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How Effective Are Cannabinoids For Fibromyalgia

Abstract BACKGROUND: This review is one of a series on drugs used to treat fibromyalgia. Fibromyalgia is a clinically well-defined chronic condition of unknown aetiology characterised by chronic widespread pain that often co-exists with sleep problems and fatigue affecting approximately 2% of the general population. Peopl... Keep Reading >

6 Other Plants Containing Cannabinoids

Cannabis is not the only one! This post from Potent Media turns the spot light on 6 non marijuana plants that contain cannabinoids. Now find relief without stigma. Non marijuana plants that contain cannabinoids are not rare. It is relatively common in plant morphology. There are certainly other plants out there in the ... Keep Reading >

Treat and Control Your Symptoms with Cannabinoids

The cannabinoid wheel gives a breakdown of what cannabinoids will most effectively treat and control your symptoms. This post from MarijuanaDoctors helps you discover the cannabinoids that are best suited to your needs! Marijuana contains 85 cannabinoids, many that have already shown to have medical benefits. These have been... Keep Reading >

6 More Plants Engaging the Endocannabinoid System

What do black truffles and cannabis have in common? Both are smuggled around the world and both engage the endocannabinoid system. This post from Herb showcases 6 plants, other than cannabis, that contain healing cannabinoids! Now that cannabis is such a big deal, researchers are looking for other plant chemicals that may ha... Keep Reading >

How Cannabinoids Work to Protect the Brain

Nothing could be further from the truth than the claim that cannabis kills brain cells. This article from The Huffington Post reveals how cannabinoids work to protect the brain. Identifying the biggest lie told about cannabis is similar to trying to name Donald Trump’s most outrageous statement; it’s impossible. But by far... Keep Reading >

The Many Ways Cannabinoids Make You Feel Better

As marijuana legalization spreads, doctors and scientists are exploring things cannabinoids do besides getting you high. This post from Potent Media rounds up the myriad ways in which cannabinoids can make you feel better! In 1968, John Lennon asked, “You say you want a revolution?” and nearly a half century later, emi... Keep Reading >

How to Tell If Your CBD Oil Dosage Is Effective

Finding the most effective CBD dosage can be a frustrating process if you are not well informed. Who do you turn to in order to determine if your CBD oil is effective? Everybody can have a different reaction to the same dose of CBD oil and different symptoms or health issues can also dramatically affect the dose requirement. ... Keep Reading >

Discovered: How Cannabinoids Produce Mind-Altering Effects

Researchers uncover ‘marijuana receptor’ in a new study, unveiling the most detailed picture to date of how cannabinoids work in the body. This post from MedicalNewsToday.com sheds light on how marijuana's psychoactive ingredient THC binds to cannabinoid receptor 1. THC is the main psychoactive component of marijuana that is... Keep Reading >

Cannabinoids Offer Relief from PTSD Symptoms

Researchers conclude that the brain’s response to trauma essentially changes when administered cannabinoids. This post from TheFreshToast.com looks at why it’s time we stopped debating this. More than five million people are suffering from some form of PTSD. Symptoms vary and can include depression, severe anxiety, panic att... Keep Reading >

How to Use CBD Hemp Oil for Anxiety Relief

Trying to find a natural and non-pharmaceutical solution to debilitating anxiety disorders can feel daunting. When trying to treat anxiety relief from a natural approach, typically doctors and therapists suggest a hand full of important behavioral changes to address the underlying problems, these include diet, exercise and me... Keep Reading >

The Lowdown on CBD Oil and Cancer

It is increasingly important to be sceptical about any cancer health claims posted on facebook, social media or reduced to 30 second news spots. Legitimate studies about cancer are typically reduced to only the bare minimum of important information, and only the most notable points are discussed even if they do not represent ... Keep Reading >

The 9 Stunning Ways Cannabis Helps Cancer Patients

Cannabis has been making a lot of noise lately, as multiple states across the U.S. and countries around the world have successfully legalized medical Marijuana. Cannabis, also known as marijuana, is a plant grown in many parts of the world, and has been used for medicinal purposes dating back to ancient times. It produces a ... Keep Reading >

How Cannabidiol is Replacing Prescription Painkillers

Prescription painkillers account for the highest number of overdose deaths in the United States; in 2005 there were over 22,000 overdose deaths, with opioid prescription painkillers accounting for %32.8 of those deaths. They are the most widely abused prescription, and even if taken in strict accordance to direction by a doct... Keep Reading >

