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The Complex Reality of Medical Effects of CBD

Many of the cannabinoids have therapeutic value and CBD is no exception. This article from The Huffington Post presents a primer on cannabidiol and highlights the medical benefits of CBD! Scientists are rapidly discovering more and more about the rather amazing abilities of the cannabinoids found in the cannabis plant. Mos... Keep Reading >

How the CBD Oil Effects on Our Pets Can Help Them

            As acceptance of cannabinoid therapy spreads, it is starting to have far reaching effects. Some people are seeking alternative treatment for ailments not-responsive to more common pharmaceuticals, there are also many people who are rejecting pharmaceuticals altogether based on their adverse side effects. For many ... Keep Reading >

CBD Could Help Support Your Weight Loss Efforts

Can CBD help support weight loss and metabolism? This post from Leafly discusses how CBD helps by inducing fat browning and avoiding metabolic dysfunction. To briefly review, the endocannabinoid system (ECS) is a group of specialized fatty acid-based signaling chemicals (think “keys”), their receptors (think “locks”), and the... Keep Reading >

DEA Ruling on Cannabinoid Extracts: An Update

In December 2016, the Drug Enforcement Agency (DEA) released a final ruling concerning the scheduling of cannabinoid extracts from cannabis sativa plants. The ruling was at first seen as a major blow to the medical marijuana industry, the pharmaceutical cannabidiol (CBD) industry, and the natural product industry that all rel... Keep Reading >

There’s Something Special About CBD Oil

CBD oil has a lot going for it, with many reporting positive experiences. This post from Conscious Lifestyle Magazine highlights the wide range of health benefits of CBD oil! It’s hard to turn on the news these days without hearing reports of cannabis and hemp being legalized around the globe—and with good reason: these two ... Keep Reading >

Big Pharma Blocking Legalization to Line their Own Pockets

It’s a plot line right out of a major Hollywood movie. It involves layers of intrigue, and insight into the shifty dealings within and between the federal government and big pharmaceutical companies. A new piece of the puzzle was revealed at the end of March, when a company you have likely never heard of received an initial f... Keep Reading >

UK Labels Cannabidiol As Medication

The U.K. now classifies cannabidiol as medication. This post from Mixmag News discusses how the legalization of CBD may lead to profound medical research. The Medicines & Healthcare products Regulatory Agency, also known as a MHRA, has publicly classified cannabidiol, or CBD, as medication in the UK. The legalisation of t... Keep Reading >

5 Things You Need to Know About the CBD Oil Effects

You’ve heard about cannabidiol (more commonly known as CBD) in the news, from your friends, on the internet. Maybe, if you are already using medical marijuana, you might have even seen some CBD products available at your dispensary. You’ve probably got a lot of questions about the effects of CBD oil. Therefore, we’ve put toge... Keep Reading >

Demands for Epilepsy Cannabis Research Rise

Scientists are studying the usage and safety of CBD for children with epilepsy. This post from CBC News reveals how the cannabis research came about after a huge demand from parents! Researchers in Saskatchewan and Alberta are looking into the usage and safety of cannabidiol (CBD) — a marijuana extract with very low levels o... Keep Reading >

Need for Research on High CBD Strains Grows

There’s a growing need for research on high CBD strains of marijuana, the drug that has fueled hope in the families of people with epilepsy. This post from CureEpilepsy.org calls for more research on marijuana's high CBD strains. As the news of the positive outcomes for some children with uncontrollable epilepsy who have bee... Keep Reading >

Getting Smart With CBD: What CBD Does for The Body

There is more to CBD, or cannabidiol, than initially meets the eye. On the surface it might look like just any other herbal supplement or tincture on the market, touting itself as the next big thing in healthcare. Usually with similar trends, the fad passes as extensive research is performed on the new and exciting substance,... Keep Reading >

Doing It Wrong? How to Dose CBD Oil for Anxiety

If you have dealt with anxiety in your life, you are not alone. Increasing issues with anxiety and stress are becoming commonplace throughout the western world. In the United States, nearly a third of people now will experience an anxiety disorder at some point in their life; these rates have doubled in the past 20 years. Not... Keep Reading >

The Endocannabinoid System Plays a Role In Fertility

The endocannabinoid system plays a key role in an important biological process necessary for procreation. This post from MedicalMarijuana.eu explains the findings of the research. New evidence gathered from researchers at Bochum and Bonn, headed by Dr Hanns Hatt, has shed light on a little-known area of the endocannabinoid s... Keep Reading >

How to Tell If Your CBD Oil Dosage Is Effective

Finding the most effective CBD dosage can be a frustrating process if you are not well informed. Who do you turn to in order to determine if your CBD oil is effective? Everybody can have a different reaction to the same dose of CBD oil and different symptoms or health issues can also dramatically affect the dose requirement. ... Keep Reading >

