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How to Get Started with CBD Oil: Feel Confident Buying CBD

How to Get Started with CBD Oil: Feel Confident Buying CBD - SOL✿CBD

As consumers, we want to be sure that we are making informed buying decisions before making any important purchases. Deciding to buy CBD is a perfect example of such a situation, so we are here to help. The following article will answer the questions you need answers to before finding the ideal CBD oil for you. 

We’ll answer the questions you need answers to before finding the perfect CBD oil for you.

Table of Contents

1. Getting Started with CBD Oil
2. Frequently Asked Questions
    2.1 How to Choose the Right CBD Oil for Me
    2.2 How Much CBD Should I Take the First Time?
    2.3 What Is Titration and Why Is It Important?
    2.4 What Are the Best Practices for Your Daily CBD Routine?
3. What Are Customers Saying About Our CBD Oil?
4. Final Thoughts



1. Getting Started with CBD Oil


Citizens worldwide have used CBD oil for years to help take control of their lives and improve their health and wellness. But there are still many people out there who have not yet discovered how CBD oil can improve their quality of life. This article is for people just like you who have questions about CBD oil.

Have you discovered yet how CBD oil can improve your quality of life?

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Getting started with CBD oil can seem a bit daunting, but the process is far more straightforward than you may currently believe. By the end of this article, we’ll dispel the mystery around CBD oil products to help you feel confident in your purchases.

Before you buy CBD oil, you should get answers to all you are wondering. In the following sections, we’ll answer the most commonly asked questions for people who are getting started with CBD oil

Want to know the best part?

We’ll explore some key factors to consider when buying cannabidiol (CBD), including dosing and titration. You’ll discover how to find the perfect CBD oil for your needs and what best practices you may want to adopt. 


2. Frequently Asked Questions


Through our years of experience selling high-quality CBD oils, we have answered a ton of questions. We have compiled these questions to provide you with a complete overview of how to get started with CBD oil

How to get started with CBD oil - FAQ

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2.1 How to Choose the Right CBD Oil for Me


There are numerous factors to consider when buying CBD oil related to you, your health, and your preferences. With the fantastic variety of CBD oils we offer, you are likely wondering: which one would be right for me?

If you are seeking CBD for your furry friend, the first thing you should know is that there are pet-specific CBD products. Depending on your dog or cat’s size, you can adjust the dosage as needed for your pet. (Click to tweet)

There are pet-specific CBD products for your furry friends.

Here’s the deal:

Now, assuming you are seeking CBD oil for yourself, how do you pick the right one? Are you highly sensitive to bitter tastes? If so, you may want to consider CBD Capsules. On the other hand, if you have trouble swallowing pills, go with standard CBD oil.

CBD capsules give you the convenience of having CBD on the go.

Are you looking for a topical CBD product to apply to your skin? We offer a variety of topical products, including two Organic Skin Creams and a CBD-Infused Herbal Balm. These topicals are designed for people hoping to remedy the skin issues that plague them. Furthermore, topical CBD helps alleviate muscle soreness and joint discomfort. 

Topical CBD products help remedy skin issues and alleviate muscle soreness and joint discomfort.

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By far, the most common CBD products sold are CBD oils. These products allow for specific dosing through a labeled eyedropper. There are various potencies available, and the right one for you will become more evident later in this guide when we discuss dosing. 

We offer a CBD sleep formula, which contains six powerful nutrients to enhance your sleep, including melatonin and valerian root. These ingredients are readily absorbed due to our advanced liposomal technology. (Click to tweet)

CBD has been shown to improve sleep quality in clinical trials. Furthermore, we have formulated several flavored CBD oils that can help to enhance the specific benefits of CBD. [1]

Fall asleep fast, and wake up rested and full of energy with our Liposomal CBD Sleep Formula.

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Another consideration should be whether our Advanced Liposomal CBD products are right for you. Our patent-pending process helps enhance the absorption of CBD. These offerings are ideal for those who require rapid doses of CBD when symptoms arise. If you’re looking for the highest absorption of CBD molecules possible, consider our Liposomal CBD products. 

Our patent-pending liposomal process helps enhance absorption of CBD.