The Science Behind Vaping Marijuana

The vaporization of cannabis can be a safer and healthier alternative to get high. This post from Green Rush Daily explains the science behind vaping marijuana! Vaping has taken the cannabis scene by storm. There are all sorts of reasons why pot smokers like vaporizing. For starters, it gives you a lot of flexibility. Vapori... Keep Reading >

The Magic of Endocannabinoids

The revealing of marijuana’s active ingredient led to the finding of a novel system of endocannabinoids. This article from The Jerusalem Post discusses the greatness of this scientific discovery. Amazingly enough, until the 1960s no one knew what was the active ingredient of cannabis. We spoke with Prof. Raphael Mechoula... Keep Reading >

The Amazing CBD Effects on Neurodegenerative Disorders

Neurodegenerative disorders are on the rise in most industrialized nations. In the United States alone nearly 5.4 million people suffer from Alzheimer’s disease, while roughly 500,000 suffer from Parkinson’s. As the American population ages, these numbers are only going to increase. A large percentage of people have direct ex... Keep Reading >

The Wonders of CBD: What You Should Know About The Amazing Compound

CBD, short for cannabidiol, has amazed the world over the past few years. This miracle compound has stopped epileptic seizures, calmed psychotic patients, and soothes those in chronic pain. But, what is it and how does it work? How is it different from THC? These are great questions, and everyone should know the answer. To he... Keep Reading >

Cannabinoids Are Naturally Present In Breast Milk

Studies have already established the usefulness of cannabinoids as a health promoting nutrient. This post from NewsTarget sheds light on how cannabinoids, like those found in marijuana, occur naturally in human breast milk! While the medical marijuana  industry may have its engines fired,  government regulations are keeping t... Keep Reading >

A Deep Dive Into The CBD Oil Cancer Treatment Phenomenon

Scientists discover a novel mechanism of action of CBD against lung cancer cells. This post from IFL Science discusses the studies that revealed how CBD kills cancer cells. In recent years, there has been a growing interest in the use of cannabinoids, such as THC and cannabidiol (CBD), as potential anticancer agents. They hav... Keep Reading >

The Viability of Pharmacuetical CBD Drug Therapy

Considering CBD’s safety, it is surprising stand-alone CBD drugs have not yet been marketed. This post from LiftNews highlights the efforts that are on for increasing their potency to make them more viable. A considerable number of human and animal studies indicate that Cannabidiol (CBD) exerts therapeutic effects in a wide r... Keep Reading >

Can Marijuana Help Keep Users Off the Hard Drugs?

Could the chemistry of marijuana lead to drugs that reduce cravings for cocaine or that serve as opioid alternatives? Maybe. This post from Scientific American discusses how finding out for sure may require loosening up research restrictions Debate over whether pot is a gateway drug that leads to more serious abuse problems—... Keep Reading >

CBD for Depression: Better Than Antidepressants

The staggering numbers coming out of the pharmaceutical industry about anti-depressants and anti-anxiety medication is alarming. Over 41 million Americans report taking at least one antidepressant, while over 36 million report taking an anti anxiety medication. In the 13 years between 1999 and 2012, the percentage of american... Keep Reading >

CBD As An Alternative Anxiety Treatment

A growing number of studies in the medical community are proving CBD's legitimacy as an anxiety treatment option. This post from Leafly explains how CBD helps treat anxiety. While we don’t normally think of anxiety as desirable, it’s actually a critical adaptive response that can help us cope with threats to our (or a loved ... Keep Reading >

The Fight For Care: Cancer Treatment and The CBD Legal Status

If cannabis kills cancers, and is safer and more effective than chemotherapy, shouldn’t withholding it for healing be considered criminal? This post from niume.com questions the legitimacy of cannabis criminalization! Cannabis contains a compound that may kill brain cancers that chemotherapy and radiation can’t touch, so why ... Keep Reading >

UK Legalizes Cannabidiol as Medicine

The British government has legitimized cannabidiol as medicine. This post from SFGate highlights the acknowledgement received by the CBD molecule for its medical uses. The British government has acknowledged that marijuana can be used for medicinal purposes. Officials from the U.K.’s Medicines and Healthcare products Regula... Keep Reading >

DEA Goes Outside its Authority, Colludes with Big Pharma in an Attempt to Schedule Cannabidiol (CBD)

