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Does CBD Help You Stay Cool, Calm, and Collected?

Does CBD Help You Stay Cool, Calm, and Collected? - SOL✿CBD

As you’ve undoubtedly heard, anxiety disorders are one of the most common mental illnesses in the United States. They affect approximately 40 million adults ages 18 and up, accounting for over 18% of the population. These disorders are very easily treatable; however, only about 36.9% of individuals dealing with them seek out and receive treatment. This is why many have turned to CBD oil for staying calm. [1]

Antidepressant and antianxiety prescriptions have been on the rise due to those who unfortunately struggle with daily anxiety and other stress factors. One study from 2013 concluded that one in six American adults reported taking a psychiatric drug, such as a sedative or antidepressant. [2]

With so many people facing these mental health challenges, it’s no wonder so many adults have turned to find natural relief options. Cannabidiol has become a very popular choice among those who feel like they cannot enjoy a calm, relaxing life—and with good reason. (Click to tweet)

Keep calm with CBD. Living with anxiety and stress decreases your quality of life.

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Table of Contents:

1. Cool, Calm, and Collected
2. CBD Oil for Staying Calm
    2.1 Mood Enhancement
    2.2 CBD’s Anti-Stress and Antianxiety Benefits
    2.3 Promotes Calmness and Relaxation
3. How to Take CBD
    3.1 Tinctures
    3.2 Capsules
    3.3 Topicals
    3.4 Liposomals
4. Help Your Brain and Body Stay Calm with CBD



1. Cool, Calm, and Collected


There are many things you can do to help try to calm your mind in conjunction with introducing CBD to your daily routine. Let’s take a look at different efforts you can make to help improve your way of life and overall sense of happiness. 

Self-care is important, and those struggling with anxiety can benefit immensely by taking measures to be selfish once in a while. Anxiety, stress, and depression, all of the things that keep your mind from being calm, not only make you feel overwhelmed with your daily responsibilities but can leave you feeling less than motivated and prevent you from doing the things you love.

Keep calm with CBD. Having too much weighing you down can keep you from doing the things that make you happy.


Here’s a list of things that can potentially help when you are feeling tense and unable to relax or calm yourself down:

  • Practice breathing. Take slow, deep breaths and try various breathing techniques.
  • Soak in a warm bath in a calming atmosphere. Turn on relaxing music, light a candle, and pour yourself a glass of wine. Close out your worries for half an hour (or as long as you need to).
  • Listen to soothing music while you tackle tasks. Doing a load of laundry, washing and putting away a sinkful of dishes, or tidying up the house can all be a lot easier and much more peaceful with tranquil music.

Keep calm with CBD and listen to soothing music while you tackle tasks.

  • Go for a walk outdoors. When the weather permits, take advantage of getting outside and taking a stroll in the fresh air. Being more active and getting your body moving in general also helps combat anxiety and depression, as staying sedentary can work against your mental health.
  • Work on mindful meditation. Focus your attention on things that are happening in the present moment. Think about your breathing, surrounding noises, or silence. The idea is to note what is happening without trying to change things or overthinking regarding the things that are out of your control.
  • Write down your thoughts in a journal. Sometimes getting worries out on paper can help individuals feel much better about what is causing their minds to be clouded. It’s also helpful to focus on other aspects of your life when writing, such as what you are grateful for or reflecting on what you accomplished that day.

Keep calm with CBD and write down your thoughts in a journal.

  • Try guided imagery. This works for some and doesn’t do much for others, but it’s worth a try if you are feeling on edge. Imagine yourself in certain scenery that calms and relaxes you. It can be a peaceful, quiet forest during spring. All you can hear are birds chirping, maybe the sound of a creek or river flowing. It can be an evening on the beach at sunset, and you can hear the soothing sounds of the ocean around you. They also have audio recordings that can help guide you. 
  • Make sure you’re getting enough sleep. If you have to, set a time of day to “shut off” all the distractions around you. Whether it’s literally or figuratively, toward the end of the day, you should practice turning off devices such as your smartphone or tablet and telling yourself you’re not going to think or worry about anything else for the rest of the day, as tomorrow morning will be here in the blink of an eye. CBD can also help with this, which we will discuss in more depth shortly.

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We still have a lot more to learn about CBD and how it works, but research suggests that ingesting CBD oil can vastly reduce stress when taken regularly.

Cannabidiol is one of those things that can drastically improve your peace of mind and mental health if you decide to take it consistently in combination with practicing self-care and following some of the advice we listed above. (Click to tweet)

Let’s move on to how CBD may be able to help reduce anxiety and calm your mind

CBD can improve your peace of mind if you take it consistently in combination with practicing self-care.


