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How CBD Helps Keep Your Immune System Strong

How CBD Helps Keep Your Immune System Strong - SOL✿CBD

We all know it’s important to keep our immune systems in tip-top shape. It’s suggested that around 3% of Americans have a weakened or suppressed immune system, according to a study in 2016 by Dr. Rafael Harpaz from the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. It’s clear why so many people are turning to CBD for immune system health. [1]

The immune system is a vital piece of the puzzle that is our body. It is responsible for defending the body against infections and other invaders. Without it, you would constantly be sick from the bacteria, germs, and viruses that surround us in everyday life. 

There are ways to fight a compromised immune system. CBD may be one of them.

Those with weakened immune systems have a much higher risk of experiencing frequent infections with much more severe symptoms—and are also more prone to pneumonia and other similar conditions. Viruses and bacteria can have a devastating effect on someone who happens to deal with compromised immunity. 

Table of Contents:

1. Understanding Immunity
    1.1 Weak Immune Systems—Signs and Causes
    1.2 Strong Immune Systems—Evidence
         1.2.1 Good Gut Health
         1.2.2 Eating Well
         1.2.3 Recovering Well
2. CBD for Immune System Health
    2.1 CBD Oil as an Immunosuppressant, Immunomodulator, and Anti-Inflammatory
3. Choosing the Right CBD for Immunity
    3.1 Picking the Right Brand
    3.2 Choosing a Dosage Form
4. CBD Oil and Your Journey to Boost the Immune System



1. Understanding Immunity


Immune health refers to the group of cells and organs in the body that work together to destroy viruses, infection, and all other invaders that could pose a threat. This system is key when it comes to keeping us healthy. 


1.1 Weak Immune Systems—Signs and Causes


Immune systems are also responsible for monitoring and eliminating cells that are not functioning properly. Let’s take a look at a few signs that you are dealing with a weak immune system.

Signs of a Weak Immune System

High Stress Levels 

Sometimes after especially stressful times in your life, whether it’s pressure on you because of a demanding job or emotional issues at home, those with compromised immune systems will get sick almost immediately afterward, and it’s not a coincidence. Long-term stress actually weakens the response of your immune system.

Stomach Distress 

The beneficial microorganisms and good bacteria that live in your gut defend you from infections and support your immune system. So if you’ve noticed you always have gas, constipation, or diarrhea, it may be indicative of a compromised immune system. 

Constant Sickness

Two or three colds per year are considered to be normal. If you are experiencing more colds and you can’t seem to stay well, it is a clear red flag that your immune system is struggling to keep up.

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24/7 Fatigue

When your immune system is struggling, so do your energy levels. If you are getting plenty of rest but you still feel tired and sluggish most of the time, your immune system may be to blame.

Slow Healing 

Your body does damage control to protect wounds by sending nutrient-rich blood to the area of injury to help regenerate new skin. This process depends heavily on healthy immune cells. If your immune system is not working properly, your skin can’t regenerate properly. You’ll notice wounds will have a hard time healing.

A weakened immune system can keep you from being productive

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To know how to strengthen our immune system, we must understand what causes it to become weak. Many things weaken the immune system. Some common causes include:

  • Old age
  • Poor nutrition
  • High-fat diet
  • High-sugar diet
  • Smoking tobacco
  • Marijuana or other drug use
  • Alcohol use
  • Certain diseases
  • Certain medications
  • Environmental factors 
  • Lack of sleep
  • Anxiety
  • Low levels of vitamin D
  • Not spending enough time outdoors
  • Grief
  • Lack of exercise

You might be wondering:

How do we combat weak immunity? Well, unfortunately, we haven’t found a way to keep ourselves from aging.

With time, the immune system becomes slower to respond, autoimmune disorders may develop, and the body heals much slower. This occurs naturally and is out of our control. This is a reason elderly people can benefit significantly from CBD’s properties. (Click to tweet)

You can, however, work on some of the things listed above as a starting point. Quit smoking, take vitamin D supplements, limit alcohol consumption, be more active, and eat more nutritious foods...but what else can be done?