The shocking story erupting over the last few days has been the DEA trying to classify all components of cannabis as a Schedule I substance. Specifically targeting cannabidiol (CBD), a compound that the UK calls a “medicine” and countless patients around the world use regularly to help a variety of symptoms. Schedule I drugs,... Keep Reading >

Anxiety Relief With CBD Oil in Clinical Trials

Cannabidiol alleviates seizures and provides anxiety relief by soothing overexcitement in the brain. This post from Spectrum News highlights this new study of a mouse model. Cannabidiol, an active ingredient in marijuana, alleviates seizures and reverses autism-like social behavior in a mouse model of Dravet syndrome, a seve... Keep Reading >

Cannabidiol Oil Milk for a Calm Mind, Sound Sleep

So, when you can’t sleep, grab some all-natural Relax milk and put that mind at ease. This post from The Fresh Toast turns the spot light on the cannabidiol oil milk that will calm your mind and chill you right out. We’ve all been there: tossing and turning late at night, restless as hell, waiting for our melatonin, Xanax an... Keep Reading >

CBD Treats for Dogs: When Are They Useful?

What is cannabidiol, the primary agent in CBD treats for dogs? Are these medical edibles the same as a dog eating weed? No! CBD is not THC! This post from dogster.com lays out the facts. The cannabis genus of plants has a conflicted reputation, mostly because marijuana is classified as a Schedule 1 drug, meaning it “has no cu... Keep Reading >

The Therapeutic Benefits of Cannabidiol

The therapeutic benefits of cannabidiol include a variety of applications; ranging from anxiety disorders, and cancer treatment to pain relief. Join Sol CBD as we discuss the strongest therapeutic options. Political, cultural and legal acceptance surrounding the therapeutic use of cannabidiol (CBD) and other products derived... Keep Reading >

Cannabidiol: One Grandmother's Fight

In the fight to help Jesus Gael, his mother and grandmother have found a possible solution in cannabidiol. This post from Borderland Beat relates the struggle faced by a grandmother to get her grandson’s seizures treated with cannabidiol. The life of Jesus Gael Ayon Palomino  took a radical change when the three-year-old beg... Keep Reading >

Is CBD Oil the New Coconut Oil?

CBD oil is about to hit it big. We're talking coconut oil popularity-- with all the awesome benefits, too! This post from Sporteluxe highlights the health benefits of CBD oil. Coconut oil, you’ve had a good run. But it’s time to step aside and let someone else have the superfood spotlight. We’re talking about cannabidiol. M... Keep Reading >

Hemp CBD Vs Cannabis CBD: There's a Difference

Are hemp CBD and cannabis CBD significantly different? Are these differences likely to affect the way you use them? SolCBD explains the finer details. While the cannabinoid (CBD) industry continues to grow by leaps and bounds in terms of positive research findings, and discoveries of new medicinal or therapeutic applications... Keep Reading >

The Balancing Act of CBD & Your Immune System

Research has shown overwhelmingly positive results from the targeted use of CBD to balance the immune system. This post from HelloMD discusses the wonderful link between cannabinoids and the immune system. For those familiar with cannabinoids, their fascinating interactions with the human body are probably old news. Their eff... Keep Reading >

Cannabinoids & The Amazing Effect on Alzheimer's

Recent research has found that cannabinoids can remove the plaque-forming Alzheimer’s proteins from brain cells. This post from ScienMag highlights the findings of the research. Salk Institute scientists have found preliminary evidence that tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) and other compounds found in marijuana can promote the cel... Keep Reading >

The 9 Hemp Oil Benefits That Can Change Your Life

Hemp oil is the world's most perfectly balanced oil. Check out at SolCBD the 9 different ways you can use hemp oil for health. According to some sources, oil derived from hemp seeds is the world's most perfectly balanced oil. It naturally contains a perfect mix of the specific essential fatty acids the human body requires to... Keep Reading >

The Benefits of Cannabinoids That You Need to Know

Cannabis plant contains at least 85 types of cannabinoids, including CBD and THC. This post from WeedHorn delves into their effect on human body. The Endocannabinoid System: Endocanabinoids and their receptors are found throughout the body in the brain, organs, connective tissue, glands and immune cells. In each tissue, the ... Keep Reading >

