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How Is CBD Hemp Oil Helpful in Daily Life

So, you aren’t sick, you are not in serious pain, you are not recovering from injury… is there really any reason for taking cannabidiol (CBD)? The answer is that while CBD makes an excellent alternative to traditional pharmaceuticals for the treatment of some serious illness and disease, it also is continuing to prove itself ... Keep Reading >

What Are the Health Benefits of a Daily CBD Oil Regimen?

While there has been significant media coverage about the potential of cannabidiol (CBD) to be a powerful alternative medicine, it might surprise you to find out CBD is not just for use during acute illnesses. As a daily supplement, it offers some serious protection against the daily onslaught of environmental and psychologic... Keep Reading >

How to Find the CBD Dosage That's Right for You

Because of the confusion about what is legal and what isn’t legal in terms of cannabis use for medicinal purposes, it has left a lot of physicians scratching their heads. On the other side, it’s also left a lot of patients frustrated with the lack of professional medical assistance. Despite the fact that many states have now ... Keep Reading >

How to Use CBD Tincture in Everyday Life

Very quickly, let’s dispel the first assumption you might have had after reading the title of this article - this is not an article suggesting you become a stoner. In fact, this article isn’t about marijuana at all, it’s instead about something called cannabidiol (CBD), which is another powerful compound found within the cann... Keep Reading >

CBD Quells a Young Girl’s Non-Stop Seizures

A 12-year-old girl gets a second shot at life because CBD helped quell her non-stop seizures. This post from Medical Daily shares the young girl’s miraculous story. Earlier this year, doctors feared the worst when a young girl with a rare form of epilepsy began experiencing non-stop seizures and had to be placed in a medical... Keep Reading >

Cannabidiol Has Potential to Reduce Depression

A study has found several ways cannabidiol influences neurochemical processes, causing rapid-acting antidepressant-like effects. This article from PsyPost adds weight to the argument that the chemical components of cannabis can play a strong role in the treatment of mental illness. Cannabidiol (CBD), one of the chemical comp... Keep Reading >

The Benefits of CBD Oil You Probably Didn't Know

The cat is out of the bag about the phenomenal health benefits attributed to cannabidiol (CBD) oil. What many self-prescribed patients of CBD have known for a long time, is now being frantically pursued by leading medical centers, and institutions. It’s not that researchers didn’t know about the capabilities of medical mariju... Keep Reading >

The Ultimate How-To Guide to Using CBD Tincture

New to using CBD tincture and unsure where to begin? Start right here, with the ultimate how-to guide covering every question you might have, but have been afraid to ask. The big wide world of CBD therapy is constantly changing, with new studies, new technology, and new opinions coming out at a breakneck pace. With all this ... Keep Reading >

CBD: The Superstar of Medical Marijuana

THC may have its fan following, but clearly, the hero in medical marijuana is CBD. This post from ILoveGrowingMarijuana.com lets you in on all you may want to know about CBD! CBD is an abbreviation for Cannabidiol, and it is a very potent phytochemical found inside the female cannabis plants. It is one of over 60 healing com... Keep Reading >

The Power of Cannabis: The Healing Ability of Cannabinoids

As the social norms around cannabis slowly evolve in the United States, so do the legalities surrounding this formerly controversial plant. America is finally catching up with many other countries around the world, and recognizing the healing capabilities of cannabis sativa. Although still federally illegal, each year more st... Keep Reading >

What Is CBD Oil? A Beginner's Guide to Cannabidiol

Even for people well versed in the world of medical marijuana, there can often still be significant mystery surrounding the recent explosion in the popularity of a substance called cannabidiol.  Cannabidiol, commonly referred to as CBD, is by no means a new discovery, but the proliferation of research, medical applications, a... Keep Reading >

9-Year-Old’s Life-Changing Recovery with CBD Treatment

Thanks to the CBD treatment, a 9-year-old boy experiences miraculous recovery from non-verbal autism. This post from Collegian shares the poignant story of Kalel Santiago. Treating symptoms with cannabidiol (CBD) has become quite a controversial topic as states begin to legalize medical marijuana. According to Yahoo! News, K... Keep Reading >