WATCH: SOL*CBD Liposomal 


2.2 How Much CBD Should I Take the First Time?


When it comes to your first time consuming your CBD oil, there are a few considerations. The first should be to determine what your daily CBD oil dose will be. From there, decide whether you’ll consume more than one dose session per day. The larger your dose, the more you should split it up over the day. You’ll generally want roughly 6–8 hours between each dose. 

The second consideration should be the timing of your doses relative to your meals. An empty stomach is inadvisable since some individuals can feel discomfort due to the oil content. There is also research that suggests taking CBD along with food helps to increase absorption into your bloodstream.

What’s the bottom line?

Finally, you should start with a lower amount of CBD oil than your desired dosage. A good starting point would be 5mg of CBD per dose and no more than 10mg per day. Once you start consuming CBD, write down some notes on how you feel. If there are no problems after 3–7 days, you can increase the dose by 5mg until the desired effects are attained or you reach your goal.

If you’ve been wondering why you should start with less, the next answer will tell you, but here’s a hint. It’s called titration.

You can increase the CBD dose by 5mg until the desired effects are attained or you reach your goal.

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2.3 What Is Titration and Why Is It Important?


Titration is a common practice in medicine, used with many different types of pharmaceuticals. The basic idea is to start low and to increase the dosage to avoid potential adverse effects. It takes time to develop tolerance to some compounds while we work toward the dose that will be effective. 

This process also applies to the opposite practice of ramping down a dosage before stopping completely. The general principles are the same, but the goal is to avoid withdrawal effects. You can titrate your CBD oil dose both when you begin and when you stop taking it. The larger your desired daily dose, the more critical titration is for avoiding side effects. 

That said, keep in mind that CBD is broadly well-tolerated and has mild side effects. [2]

You can titrate your CBD oil dose both when you begin and when you stop taking it.

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2.4 What Are the Best Practices for Your Daily CBD Routine?


We have discovered that you should gradually increase your daily CBD dose and avoid taking it on an empty stomach. Here are a few other best practices to consider before you start taking CBD oil:

#1 Time Your Dose Right

When starting your dosing, you may want to start by taking your dose before bed. Better yet, take the CBD oil with the final meal/snack of your day. Some people can feel tired after taking CBD oil, and so this timing ensures there are no problems. (Click to tweet)

#2 Take Notes

A bit of note-taking can make a world of difference. Write down your schedule and cross off each dosage session as you complete it. This way, you never have to doubt whether you’ve taken your dose already. You can also provide space to write some notes on the effects you feel from taking CBD. Over time, you may not notice the small improvements that build and build, which is why tracking can be so helpful.

Best Practices for Your Daily CBD Routine

#3 Store Well

Storing your CBD oil in the fridge can help keep it out of unwanted hands (or paws). This practice also helps ensure that the product stays fresh no matter the time of year. (Click to tweet)

#4 Increase Absorption

One way to increase the absorption of CBD oil is by letting it pool under your tongue. This process is called sublingual absorption, and certain medications and supplements recommend it. (Click to tweet)

You can keep it under your tongue for up to 15 minutes, but most people don’t last that long (try it, and you’ll see why).

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3. What Are Customers Saying About Our CBD Oil?


We know you don’t just want to listen to us talk the whole time. That is why we have collected a diverse set of customer reviews to get you inspired. Furthermore, we’ll use each comment to highlight a few more important considerations for those getting started with CBD oil.

While CBD oil is a fantastic product, it should be only one part of your health routine. One overarching goal that we should all strive for is getting some exercise. You may have to adjust your expectations based on your circumstances, but everyone should try to perform some activity each day. Check out this review to see this health tip in action.

Game changer

I tried your product because I have had several surgeries on my shoulder the pain would keep me up at night after using your product the pain is all but gone the only fix the doctors said was shoulder replacement surgery and I’m to young for that, now I’m doing daily activities pain free without ibuprofen. The best product ever”

- Jeff B. Pure CBD Tincture Cinnamint Flavor

Customer Review - Pure CBD Tincture Cinnamint Flavor

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We have not yet said one critical word: consistency. When it comes to taking CBD oil, once you reach your desired dosage, consistency is critical. This includes the precise time of day, but it is more important to maintain your overall dose each day. (Click to tweet)

Consistency is key to improving your quality of life, as this customer demonstrates nicely. 

