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Can CBD Oil Help Make Working from Home Easier?

Can CBD Oil Help Make Working from Home Easier? - SOL✿CBD

Many of us have been forced to adapt to new normals due to COVID-19. One in four Americans are or will be working from home in 2021 because of the pandemic. A recent study suggests that 36.2 million Americans will be working remotely by 2025, which is an 86% increase compared to pre-pandemic levels. [1]

Working from home can be whatever you make of it. For some, it’s a nice change of pace. Getting out of the typical work setting and spending more time in the comfort of your own home can be refreshing.

For others, it’s yet another difficult change that has come with many undesired mental and physical effects. Regardless, CBD is a solution that can make working from home easier. Let’s take a look at how it can help. 

For some, working at home is comfortable and less stressful. And CBD makes it even better.

Table of Contents:

1. Stress Caused by Working from Home
    1.1 The Keys to Professional Success
    1.2 Why Are We Struggling So Much?
    1.3 Focus and Distractions
    1.4 The Solution
2. How Can CBD Oil Help with Stress?
    2.1 The Science behind the Results
    2.2 Why CBD Oil is Better Than Cannabis
3. CBD Oil for Working from Home
    3.1 Skin
    3.2 Muscles and Joints
    3.3 Sleep
4. CBD: A Natural Solution to Work-from-Home Blues



1. Stress Caused by Working from Home


Working from home can be exhausting and mentally draining, which can be confusing for some. You’d think being at home, working from your couch or desk, and having access to the pantry and whatever else you’re used to would be more relaxing, but it’s turning out to be quite the opposite for most people.

Many remote employees have reported various negative changes, such as: 

  • weight gain 
  • difficulty focusing and staying on task 
  • increased stress, anxiety, or depression levels 
  • fatigue 
  • lack of motivation

These negative consequences can have a serious impact on long-term physical and mental health.

Studies into the impacts of working from home have already shown a contribution to the increasing mental health crisis across the nation.

In particular, four out of five workers report finding it difficult to shut off in the evenings. Over half of workers have also reported being forced to take a “mental health day” since they started working from home. [2]

Working at home doesn’t mean working stress-free. Can CBD help?

What many previously office-bound workers have learned is that working from home isn’t necessarily the paradise it was always thought to be.

As people continue to work from home, they need to figure out how to cope with its physical and mental rigors.

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1.1 The Keys to Professional Success


Two major keys to success in the professional world are structure and routine. Having consistency when it comes to schedules and deadlines, following basic guidelines and rules, keeping everything organized, and having an idea of how to complete your day-to-day tasks keeps employees on track and keeps customers, colleagues, and managers happy. 

Work-from-home arrangements and requirements made necessary by COVID-19 have made it extremely hard for people to maintain their structure and routines when it comes to their job. This disruption in regularity has played an enormous role in increased and ongoing stress for many who now have no choice but to figure out how to navigate working from home

Two major keys to success in the professional world are structure and routine.


1.2 Why Are We Struggling so Much?


There are a few other factors that play a role in why we are struggling so much and facing exhaustion, stress, and mental strain from being at home and transforming it into our new workplace. 

Here’s the thing:

First of all, in most cases, this is not our choice. We are following orders, and no longer having choices can be frustrating and even disorienting. 

Secondly, staying connected and being around people is a huge source of energy and motivation for some. You get used to seeing the same friendly faces each day around the office. 

Now, you’ve been stripped of the ability to communicate freely, discuss ideas, and chat with your colleagues. Your regular connections have now transitioned to a “need-to” basis, and that can be very draining and discouraging. 

Working from home may not be our choice. Can CBD help deal with the stress?

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1.3 Focus and Distractions


Another reason some people find this change to be so difficult is the plethora of distractions you have to try to ignore while working at home. Not having a dedicated workspace like you once had can be hard, and of course, being around children or spouses during the day can also make it difficult to concentrate on what needs to be done.

You may even be inclined to focus more on things around the home that need to be addressed, such as the laundry basket full of clothes or the dishes stacked up in the sink. 

These were once things that had to wait until you returned home from work; now, they are staring you in the face. This can make a person feel like they lack control and can’t stay focused on their tasks, resulting in intense feelings of stress.

For the average worker unused to working from home, coping with all these changes poses a major challenge.

Chores that need to be done may add to stress and distract from work. Can CBD help deal with the stress?

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1.4 The Solution


Significant changes in our routine accompanied by a change in expectations can cause stress; that’s just how our bodies and minds work. So, what if we introduced something into this new routine that could potentially combat these amplified stress levels? 

It’s important to remember:

Many people were already using CBD at work before the pandemic hit, so utilizing cannabidiol for stress caused by working remotely makes a lot of sense, too. The benefits could be just as great for those who are now working from home(Click to tweet)

Let’s get right into those.

CBD can help you during work, whether at home or in the office.

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2. How Can CBD Oil Help with Stress?


People who suffer from anxiety and stress disorders experience a very strong stress response to what others would view as ordinary circumstances; this can be especially devastating for anyone who may struggle with these serious issues and who has also had to adapt to a whole new lifestyle working from home

Studies show 3.4% of Americans suffer from extreme psychological distress related to anxiety, depression, and stress. Many more struggle with general anxiety and depression or just happen to have high-stress personalities. [3] 

But there’s hope:

In a world full of so many stress factors, it can be hard to see the light at the end of the tunnel. Luckily, CBD can truly mitigate these symptoms and help reduce stress levels drastically. (Click to tweet)

One stay-at-home mom said, “The most concrete proof that CBD oil is doing good things for me came about two weeks after I started taking it. I hadn’t mentioned my new CBD routine to my husband, in part because I wanted to assess for myself whether it had an impact. But out of the blue one night while watching TV, he turned to me and said, “Hey, I’d like to thank you for not getting so frustrated lately with me and the boy. I appreciate it.” [4]

CBD can help reduce stress levels drastically.