How CBD Helps Prevent Inflammation and Allergies

Scientists are finding out now how CBD prevents mast cell activation and the resulting inflammation. This post from Healing Histamine highlights the anti-inflammatory properties of CBD. Research tells us that cannabidiol found in marijuana may help prevent mast cells from releasing histamine into the blood stream as well as ... Keep Reading >

What You Didn't Know About CBD Oil & Mental Health

When it comes to mental health, mental instability is most commonly dealt with through prescriptions to modern pharmaceuticals. For depression, antidepressants and SSRI’s are the solution; panic attacks and anxiety are treated with benzodiazepines, and most instances of psychosis are treated with antipsychotics. But just as e... Keep Reading >

Struggling with Depression? Here’s How CBD Can Help

Depression is perhaps one of the most difficult inner struggles to overcome.  Although depression doesn’t affect everyone in the same way, it does make life difficult on a daily basis for 1 in 3 Americans during at least one point in their life. For some people, it can last for seemingly forever while for others it affects th... Keep Reading >

25 Marijuana Facts and Myths

There are a lot of rumors swirling around marijuana facts. These rumors have led it to be labeled as one of the most misunderstood plants in the world. This is despite there being a long history of use, and robust scientific study. Because there is so much misconception about what weed might do to your mind and body, plus all... Keep Reading >

Most Important Studies on CBD

Studying anything classified as a Schedule I drug under the direction of the Drug Enforcement Agency of the United States is extremely difficult, if not practically impossible. The case is the same throughout many other countries, where scientists struggle to examine the possible benefits and/or problems associated with certa... Keep Reading >

What You Probably Didn't Know About Cannabidiol and Anxiety

According to the Anxiety and Depression Association of America, anxiety disorder affects more than 40 million adults and is the most common mental illness affecting the country. With this in mind, it also is the most costly mental illness. For the United States’ healthcare system, anxiety disorders are estimated to cost nearl... Keep Reading >

The Science Behind Phytocannabinoids

And a brief reflection on its effect on product marketing The understanding about cannabidiol (CBD) and cannabinoids is rapidly changing, and is doing so alongside an exploding market demand for cannabinoid products. The understanding of how CBD can benefit young and old alike, across a wide variety of illness and diseases i... Keep Reading >

You Probably Didn't Know This About Cannabidiol

Despite what you think you know about CBD, the research is constantly evolving into new and previously unexpected territories. The more researchers begin to understand the endocannabinoid system, and how phytocannabinoids interact with it, the more potential there is for CBD to become a novel new alternative medicine. Yes, pe... Keep Reading >

Understanding the Entourage Effect of Cannabinoids

Although THC and CBD tend to hog all the attention, did you know there are actually hundreds of other important cannabinoids and terpenoids found within the same cannabis plant? Many cannabinoids don’t receive any attention at all, and not because they have any fewer medical benefits. For instance, have you ever heard of CBG,... Keep Reading >

The 8 Health Benefits of CBD That Will Blow Your Mind

The number of health benefits associated with CBD therapy is expanding at a rapid pace. More and more studies are being approved to investigate new avenues for CBD medical applications. On top of this, many areas have already been explored and show remarkable results. CBD (Cannabidiol) oil is now clinically proven in many are... Keep Reading >

CBD Hemp Oil Has Distinct Advantages Over Medical Marijuana

As we grind on through lengthy legal battles, more and more countries around the world as well as states within the US, are loosening the laws surrounding the use and sale of medical marijuana. With that being said, it can still be quite difficult to access in many places, and marijuana still remains illegal under federal law... Keep Reading >

Cannabis Oil Keeps Boy’s Epilepsy Under Control

Bruno Delgadillo suffered up to 300 seizures a day before cannabis oil brought his condition under control. This post from AlJazeera.com shares how the young boy found a ‘normal life’. Bruno Delgadillo, a young boy in the US state of Florida, suffered as many as 300 epileptic seizures a day but, according to his mother, a da... Keep Reading >

Big Pharma’s Takeover Threat to the Cannabis Industry

The cannabis industry is making serious waves around the globe. Not only are the legal barriers to production, sale and consumption changing rapidly in many countries, the evidence behind medical use of cannabis and cannabinoids such as cannabidiol (CBD), is mounting. More than ever before scientists are able to study the hea... Keep Reading >