How to Use CBD Hemp Oil for Anxiety Relief

Trying to find a natural and non-pharmaceutical solution to debilitating anxiety disorders can feel daunting. When trying to treat anxiety relief from a natural approach, typically doctors and therapists suggest a hand full of important behavioral changes to address the underlying problems, these include diet, exercise and me... Keep Reading >

The Lowdown on CBD Oil and Cancer

It is increasingly important to be sceptical about any cancer health claims posted on facebook, social media or reduced to 30 second news spots. Legitimate studies about cancer are typically reduced to only the bare minimum of important information, and only the most notable points are discussed even if they do not represent ... Keep Reading >

How Cannabidiol is Replacing Prescription Painkillers

Prescription painkillers account for the highest number of overdose deaths in the United States; in 2005 there were over 22,000 overdose deaths, with opioid prescription painkillers accounting for %32.8 of those deaths. They are the most widely abused prescription, and even if taken in strict accordance to direction by a doct... Keep Reading >

The Amazing CBD Effects on Neurodegenerative Disorders

Neurodegenerative disorders are on the rise in most industrialized nations. In the United States alone nearly 5.4 million people suffer from Alzheimer’s disease, while roughly 500,000 suffer from Parkinson’s. As the American population ages, these numbers are only going to increase. A large percentage of people have direct ex... Keep Reading >

The Wonders of CBD: What You Should Know About The Amazing Compound

CBD, short for cannabidiol, has amazed the world over the past few years. This miracle compound has stopped epileptic seizures, calmed psychotic patients, and soothes those in chronic pain. But, what is it and how does it work? How is it different from THC? These are great questions, and everyone should know the answer. To he... Keep Reading >

A Deep Dive Into The CBD Oil Cancer Treatment Phenomenon

Scientists discover a novel mechanism of action of CBD against lung cancer cells. This post from IFL Science discusses the studies that revealed how CBD kills cancer cells. In recent years, there has been a growing interest in the use of cannabinoids, such as THC and cannabidiol (CBD), as potential anticancer agents. They hav... Keep Reading >

The Viability of Pharmacuetical CBD Drug Therapy

Considering CBD’s safety, it is surprising stand-alone CBD drugs have not yet been marketed. This post from LiftNews highlights the efforts that are on for increasing their potency to make them more viable. A considerable number of human and animal studies indicate that Cannabidiol (CBD) exerts therapeutic effects in a wide r... Keep Reading >

CBD for Depression: Better Than Antidepressants

The staggering numbers coming out of the pharmaceutical industry about anti-depressants and anti-anxiety medication is alarming. Over 41 million Americans report taking at least one antidepressant, while over 36 million report taking an anti anxiety medication. In the 13 years between 1999 and 2012, the percentage of american... Keep Reading >

CBD As An Alternative Anxiety Treatment

A growing number of studies in the medical community are proving CBD's legitimacy as an anxiety treatment option. This post from Leafly explains how CBD helps treat anxiety. While we don’t normally think of anxiety as desirable, it’s actually a critical adaptive response that can help us cope with threats to our (or a loved ... Keep Reading >

Anxiety Relief With CBD Oil in Clinical Trials

Cannabidiol alleviates seizures and provides anxiety relief by soothing overexcitement in the brain. This post from Spectrum News highlights this new study of a mouse model. Cannabidiol, an active ingredient in marijuana, alleviates seizures and reverses autism-like social behavior in a mouse model of Dravet syndrome, a seve... Keep Reading >

CBD Treats for Dogs: When Are They Useful?

What is cannabidiol, the primary agent in CBD treats for dogs? Are these medical edibles the same as a dog eating weed? No! CBD is not THC! This post from dogster.com lays out the facts. The cannabis genus of plants has a conflicted reputation, mostly because marijuana is classified as a Schedule 1 drug, meaning it “has no cu... Keep Reading >

The Therapeutic Benefits of Cannabidiol

The therapeutic benefits of cannabidiol include a variety of applications; ranging from anxiety disorders, and cancer treatment to pain relief. Join Sol CBD as we discuss the strongest therapeutic options. Political, cultural and legal acceptance surrounding the therapeutic use of cannabidiol (CBD) and other products derived... Keep Reading >

Cannabidiol: One Grandmother's Fight

In the fight to help Jesus Gael, his mother and grandmother have found a possible solution in cannabidiol. This post from Borderland Beat relates the struggle faced by a grandmother to get her grandson’s seizures treated with cannabidiol. The life of Jesus Gael Ayon Palomino  took a radical change when the three-year-old beg... Keep Reading >

Is CBD Oil the New Coconut Oil?