Exercise allows immune cells to perform effectively by increasing blood flow and strengthening antibodies.


1.2 Strong Immune Systems—Evidence


Fortunately, there are ways to fight a compromised immune system, whether it’s due to age, autoimmune diseases, or other factors. CBD may be one of them, but let’s discuss a few signs of a strong immune system first. 

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1.2.1 Good Gut Health


Believe it or not, approximately 70–80% of your immune cells are suggested to reside in your gut. Due to this tidbit of information, it’s logical to believe that a healthy digestive system is indicative of a healthy immune system. Research has shown that a wider spectrum of good gut bacteria is an indication of a healthy immune response. [2]

A healthy gut indicates a healthy immune system.


1.2.2 Eating Well


If you know that you’ve made a habit of eating well, then it’s highly probable that your immune system is reaping the benefits. However, what truly constitutes eating healthy?

  • Eat the rainbow! Leafy greens, bell peppers, broccoli, sweet potatoes, carrots, citrus fruits, and berries are all great for your health. These vegetables and fruits are especially rich in vitamins A & C, which your immune system benefits from.
  • Don’t forget Vitamin D. Eating a varied diet that includes oily fish, eggs, and mushrooms helps ensure that you benefit from the vitamin’s protective and immune-modulating properties.
  • Limit consumption of pro-inflammatory foods. Foods high in sugar, omega-6 dense vegetable oils, caffeine, or alcohol should be limited to keep your gut and immune system happy and healthy. 

If you’ve made a habit of eating well, then it’s highly probable that your immune system is reaping the benefits.


1.2.3 Recovering Well


How quickly you recover after falling ill can be a good indicator of how well your immune system is working.

Our immune systems are naturally designed to help prevent the invasion of bacteria and bugs. However, every once in a while, one may sneak its way through, and you’ll soon succumb to the symptoms of a cold or flu virus. 

If you begin to feel better after a few days, this suggests that your immune system is working effectively and properly. If it takes a couple of weeks, this could be a sign that your immune system is struggling, and something may be off.

How quickly you recover after falling ill can be a good indicator of how well your immune system is working.

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What can be added to our routine to give our immune system a boost? Cannabidiol may be a perfect choice. Let’s get right into it. 


2. CBD for Immune System Health


If you are older, have an autoimmune disease, or have a hyperactive immune system, CBD could prove to be a helpful option. (Click to tweet)


2.1 CBD Oil as an Immunosuppressant, Immunomodulator, and Anti-Inflammatory


CBD is remarkably able to both suppress and boost immune system activity. It is known to be immune-modulating, meaning that cannabidiol can help with regulating an over- or under-reacting immune system back into balance. This depends on your body, so if you require suppression, CBD oil can do that. If you require a boost, CBD can do that too!

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Immunomodulators are agents used to regulate and normalize the immune systems. Immunosuppressants are agents that can suppress or prevent an immune response. They can treat autoimmune disorders and diseases like psoriasis, Crohn’s disease, and rheumatoid arthritis. Some cancer treatments use immunosuppressants as well. 

CBD is remarkably able to both suppress and boost immune system activity. It is known to be an an Immunosuppressant, Immunomodulator, and an Anti-Inflammatory.

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Here’s a quick rundown on how cannabidiol works as an effective immunosuppressant:

  • CBD possesses anti-inflammatory properties, which may be able to reduce the immune system’s inflammatory response. 
  • CBD can promote cellular death, otherwise known as apoptosis.
  • CBD can prevent rapid cellular growth, otherwise known as proliferation.
  • CBD can modulate or suppress the function and secretion of cytokines. Cytokines are large groups of proteins that are secreted by specific cells in your immune system. Cytokines signal molecules that regulate your body’s immunity, inflammation, and white blood cell production.
  • CBD can also suppress the production of chemokines. Chemokines are groups of cytokines that serve as chemoattractants. They lead immune cells to an infection site so white blood cells can attack and destroy the invading microbes.
  • CBD can suppress T-cell production and function, ultimately suppressing the immune system’s memory of foreign invaders.