The CBD Effects: Why CBD Oil Makes You Feel Good

What does CBD oil feel like and why? This post from Mic.com reveals why CBD oil, hemp oil and edibles make you feel so good! What is CBD oil, and how does it make you feel? Gather 'round, it's time to talk about CBD's effects on the body. Any cannabis connoisseur worth their weed card knows that tetrahydrocannabinol, or THC... Keep Reading >

What Is CBD? The Truth About This Amazing Cannabinoid

The world of cannabis and cannabinoid substances is expanding rapidly. It seems every day there are new advancements and exciting discoveries reported in the media about the health benefits of this ancient medicinal plant. Slowly the legalities surrounding the plant are also starting to open up. On top of the recent positive ... Keep Reading >

You Probably Didn't Know The CBD Effects on Health

Many of the cannabinoids have therapeutic value and CBD is no exception. This article from The Huffington Post presents a primer on cannabidiol and highlights the CBD effects on health! Scientists are rapidly discovering more and more about the rather amazing abilities of the cannabinoids found in the cannabis plant. Most ... Keep Reading >

The CBD Oil Effects on Pets That Will Surprise You

            As acceptance of cannabinoid therapy spreads, it is starting to have far reaching effects. Some people are seeking alternative treatment for ailments not-responsive to more common pharmaceuticals, there are also many people who are rejecting pharmaceuticals altogether based on their adverse side effects. For many ... Keep Reading >

CBD Products Seized from Alaska Marijuana Stores

CBD, a chemical compound found in cannabis, won't get you high, but its products are causing headaches for Alaska's marijuana industry. This post from Adn.com explains what is CBD and why was it seized from Alaska’s marijuana stores! It won't get you high, but cannabidiol, a compound found in marijuana, is tripping up Al... Keep Reading >

CBD Oil Could Help Support Your Weight Loss

Can CBD oil help support weight loss and metabolism? This post from Leafly discusses how CBD helps by inducing fat browning and avoiding metabolic dysfunction. To briefly review, the endocannabinoid system (ECS) is a group of specialized fatty acid-based signaling chemicals (think “keys”), their receptors (think “locks”), and... Keep Reading >

DEA Ruling on Cannabinoid Extracts: An Update

In December 2016, the Drug Enforcement Agency (DEA) released a final ruling concerning the scheduling of cannabinoid extracts from cannabis sativa plants. The ruling was at first seen as a major blow to the medical marijuana industry, the pharmaceutical cannabidiol (CBD) industry, and the natural product industry that all rel... Keep Reading >

Hemp Milk Relieves Anxiety and Pain

Attention anxiety sufferers: you can now get delicious hemp milk to relax. And it also helps to reduce stress, pain and insomnia. Get to know it better with this post from Metro.co.uk! If you suffer from insomnia, anxiety or some sort of continuous pain, then you’ve probably tried self-medicating loads of times. Alcohol. Pa... Keep Reading >

There’s Something Special About CBD Oil

CBD oil has a lot going for it, with many reporting positive experiences. This post from Conscious Lifestyle Magazine highlights the wide range of health benefits of CBD oil! It’s hard to turn on the news these days without hearing reports of cannabis and hemp being legalized around the globe—and with good reason: these two ... Keep Reading >

Big Pharma Blocking Legalization to Line their Own Pockets

It’s a plot line right out of a major Hollywood movie. It involves layers of intrigue, and insight into the shifty dealings within and between the federal government and big pharmaceutical companies. A new piece of the puzzle was revealed at the end of March, when a company you have likely never heard of received an initial f... Keep Reading >

UK Labels Cannabidiol As Medication

The U.K. now classifies cannabidiol as medication. This post from Mixmag News discusses how the legalization of CBD may lead to profound medical research. The Medicines & Healthcare products Regulatory Agency, also known as a MHRA, has publicly classified cannabidiol, or CBD, as medication in the UK. The legalisation of... Keep Reading >

Positive Effects of Cannabinoids on Brain Injuries

Several studies have highlighted the incredible neuroprotective role of cannabinoids in traumatic brain injury patients. This post from Marijuana.com showcases the neuro-protective properties of cannabinoids. Cannabis was considered medicine for thousands of years and only over the last eighty years has it been stigmatized a... Keep Reading >