2. CBD Oil for Staying Calm


More and more people have been turning to CBD for a variety of physical and mental health issues, and anxiety is one of the most common reasons individuals decide to give it a shot. (Click to tweet)

Many people just want to feel less tense, less overwhelmed by small things, and anxiety or stress is usually at the root of the reason they feel this way. Anxiety is the enemy of feeling calm, and cannabidiol appears to be an ally.

CBD fights hard with antianxiety properties by targeting specific receptors in the endocannabinoid system (ECS) throughout the body's nervous system. The result is a soothing solution for racing thoughts and anxiety without many of the unfavorable side effects of prescription antidepressant or sedative medications. 

CBD could be a soothing solution for racing thoughts and anxiety without many of the unfavorable side effects of prescription antidepressant or sedative medications

Cannabidiol can be especially helpful if it’s used along with self-care practices, such as meditation and breathing exercises. Let’s dive into a few different ways CBD works that ultimately result in a calmer mind and body


2.1 Mood Enhancement


Our endocannabinoid system is responsible for helping the body maintain balance in many areas. This special system ensures that our stomach and intestines remain well, keeps inflammation at bay, and modulates physical pain while working to keep our mood in a good place

Some research suggests that the cannabinoids from cannabidiol can inhibit the breakdown of anandamide. This brain lipid plays a huge role in our overall mood, and low levels of the chemical have been linked to depression and anxiety. When we can retain more anandamide in our body, it results in more bliss and a better mood. [3]

CBD helps retain more anandamide in our body, resulting in more bliss and a better mood.

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2.2 CBD’s Anti-Stress and Antianxiety Benefits


Being subjected to high levels of stress and anxiety daily can threaten your social and work life and put your mental and physical health in jeopardy.

CBD oil has the potential to be a natural method of reducing the daily stressors that are keeping you from being content and living the way you want to live. (Click to tweet)

This is where things get more interesting:

Check out these CBD studies from the past couple of years; these findings suggest that cannabidiol may be able to mitigate symptoms of anxiety and stress effectively.

In 2010, a study revealed that CBD helped to reduce anxiety in individuals with social anxiety disorder. The study found that cannabidiol not only reduced current feelings of anxiety but also changed the brain’s reaction to it. Brain scans suggested that there were changes in the pattern of blood flow in regions associated with stress and anxiety. [4]

CBD has been shown to reduce anxiety.

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In 2011, another study found that cannabidiol use reduced social anxiety that was directly related to public speaking. [5]

Later on, in 2014, research revealed that proper doses of cannabidiol oil had anxiolytic-like and antidepressant-like effects. This study was performed on a group of animal models undergoing various experiments such as the forced swimming test (FST), elevated plus maze (EPM), and Vogel conflict test (VCT.) [6]

In 2016, more research found that cannabidiol significantly reduced symptoms of PTSD and insomnia and aided in a healthy sleep pattern. [7] 

Before we move on, let’s expand a bit on CBD and healthy sleep habits. Getting a good amount of sleep is vital when it comes to those who struggle with anxiety, stress, depression, or whatever else it is that prevents you from having a calm mind. Lack of sleep is known for affecting emotional health and mood and may exacerbate any difficulties posed by anxiety disorders. 

Some CBD sleep products are specifically designed to help an individual adopt a much better sleep pattern.

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Some CBD sleep products are specifically designed to help an individual adopt a much better sleep pattern. By using these, you may be able to fall asleep faster and stay asleep longer, resulting in waking up in a more refreshed state of mind and starting your day in a better mood. (Click to tweet)

This is due to the special blend of CBD along with five other powerful nutrients that all work together to help promote better sleep. Our Advanced Sleep Formula with CBD may be a good solution if you struggle with a cluttered mind and the inability to sleep well at night. 

Our unique blend of nutrients along with CBD helps you fall asleep fast and stay asleep.


2.3 Promotes Calmness and Relaxation


CBD has made itself a reputation for being able to produce relaxing effects. Ingesting cannabidiol has the potential to help users unwind, de-stress, and relax. It does so by interacting with multiple receptors associated with our “feel-good” neurotransmitters. (Click to tweet)

As a result, cannabidiol can temporarily shift brain chemistry to support feelings of contentment, relaxation, calmness, and ease. This all goes back to the importance of anandamide, as we discussed earlier. 

As you can see, research has been highlighting CBD’s true potential when it comes to stress and anxiety management. 

CBD supports relaxation and helps you enjoy every moment of your day.