Great CBD

I have used SOLCBD for over a year and I know that the Purity of this product is far better than most on the market. It helps my mood and I do sleep a lot better.”

- Anne R. Pure CBD Tincture Natural Flavor

Customer Review - Pure CBD Tincture Natural Flavor

One incredible feature of CBD oil is that it benefits both your body and mind. Specifically, CBD compounds can travel all over the body and even reach the brain. This widespread disbursal is combined with a wide range of physiological targets in the body to produce some dramatic and varied effects. (Click to tweet)

Works Wonders for Me

I can really tell the difference if I stop taking this. I have really bad pain in my knees, hips and hands. Also, I am not as anxious as I used to be, which is VERY helpful in todays times.

I would recommend trying this CBD - I know some people have varied results, but it is SO worth it if it does help you. Makes the difference in the world if you like sightseeing/walking around without being in pain.”

- Sue K. Pure CBD Tincture Cinnamint Flavor

Customer Review - Pure CBD Tincture Cinnamint Flavor

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Speaking of benefits for your mind and body, what could be more important than sleep? With our modern lifestyles, we are constantly racing from one task to another. The problem starts when our mind continues to race as we crawl into bed. We formulated our CBD sleep formula with six powerful nutrients to help you get settled and ready for a full night’s rest. See what Tamara had to say about our sleep formula below. 

I could tell an immediate difference!

I don't typically have a problem sleeping, but I wanted to give the sleep formula a try and see what happened. (Anything to promote relaxation and more restful sleep is a good thing, right?) The first night I tried the sleep formula before bed, I noticed a difference. I slept deeper and felt more rested for sure! Even if I have a night where I don't get as much sleep as I should or would like to, the sleep I do get is better. I also have a problem with tight shoulder and neck muscles, and I feel like this formula helped them to relax more overnight and I woke up without tightness. After I read about all the benefits of the liposomal delivery system, I just had to give it a try. Highly recommend! I can tell I feel better during the day, too.”

- Tamara CBD sleep formula

When looking for CBD oil products, do not only focus on the price. Credibility is essential, which is why you should only buy from producers who provide third-party laboratory potency and purity test results. Furthermore, you should compare different product price points by also determining the total amount of CBD inside. A potent CBD oil means you use less each day, which means that the product lasts longer.

Great for anxiety!

This bottle goes a long way - great quality product!”

- Chad R. 3600mg CBD Tincture

Customer Review - 4000mg CBD Tincture

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This is crazy:

If you have concerns with the taste of CBD oil, there are several fantastic solutions. You could consider CBD capsules or one of our flavored offerings. Moreover, you can combine your CBD product with food to help blend the taste. You can also add a dropper to your coffee or other beverages for an extra boost. (Click to tweet)

As we mentioned earlier, there is more to CBD than just oral products. Our broad offering of topicals provides an easy way to apply CBD directly to your area of concern. Topical CBD products offer soothing relief for your muscle aches and tension. 

“[I] use the cbd balm on the feet in the evening - it's soothing, revitalizing & relaxing for a good night's sleep”

- Robert W. 250mg CBD-Infused Herbal Balm

Customer Review - CBD-Infused Herbal Balm

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There is a vast difference in the quality of CBD products on the internet. We are committed to producing only the highest-quality products. Our experts have formulated these CBD products with you in mind. Take the stress away from your CBD oil shopping experience by buying from trusted sources. This next quote gets right to the point.


Always great quality.”

- Diane W. Pure CBD Tincture Cinnamint Flavor


4. Final Thoughts


Congratulations on making it through this beginner’s guide to taking CBD oil. We hope you’ve learned plenty about dosing, titration, timing, and more. The helpful tips in this guide will get you started on your journey with CBD, taking you where you need to go. In summary, once you find the right CBD oil for you, the first thing you have to do is buy some CBD. Once it arrives, you’ll have plenty of time to implement all the best practices you learned today. 



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The best, purest way to extract CBD, no harmfull solvents or chemicals in our CBD

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Sourced from 100% organic hemp farms in the US to give you a clean pure CBD.

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We test all our products to make sure that they are high quality & free from contaminants.