any cannabis product, including CBD.

CBD oil Alaska

Laws On The Books for CBD Oil in Alaska

In Alaska, CBD oil is sold in shops and cafes, yet state law implementation seems to confuse everyone. Here's the latest on Alaska CBD law.
CBD balm for pain

What to Expect from CBD Balm for Pain

Are there benefits of using CBD balm for pain? The future seems exciting for all of the possibilities of using CBD for pain and as a skincare regimen.
CBD oil Maine

Is CBD Oil Legal in Maine?

When searching for CBD oil, Maine is a good state to be in. Here’s how to discern whether you’re buying a high quality CBD oil in the Pine Tree State.

anandamide and CBD

The Incredible Effects Of Anandamide And CBD

Though not heavily studied, anandamide and CBD working together may have positive effects on the body. What is anandamide? Read more about this neurotransmitter.
CBD oil for arthritis pain

The Potential Benefits of Using CBD Oil for Arthritis Pain

Researchers are diving into the potential benefits of using CBD oil for arthritis pain because of its known pain-relieving and anti-inflammatory effects.
CBD oil massachusetts

Where to Buy CBD Oil in Massachusetts | The Guide

Massachusetts is one of the first states to support the CBD market. SOL*CBD is the source for all you need to know about where to buy CBD oil in Massachusetts.

CBD dosage for inflammation

CBD Dosage for Inflammation: What You Need to Know

Using the correct CBD dosage for inflammation is important for it to be effective. Some recommended starting low and slowly increasing the CBD dosage over time.
Is Hemp Legal

The Greatest Victory For Hemp: The New Farm Bill Signed Into Law!

After final approval, the 2018 Farm Bill legalized the production of industrial hemp. Hemp-derived CBD is no longer on the list of Schedule I drugs.

CBD Oil South Carolina

CBD Oil in South Carolina: What Is The Law?

South Carolina has some of the strictest CBD laws in the country, leaving many asking where to buy CBD oil in South Carolina. Find out more at SOL*CBD.

copaiba essential oil

The Hype Behind Copaiba Essential Oil

Copaiba essential oil interacts with cannabinoid receptors. Though it is widely used, there is no conclusive evidence proving therapeutic benefits.
CBD oil Hawaii

Hawaii CBD Oil: The Law and What You Should Know

Though cannabis and CBD are not legal for recreational use in Hawaii, hemp-derived CBD is readily available and is protected under the law.
CBD Oil for Back Pain

CBD Oil For Back Pain: Evidence For Relief Without Medication

Using CBD oil for back pain is one of the many ways people are taking this substance related to the marijuana plant. Read studies that show CBD’s effect on pain.