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3. How to Take CBD


Now that you know that cannabidiol may be a viable option when it comes to managing your anxiety and stress and helping you stay calm, we have to go over how an individual should take it. 

Depending on your wants and needs, you have options when it comes to methods of ingestion. Let’s talk about some of the most common methods.


3.1 Tinctures


CBD tinctures have to be at the top of the list when it comes to the most popular methods of ingestion. Cannabidiol tinctures are typically taken sublingually, and CBD is absorbed into the bloodstream by capillaries found in the cheeks, gums, and beneath the tongue. (Click to tweet)

Our Pure CBD Tinctures can be placed under the tongue for easy and fast absorption.

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Some individuals aren’t fond of the earthy flavor of CBD; fortunately, we have an alternative that masks the flavor with something refreshing and enjoyable. Our CBD Tincture in Cinnamint offers users a delicious flavor for those who can’t seem to get past the natural flavor of cannabidiol oil. However, for those who do like the earthiness, our Natural Flavor Tincture is just about as pure as it comes. 


3.2 Capsules


Capsules are another incredibly popular choice because they are easy to take with you anywhere and offer users convenience and discretion. For those who need or prefer to take multiple doses of CBD throughout the day, it may be hard to bring a bottle of tincture with you wherever you happen to be, and you may not want it to be obvious to those around you.

If you’re at work or going to a social event, capsules prove to be the easier option when it comes to ingestion. Simply pop one in your mouth and wash it down with water, and you are good to go. 

Our CBD Capsules make for convenient and discreet dosing.

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Our CBD capsules contain 15mg each, and they are also perfect for anyone who doesn’t want to deal with tasting the oil at all. Capsules are a great way to stay calm and relaxed throughout the day. 


3.3 Topicals


You may be wondering why topicals are on this list when we are talking about mental health issues. 

Let us explain:

Topicals such as lotions and balms are fantastic for relieving tension that is stored in the body. Having your partner give you a good neck or shoulder massage is healing not only for the body but also for the mind—especially when CBD is involved. One study found that a 10-minute massage can activate the body’s system for overcoming stress. So, that’s why we included CBD-infused topicals here. [8]

Another way to get the most out of CBD massages is to use tinctures or capsules along with them. This way, you can maximize your benefits, as the CBD you ingest will work from the inside out and the balm will work from the outside in.

Our maximum-strength CBD balm quickly targets muscle pain and tension.

WATCH: SOL*CBD Cannabidiol-Infused Herbal Balm


3.4 Liposomals


Liposomal CBD works by improving the bioavailability of the cannabinoid by surrounding it with a substance that the body can absorb much easier. It effectively maximizes CBD's effects on your body compared to eating an edible or smoking CBD flower.

Our new Hibiscus Liposomal CBD is highly effective at offering stress-relieving and analgesic benefits. It is also an incredible natural way to counteract the effects of inflammation. Hibiscus extract possesses anxiolytic and sedative properties that become more pronounced with repeated administration, and that is exactly why we decided to combine it with CBD in tincture form.

Hibiscus and cannabidiol are truly a power couple that may have the potential to ease feelings of stress and anxiety, decrease inflammation in the body, and keep your pain at bay.

SOL*CBD's Hibiscus Liposomal CBD is highly effective at offering stress-relieving and analgesic benefits.

WATCH: Whole Body Liposomal CBD - Citrus Flavor

Our Advanced Sleep Formula with CBD can help clear out the brain fog and make you feel calmer because it can help you fall asleep and stay asleep. Not only does lack of sleep make you feel on edge, but some more serious problems associated with sleep deprivation include high blood pressure, diabetes, heart attack, or stroke. A few other potential problems include obesity, depression, compromised immunity, and decreased libido.

Not getting enough sleep can hugely impact your quality of life, which can stress you out and keep you from having a calm frame of mind. Liposomal CBD provides rapid support for sleep compared to other natural sleep products due to its fast absorption rate and cellular uptake. This is why our sleep formula excels at providing users with restful sleep.

Liposomal CBD provides rapid support for sleep compared to other natural sleep products.

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4. Help Your Brain and Body Stay Calm with CBD


This is the bottom line:

If you are one of the many individuals who suffers from anxiety, stress, depression, or the inability to sleep, CBD may be worth trying. It can also be added to virtually anyone's health routine, regardless of the problems you may be facing. (Click to tweet)

Don’t forget: if you currently have any serious health conditions or are taking certain prescription medications, it’s a good idea to talk to your doctor before you introduce CBD into your routine. Once you get the OK, relax and enjoy the soothing benefits of CBD oil for staying calm



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