CBD oil is about to hit it big. We're talking coconut oil popularity-- with all the awesome benefits, too! This post from Sporteluxe highlights the health benefits of CBD oil. Coconut oil, you’ve had a good run. But it’s time to step aside and let someone else have the superfood spotlight. We’re talking about cannabidiol. M... Keep Reading >

The 9 Hemp Oil Benefits That Can Change Your Life

Hemp oil is the world's most perfectly balanced oil. Check out at SolCBD the 9 different ways you can use hemp oil for health. According to some sources, oil derived from hemp seeds is the world's most perfectly balanced oil. It naturally contains a perfect mix of the specific essential fatty acids the human body requires to... Keep Reading >

CBD: The Secret Healing Compound in Medical Marijuana

Come meet CBD, the lesser known hero inside medical marijuana. This post from ILoveGrowingMarijuana.com explains why it's a superstar, even if it doesn't give you a buzz or high. CBD is an abbreviation for Cannabidiol, and it is a very potent phytochemical found inside the female cannabis plants. It is one of over 60 healing ... Keep Reading >

The Known Side Effects of Cannabidiol

What do people need to know about the side effects of cannabidiol before turning to it as a viable treatment? Find out the possible risk factors at Sol CBD. There are two sides to nearly every modern medicine, both within the traditional and alternative sectors. When a patient takes medication for its positive characteristic... Keep Reading >

Major Cannabidiol Breakthrough in Florida

A Florida resident became the first registered patient to receive a cannabidiol spray for his unpredictable and often numerous seizures. This post from SaintPetersBlog turns the spotlight on the delivery of cannabidiol spray to first of the 57 registered patients in Florida. At 10:12 a.m. Monday, Rich Murphy was handed a one... Keep Reading >

5 Unique Facts About Cannabidiol and CBD Oil

To clear up some of the confusion for people just starting to learn about cannabidiol, we have put together 5 unique facts about cannabidiol and CBD oil. When entering into the world of cannabidiol (CBD), people are often overwhelmed with questions and uncertain about where to find accurate information. There is just so much... Keep Reading >

10 Medical Uses of CBD That You Should Know

Recent research has shifted the attention to the medical uses of CBD, turning the spotlight away from the high-inducing marijuana component, THC. This post from High Times focuses on the ten little known uses for CBD: Among the cannabinoids in cannabis, the main psychoactive compound, THC, often outshines the one that provide... Keep Reading >

CBD Soft Chews to Ease Separation Anxiety in Dogs

You’ve heard a lot about medical marijuana – it contains phytonutrients that can help inflammation and pain. Now, CBD benefits are available for your dog too! This post from PetGuide.com sheds light on how cannabidiol soft chews may help dogs deal with separation anxiety. Medicinal marijuana is a hot topic. In Canada, a law t... Keep Reading >

CBD User's Manual: How to Use CBD for Maximum Therapeutic Benefit

THC is the stuff that gets you high; and CBD (cannabidiol) is the stuff that makes you feel better. This post from Alternet presents a CBD User’s Manual for patients that contains everything you need to know about marijuana's most medicinal molecule. In 2009, a handful of CBD-rich cannabis strains were discovered serendipitou... Keep Reading >

Can CBD Prevent Brain Disease Found in Ex-Footballers?

CBD, a compound found in marijuana, might hold the key to preventing CTE, the brain disease increasingly found in ex-NFL players. This post from Observer discusses the major medical benefits of cannabidiol that are of interest to NFL players. When ex-Super Bowl champion Leonard Marshall took the stage at the Cannabis World Co... Keep Reading >

Cannabidiol Research in Children with Dravet Syndrome

While there is extensive personal experience, to this day there are still no controlled, randomized clinical trials testing CBD in this age group. This post from Lift News points to the lack of controlled, randomized clinical trials testing CBD’s efficacy in treating children with epilepsy. Despite currently being the most pr... Keep Reading >

Big Pharma Swooping in to Monopolize The CBD Market

Just as the 20-year-long fight to legalize medical marijuana begins to see substantial success, Big Pharma may swoop in to monopolize both the THC and CBD markets. This post from TruthOut highlights how Big Pharma seeks to capitalize on the pain-reducing compounds derived from cannabis. The medicinal properties of cannabidio... Keep Reading >

CBD May Have the Capability to Cure Huntington’s

Early research suggests that CBD has the potential to treat Huntington’s disease, adding to the already long list of medical conditions that benefit from cannabis. This post from High Times reports the promising results shown with cannabis in the first clinical trial for Huntington’s disease. Researchers from the Ramon y Caja... Keep Reading >

New Dawn for Cancer Treatment: Hemp-Derived CBD Approved by Brazil

Mother Nature has already provided the food and medicine needed to defeat cancer, with hemp-derived CBD being its shining example. This post from Cannabis Now turns the spot light on a revolution in the cancer treatment scenario with Brazilian government approving the import of a hemp-derived CBD product. The Brazilian govern... Keep Reading >

CBD a Better and Safer Treatment Option for Alzheimers

Although the conventional treatments for Alzheimers can alleviate the symptoms, these drugs cannot delay the progression or reverse the disease. This post from The Marijuana Times sheds light on how CBD can not only relieve debilitating Alzheimer’s symptoms but effectively treat the disease. Alzheimer’s disease (AD) is a chro... Keep Reading >

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