5 Things You Need to Know About the CBD Oil Effects

You’ve heard about cannabidiol (more commonly known as CBD) in the news, from your friends, on the internet. Maybe, if you are already using medical marijuana, you might have even seen some CBD products available at your dispensary. You’ve probably got a lot of questions about the effects of CBD oil. Therefore, we’ve put toge... Keep Reading >

What is CBD and How Does It Work with Your Body

CBD, found in both hemp and cannabis, is gaining attention in alternative and mainstream medical circles. This post from MJ News Network introduces the miracle compound, CBD. CannaInsider.com has published a comprehensive guide to CBD, the miracle cannabinoid endorsed and made popular in 2013 by a documentary produced by mai... Keep Reading >

Demands for Epilepsy Cannabis Research Rise

Scientists are studying the usage and safety of CBD for children with epilepsy. This post from CBC News reveals how the cannabis research came about after a huge demand from parents! Researchers in Saskatchewan and Alberta are looking into the usage and safety of cannabidiol (CBD) — a marijuana extract with very low levels o... Keep Reading >

3 Surprising Ways CBD Oil & Hemp Oil Are Different

It’s normal to be confused between all the terms associated with the cannabis plant. In some cases, it’s called hemp, in others marijuana, still other times it’s simply referred to as cannabis. Some companies even use them interchangeably when in fact they are two very different things. So, first things first: hemp and mariju... Keep Reading >

Can CBD Help With Withdrawal for Heroin Users?

CBD shows some potential for treating opioid addiction. This post from Fox News brings to the fore the need for further research on CBD’s effect on addiction related cravings. A component of marijuana may help heroin users resist the urge to use the drug and alleviate withdrawal symptoms, but more research should be done in ... Keep Reading >

Need for Research on High CBD Strains Grows

There’s a growing need for research on high CBD strains of marijuana, the drug that has fueled hope in the families of people with epilepsy. This post from CureEpilepsy.org calls for more research on marijuana's high CBD strains. As the news of the positive outcomes for some children with uncontrollable epilepsy who have bee... Keep Reading >

Getting Smart With CBD: What CBD Does for The Body

There is more to CBD, or cannabidiol, than initially meets the eye. On the surface it might look like just any other herbal supplement or tincture on the market, touting itself as the next big thing in healthcare. Usually with similar trends, the fad passes as extensive research is performed on the new and exciting substance,... Keep Reading >

Major Marijuana Research Roadblock to Be Lifted

Marijuana is being used to treat dozens of diseases despite little rigorous evidence of its effectiveness. This post from The New York Times discusses a new policy that could spur marijuana research to a whole new level. The Obama administration is planning to remove a major roadblock to marijuana research, officials said We... Keep Reading >

THC’s Long Term Effects on Your Dopamine Levels

THC exposure has long term effects on the dopamine levels in the brain. This post from MedicalNewsToday.com reviews the study that shows a link between long-term marijuana use and mental illness. A new review offers further insight into how long-term marijuana use might have a negative impact on mental health, after finding ... Keep Reading >

Doing It Wrong? How to Dose CBD Oil for Anxiety

If you have dealt with anxiety in your life, you are not alone. Increasing issues with anxiety and stress are becoming commonplace throughout the western world. In the United States, nearly a third of people now will experience an anxiety disorder at some point in their life; these rates have doubled in the past 20 years. Not... Keep Reading >

The CBD Oil Cancer Connection

Research confirms that cannabinoids are useful for the treatment of cancer, especially when THC and CBD are combined. This post from The Truth About Cancer highlights the CBD oil and cancer connection.  The cannabis plant (also known as the hemp plant) has been used in just about every culture for centuries. In fact, cannabi... Keep Reading >

The Endocannabinoid System Plays a Role In Fertility

The endocannabinoid system plays a key role in an important biological process necessary for procreation. This post from MedicalMarijuana.eu explains the findings of the research. New evidence gathered from researchers at Bochum and Bonn, headed by Dr Hanns Hatt, has shed light on a little-known area of the endocannabinoid s... Keep Reading >

Do CBD Benefits Extend to Fibromyalgia?

A study on CBD benefits assessed the efficacy, tolerability and safety of cannabinoids for fibromyalgia symptoms in adults. Abstract BACKGROUND: This review is one of a series on drugs used to treat fibromyalgia. Fibromyalgia is a clinically well-defined chronic condition of unknown aetiology characterised by chronic wi... Keep Reading >

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