For a generally healthy person, this list describes the things you would want to avoid. 

You don’t want to suppress your body’s inflammatory response, as harmful toxins could continue to spread throughout the body. You do not want to promote unnecessary cell death or stop healthy cell growth. 

For autoimmune diseases, like arthritis, CBD works as an effective immunosuppressant.

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You surely don’t want to suppress the proteins that signal your immune response and help guide your white blood cells to where they need to be. Lastly, you don’t want to hinder your T-cell function and in return, hinder your body’s ability to destroy and remember those attacking antigens. 

CBD may not need to do much for the immune system in generally healthy people, but for individuals who have an autoimmune disease, cannabidiol can be an excellent choice. (Click to tweet)

Another important benefit of CBD is its notable anti-inflammatory properties. This benefit can reduce the inflammatory response of your immune system. [3] (Click to tweet)

Here’s where things get more interesting:

Inflammation is one of the many important processes carried out by your immune system. It helps to isolate areas that are infected and prevent the toxic and harmful components from spreading around to other parts of your body. CBD includes anti-inflammatory elements that help reduce your immune system’s inflammatory response.

All this will keep your immune system working smarter and ultimately keep you healthy.

CBD can help reduce your immune system’s inflammatory response.

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3. Choosing the Right CBD for Immunity


Before introducing cannabidiol into your routine, it’s always a good idea to speak to your doctor—especially if you are taking certain medications or you have any serious health issues. Once you decide to begin using CBD for your immune health, there are a few things you need to take into consideration.


3.1 Picking the Right Brand


Not all CBD products are created equally, and companies don’t all have the same goal in mind. Some companies focus on making money and aren’t concerned with selling subpar products, while others are more focused on their customers’ satisfaction and health and strive to offer pure, high-quality CBD oil

Find yourself a brand with good customer reviews, a brand that is transparent with their lab testing results, and a brand that offers exceptional customer support. 

A bonus would be finding a company that offers a money-back guarantee in case you aren’t happy with a product you purchased. 

CBD can help boost immunity.


3.2 Choosing a Dosage Form


Choosing a product means that you will have to decide what form you want your CBD for the immune system to be in. Do you want to take an oil sublingually or in capsule form? Do you want to mix it into food or drink? Maybe you’d even like to consume it in a pre-made food product, such as special gummies or other types of snacks? 

If you want to take it under the tongue (sublingually), you’ll want to find a quality tincture. If you’re not a fan of the natural flavor of cannabidiol, you can also find it flavored. Take a look at our Pure CBD Tincture in Cinnamint. The combination of mint and cinnamon makes it not only more palatable, but truly refreshing and enjoyable. 

Capsules are another popular option for ingesting CBD. Capsules are easy to use and discreet. They are great if you require multiple doses on the go throughout the day. Each of our capsules contains precise doses of 15mg. 

SOL*CBD has a large selection of CBD products to suit your needs.

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CBD companies seem to sell everything, from skincare products to infused balms and topicals to vape products and everything in between. So you are sure to find something perfect for you and your specific needs. 


4. CBD Oil and Your Journey to Boost the Immune System


More research is required to draw definitive conclusions about cannabidiol and immunity. However, with all of the information and knowledge we do currently have, it appears that CBD can have a seriously positive impact and might help strengthen and regulate your immune system

Try SOL*CBD for improved immune health.

This is the bottom line:

The numerous benefits of CBD oil for immunity as well as for the body overall are difficult to deny. CBD’s positive properties for the immune system can help improve the health of nearly anyone at any age. (Click to tweet)



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