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2.1 The Science behind the Results


Beyond the numerous glowing testimonials from individuals who have successfully been able to manage their anxiety and stress with CBD oil, there’s also a growing body of scientific evidence that cannabidiol does, in fact, work to help resolve these issues. (Click to tweet) 

This is cool:

A rodent study included placing mice in a cage with a boa constrictor. The mice who were given small doses of CBD spent more time scanning their environment and choosing strategic locations to run and hide instead of panicking blindly. [3]

There are glowing testimonials from individuals who have successfully been able to manage their anxiety and stress with CBD oil.

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Another interesting study involving humans revealed that CBD provided significant relief for participants who were asked to perform a public speaking test. As you likely know, public speaking can be incredibly anxiety-provoking and stress-inducing for many. So what better way to test how CBD works for individuals in high-stress situations? [5]

The test compared subjects without anxiety disorders to those with anxiety. The patients who were given CBD before speaking were just as comfortable and alert as the patients without anxiety. 

Researchers also offered a separate group a placebo, and this group revealed that there was no reduction at all in their anxiety symptoms. This helped solidify the results in cannabidiol’s favor. 

CBD provided significant relief for a group asked to speak in public.


2.2 Why CBD Oil is Better than Cannabis


The growing recreational cannabis movement across the United States may leave workers in legal states wondering why they can’t simply roll a joint and relax in the evening.

CBD is different from cannabis because it’s a non-psychoactive compound. In other words, it won’t get you high. You can utilize CBD without altering your mental state.

This is due to the absence of THC. THC is the second major compound found within cannabis. It’s the compound responsible for feelings of euphoria, lethargy, and paranoia.

Using ordinary cannabis makes it difficult to concentrate and focus. It may also cause short-term memory issues, according to the Harvard Medical School. [5]

Clearly, this is not a sustainable or healthy way of coping with the stress of working from home.

This is why CBD oil is such a powerful way of combating stress because it works without causing any negative side effects.

Why CBD Oil is Better than Cannabis


3. CBD Oil for Working from Home


While stress is commonly associated with our minds or mental health, it can also have quite a physical impact. Weight gain or weight loss, acne, muscle pain, and tension are all very common physical symptoms of stress. 

Another symptom caused by stress could be poor sleeping habits. Whether it manifests as not being able to fall asleep and experiencing restlessness or on the other end of the spectrum—an individual may sleep too long, experience fatigue, and lack motivation—the effects of stress on sleep are easy to see.

Here’s the best part:

If you are noticing negative physical or mental effects caused by working from home, cannabidiol can help improve your overall well-being while tackling all of these issues simultaneously. 


3.1 Skin


If working from home has caused acne or other skin problems like dryness, you can try using our CBD Infused Skincare Creams. Nourishing organic ingredients and high-quality organic cannabidiol create a formula for the skin that will leave you hydrated and glowing.

CBD-infused skincare nourishes and hydrates, leaving your skin glowing.

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3.2 Muscles and Joints


If you are experiencing muscle tension or discomfort because of heightened stress and anxiety levels, our 250mg CBD Infused Herbal Balm can help melt your pain away and improve your quality of life. No one wants to live in a constant state of soreness. 

Working from home can cause stress and lead to a more sedentary lifestyle, which also plays a role in experiencing aches and pains. Our five-star, carefully crafted formula combines 12 potent herbal extracts along with 250mg of organic CBD, and all work together to penetrate deep into your muscles and joints, offering effective natural relief. 

SOL*CBD Hemp-Infused Balm penetrates deeply for natural pain relief.

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3.3 Sleep


Working remotely can also result in restlessness and poor sleeping habits due to stress. Nothing is worse than lying there wishing you could close your eyes for a bit—except for maybe waking up in the middle of the night only to realize there’s no possible way you will ever get back to bed. 

If this is something you are faced with, our Advanced Sleep Formula with CBD can help you get back to feeling well-rested again. This formula works hard to get you to sleep and helps you stay asleep, leaving you feeling much more refreshed the following morning and ready to take on the day ahead. 

Advanced Sleep Formula helps you fall asleep, stay asleep, and wake up feeling well-rested.

These special products will obviously work best for those who are experiencing these specific problems. Still, if you are generally not feeling on top of your game or you have been feeling like your stress levels are getting too high, you can always try our Pure CBD Tinctures. Adding this to your daily routine can help you nip stress, anxiety, and depression in the bud. (Click to tweet)

CBD can provide you with energy, motivation, and an overall feeling of being more relaxed and content. Taking cannabidiol can also result in helping you be more productive and efficient while you are working due to its ability to tackle all these other issues. (Click to tweet)

Adding CBD oil to your daily routine can help you nip stress, anxiety, and depression in the bud.

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4. CBD: A Natural Solution to Work-from-Home Blues


Whether you are experiencing day-to-day stress and anxiety or are noticing an increase in negative symptoms since you’ve been working from home, a natural solution is always better when you are looking for relief. 

Cannabidiol is a natural derivative of the hemp plant that has been recognized for its ability to help relieve anxiety, depression, and stress effectively.

Certain products may be better for treating more specific issues, such as sleep formulas for restlessness or poor sleeping habits, balms for sore or tense muscles, or skincare products for acne or other skin-related issues caused by stress. 

However, introducing a pure CBD tincture into your daily routine could work to resolve all of these issues from the inside out. It can help you feel more motivated, energized, and prepared for another day of working from home.


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