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Is CBD Oil Legal? The Facts That Will Clear up Confusion

Due to the global stigma surrounding marijuana and cannabis use, many people ask us, “Is CBD oil legal?” Check out our state-by-state guide of CBD laws.

CBD tinnitus

How To Use CBD Hemp Oil For Tinnitus

Using CBD hemp oil for tinnitus is a possible alternative that sufferers are turning to. Read the research about CBD, tinnitus and its benefits.
Arkansas cannabis

Is CBD Oil Legal in Arkansas?

Even though the Arkansas Industrial Hemp Act was passed in 2017, some residents are still asking: "Is CBD oil legal in Arkansas?" Read more about this and cannabis in Arkansas.
CBD oil Maryland

Is CBD Legal in Maryland?

With a medical marijuana program in place, Maryland residents are wondering is CBD legal in Maryland? Read more at SOL*CBD on CBD oil, Maryland and the law.

CBD for morning sickness

CBD For Morning Sickness: Beneficial Or Dangerous?

Expectant mothers are asking if using CBD for morning sickness is a safe, successful method of combating morning sickness. Read the research conducted so far.
CBD Oil in Louisiana

Legality of CBD Oil in Louisiana

Bayou state residents are curious about the legality of CBD oil in Louisiana and where they can buy it. Read more about the latest CBD news in Louisiana.
CBD oil Kentucky

Is CBD Oil Legal in Kentucky?

Kentucky has come a long way since the farm bill passed in 2014. Many are left wondering, "Is CBD oil legal in Kentucky"?

Is CBD oil legal in Arizona?

Is CBD Oil Legal in Arizona?

When it comes to cannabis products & cannabidiol, Arizona has some of the strictest laws in the country. Many are left asking, "Is CBD oil legal in Arizona"?
CBD oil for dog seizures

How To Use CBD Oil For Dog Seizures

Using CBD oil for dog seizures has increasingly become a proven method for many dog owners. Read more about the many benefits of using CBD oil for dogs.
Does CBD oil work

Does CBD Oil Work? Yes, According To These Celebrities

Some celebrities are asking "Does CBD oil work?" and trying the oil. Many have been touting CBD oil effects for years for a variety of benefits. Read more at SOL*CBD.

CBD for Cats

CBD for Cats—Dosage & Potential Benefits

For aging cats and cats who are anxious, many pet owners have been using CBD for cats. Read Kiki’s experience dosing CBD oil for her cat & the science behind it.
CBD in Nebraska

Is CBD Oil Legal in Nebraska?

With the rapid growth of CBD, many are asking "Is CBD oil legal in Nebraska?". Learn more about the legality of CBD in Nebraska at SOL*CBD.
CBD for insomnia

Using CBD For Insomnia: What You Need To Know

Many have shared their experiences of using CBD for insomnia. Read why many are claiming it is a proven method for insomnia and the scientific evidence behind it.

Is CBD Oil Legal in Iowa?

Is CBD Oil Legal in Iowa?

Iowa is still busy putting their Medical Marijuana Program in place, but there is progress. Read on to learn more about CBD oil, Iowa, and the law.
Does CBD vape oil show up in a drug test?

Does CBD Vape Oil Show up on a Drug Test?

Many are wondering "does CBD show up in a drug test?" Though extremely rare, vaping CBD oil could trigger a false positive on a drug test. Learn more about CBD vape oil.
How to Take CBD Oil

How To Take CBD Oil

Knowing how to take CBD oil is vital to obtain its potent benefits, as it comes in many preparations. Read on if you’ve been wondering "How do you take CBD oil?"

Is CBD Oil Legal in NJ?

Is CBD Oil Legal in New Jersey?

Many are asking "Is CBD oil legal in NJ"? Continue reading to learn about the new laws in the Garden State related to using CBD oil in NJ.
Is CBD Oil Legal in Virginia?

Is CBD Oil Legal in Virginia?

Many are asking "Is CBD oil legal in Virginia"? Continue reading to learn about the specifics of new legislation on CBD oil in Virginia.
CBD Dosage 101: What You Need To Know

CBD Dosage 101: What You Need To Know

When taking CBD oil, knowing the correct dosage is important. SOL*CBD breaks down the different CBD dosages you should be aware of because optimal dosages yield the best results.

Can CBD Work for Anxiety? Many Say Yes...

CBD And Anxiety: What Does the Latest Research Say?

So far, the efficacy of CBD for anxiety has been demonstrated in many studies. And anecdotes abound of users stating that CBD for anxiety works well.

Is CBD Oil Legal in Alabama

Is CBD Oil Legal in Alabama?

Jeff Sessions’ home state is warming up to the use of CBD oil. If you’re wondering, "Is CBD oil legal in Alabama?", read more to learn what the local laws entail.
CBD for seizures

What the FDA States CBD Can Do for Seizures

Following the FDA approval of CBD for seizures, get the facts on what CBD does to the body. Read more on the ways CBD and epilepsy drugs compare.

CBD Oil for Multiple Sclerosis: An Herbalist’s Story

CBD Oil for Multiple Sclerosis—Does It Work?

When Teri Heede first heard about CBD oil, multiple sclerosis was impeding her ability to live a normal life. Much later, she still takes a dosage of CBD for her multiple sclerosis. Learn more about her story.

CBD Fibromyalgia

Using CBD for Fibromyalgia: Does It Work?

Many claim that when using CBD, fibromyalgia symptoms can be managed. Read the evidence behind those claims to get informed about using CBD for fibromyalgia.
CBD oil Oklahoma law

Is CBD Oil Legal in Oklahoma?

Is CBD oil legal in Oklahoma? As one woman shared her experience with CBD and her cancer diagnosis, many are left wondering about the CBD oil Oklahoma law.

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