CBD: The Secret Healing Compound in Medical Marijuana

Come meet CBD, the lesser known hero inside medical marijuana. This post from ILoveGrowingMarijuana.com explains why it's a superstar, even if it doesn't give you a buzz or high. CBD is an abbreviation for Cannabidiol, and it is a very potent phytochemical found inside the female cannabis plants. It is one of over 60 healing ... Keep Reading >

Cannabis Terpenes: The Things You Need to Know

Have you ever wondered why buds of even the same strain can have different tastes and smells? The answer is hidden in cannabis terpenes. This post from HERB discusses the role of cannabis terpenes. So what do terpenes in cannabis do? The unfamiliar word “terpene” should be added to your cannabis vocabulary list – now. There... Keep Reading >

The Known Side Effects of Cannabidiol

What do people need to know about the side effects of cannabidiol before turning to it as a viable treatment? Find out the possible risk factors at Sol CBD. There are two sides to nearly every modern medicine, both within the traditional and alternative sectors. When a patient takes medication for its positive characteristic... Keep Reading >

Major Cannabidiol Breakthrough in Florida

A Florida resident became the first registered patient to receive a cannabidiol spray for his unpredictable and often numerous seizures. This post from SaintPetersBlog turns the spotlight on the delivery of cannabidiol spray to first of the 57 registered patients in Florida. At 10:12 a.m. Monday, Rich Murphy was handed a one... Keep Reading >

5 Unique Facts About Cannabidiol and CBD Oil

To clear up some of the confusion for people just starting to learn about cannabidiol, we have put together 5 unique facts about cannabidiol and CBD oil. When entering into the world of cannabidiol (CBD), people are often overwhelmed with questions and uncertain about where to find accurate information. There is just so much... Keep Reading >

5 Most Popular Forms in Which You Can Buy CBD

Most people access CBD in its oil format. However, it can also be found in a variety of other forms. This post from Lift News lists the most popular ones. When most people think about the medical properties of cannabis, they think of THC (or tetrahydrocannabinol) and its psychoactive properties. As the medical community beco... Keep Reading >

10 Medical Uses of CBD That You Should Know

Recent research has shifted the attention to the medical uses of CBD, turning the spotlight away from the high-inducing marijuana component, THC. This post from High Times focuses on the ten little known uses for CBD: Among the cannabinoids in cannabis, the main psychoactive compound, THC, often outshines the one that provide... Keep Reading >

CBD Soft Chews to Ease Separation Anxiety in Dogs

You’ve heard a lot about medical marijuana – it contains phytonutrients that can help inflammation and pain. Now, CBD benefits are available for your dog too! This post from PetGuide.com sheds light on how cannabidiol soft chews may help dogs deal with separation anxiety. Medicinal marijuana is a hot topic. In Canada, a law t... Keep Reading >

CBD Doesn’t Block the Negative Effects of THC

Marijuana is considered a panacea for curing ailments. But a study has found that THC induces cognitive laziness and CBD doesn’t block these effects of THC. This post from International Business Times highlights what the researchers say about the negative effects of THC on human brain. A new study has suggested that smoking ... Keep Reading >

Enhance Your Skin Care with Cannabis and CBD

Learn about the growing research on how cannabis and CBD can be used to enhance your skin care, and find out some of their potential applications. This post from Leafly explores how cannabis and CBD can be part of your skin care regimen. Whether it’s acne or eczema, treating troubled skin can feel like a battleground. There ... Keep Reading >

CBD User's Manual: How to Use CBD for Maximum Therapeutic Benefit

THC is the stuff that gets you high; and CBD (cannabidiol) is the stuff that makes you feel better. This post from Alternet presents a CBD User’s Manual for patients that contains everything you need to know about marijuana's most medicinal molecule. In 2009, a handful of CBD-rich cannabis strains were discovered serendipitou... Keep Reading >

Legal Marijuana Causing Concern Among Pharma Companies

New research shows a dramatic drop in painkiller prescriptions after medical marijuana laws are passed. This article from The Washington Post turns the spot light on the one striking chart that shows why pharma companies are fighting legal marijuana. There's a body of research showing that painkiller abuse and overdose are lo... Keep Reading >

Arizona’s Marijuana Initiative Qualifies for November Vote

The marijuana initiative, that has collected many more signatures than required to qualify for Arizona vote, draws diverse reactions from different quarters. This post from 12news.com highlights what this initiative could do for the economy. Advocates for legalizing marijuana in Arizona filed 260,000 petition signatures Thur... Keep Reading >

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